1. This is Matthew to extend loving greetings from all souls at this station and to share with you our observations. In this moment “anticipatory” may be the best word to describe the collective feelings of enlightened souls—not exclusively pertaining to an announcement of our universal family’s presence, but that is where a great deal of anticipation energy is being directed. Some of you are waiting calmly, yet with excited certainty; others who feel excitement also have a large measure of “get this show on the road” impatience; and in some of you the energy of eagerness is overshadowed by “show me” doubtfulness. Then there are the majority of peoples, those who have no idea whatsoever that official recognition of other civilizations is imminent.2. Hatonn has agreed to speak about what is happening behind the scenes pertaining to the public announcement, and we turn over this forum to him.3. HATONN: Thank you, Matthew, my friend. As an intergalactic fleet commander and director of multidimensional communication, I am knowledgeable about preparations for a globally televised program that will present evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations.4. Official recognition can’t be further delayed because much has to be accomplished during this phase of universal activity. It’s essential to repair the severe damage that has been done to Earth so she can regain her health and restore well being to her inhabitants, and there’s no time to waste. We’re here by Earth’s request and God’s authorization because we have the capacity and desire to help you, but your representatives are responsible for making decisions because this is your world.5. The program announcing our presence is a complex undertaking. The numbers of folks who are expecting us and will greet us wholeheartedly are very few, and the program is being designed for the multitudes. It has to be presented without creating fear or undue backlash. There’s formidable opposition to any recognition of our very existence, and the security of all persons involved in the program is a foremost consideration. When I say “security,” I also mean the emotional security of all witnesses and other participants and their families, not only their physical safety—we have that well in hand.6. The program can’t be just film clips of spacecraft sightings. In some areas these are so numerous that it’s ho-hum, they’re back. There has to be solid evidence about our presence and that’s where personal accounts come in. Testifying before a panel that pledges witnesses to secrecy is quite different from letting the world know their identities, and the same goes for the people who have been working with us or at least know why we are here. Some have been blackballed in their professions or declared delusional or crazy. In some cases families have been threatened and individuals killed by factions that don’t want you to know we exist, especially not right here with you. Those in charge of the program want everyone who’s willing to speak about personal experiences to feel emotionally secure doing it.7. This is an international action and it’s important that there is agreement among the governments involved. Major decisions have been made, but some details are still being discussed. Some of your representatives favor keeping the initial program brief and releasing information in increments so people won’t feel overwhelmed. They propose a brief statement that many spacecraft seen during the past several years are from other civilizations, there’s no reason to think any harm is intended, and more information will follow as it’s compiled. Others want the program to answer all logical questions and some of our representatives tell how they’ve been to helping the planet through what you call the shift or cleansing. Some think it would be frightening to see us as we appear in our native lands—not all of us look like you. Others say it’s necessary to show ourselves as we are to prove that we aren’t from your civilization. Some think including live coverage of a mother ship decloaking is a good idea, others think it could be more threatening than reassuring.8. What kinds of information to present on the program and how much can be covered without overload is being debated. Would it be helpful or overkill to explain that Earth is moving out of her regular orbit by intention and needs our help off and on the planet? Would that involve explaining that Earth is a soul? How much can be said about our technologies without alarming folks about how we might use it? Would it be foolish or comforting to say that our presence has prevented other civilizations from trying to invade Earth? To what extent should the cover-up be disclosed? What about admitting that your governments refused our offers of technology in exchange for ending weaponry development and wars that could annihilate you all? How would it affect your population to know that both dark and light beings from other civilizations have been living among you and influencing your way of life? Should the program include personal accounts of both positive and negative abduction experiences? What to say about the “little grays” that have been living for many years in underground cities? What mixture of scientific, political and religious spokespersons should be in the program?9. There are differing opinions about when to air it. The United States government, once the most vocal in denying our existence, now favors the most extensive disclosure with maximum speed. A few of your representatives want more polls and strategic interviews to determine how much information your world is ready for. Some in both camps want every national leader to be personally told what will be in the program prior to show time and others think sending each one the program outline is enough diplomatic courtesy.10. This vital decision-making process that started off slowly a year ago has reached the point that within a couple of months at the outside, this “Earth-awakening” program will be on the air. The movers and shakers with integrity, wisdom and spiritual conviction will not be swayed by threats, bribes, even assassination attempts by the ones who oppose them. You can call them Illuminati or the Elite, the cabal, New World Government or Secret Government, New World Order or the darkness, it’s all the same. It’s the disparate groups that are operating under the heavy influence of the dark forces, that vast force field of negative thought forms. That is too esoteric to give out on the program, but the full truth about this vast populated universe will be revealed as Earth progresses into higher energy planes.I think that covers everything. Thank you, Matthew.11. MATTHEW: Thank you, Hatonn. This is a good place for timely questions that are combined as, Will proof of extraterrestrial life make it easier for all of humanity to awaken spiritually to the Oneness of All with God? As greatly as we wish this for all Earth’s peoples, we have to say that it is not likely. Proof of intelligent life beyond Earth does not automatically impart spiritual clarity to a third density civilization, and the majority of your world’s population still is at that level. Of the many other long-hidden truths that will be revealed, the most difficult for many to accept is the origin and purpose of religions, and there will be strong resistance to accepting that truth regardless of how solid the evidence is. Without understanding that greedy, power-hungry individuals devised religious dogmas to control and divide the masses, to make God a fearful supreme being whose rules must be obeyed and that those self-serving individuals themselves made those rules, and that much of the information given by God’s true messengers was distorted or omitted in religious books, there can be no spiritual clarity or growth of the soul.12. Hatonn spoke of the formidable opposition to acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial life. This includes creating fear about the motives of other civilizations, and the dark ones have been doing that through entertainment venues. While it may appear that the television show “V” was strategically planned after initial discussions a year or so back about officially recognizing other civilizations, producing that kind of viewing is just another means whereby seeds of fear have been planted throughout the ages. The same is true of the movie “2012,” designed to evoke fearful thoughts that the world really may come to the kind of end that some fundamentalist religions are expecting. With “entertainment” catering to that belief and refreshing the fear about aliens, not to mention the many other popular entertainment forms based in violence, you can see why all aspects of the announcement program must be so carefully considered.13. Fear is the dark ones’ most powerful weapon against the light because the energy of fear not only forms a barrier between the consciousness and the soul, it refuels the darkness to keep it thriving. Another means of achieving that two-way objective as well as reducing the world’s population was developing various strains of “flu” viruses. An important part of this diabolical scheme to create plagues, which during your history have caused massive fear and death tolls, was the conditioning of Earth’s peoples to regard death as the ultimate in fear.
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  • This Matthew message was released originally on November 19, 2009 as below;
    Without no credit you posted it here as if it is new message.
    A famous Japanese internet translator twited as "emergency messagea" and began to translate it to Japanese.
    One person researched and found the last year article and advised him.
    What is your intent to make this post without any mention about original source?
  • Right you are my brother
  • Yes Obama is the man. You notice how much negativity and blame is thrown his way. That is because some of the dark hats have spent millions of dollars to dis-credit Obama. He is up against terrible odds but I know he will come away victorious as they cannot stop what is happening as this was decreed by the big guy/girl him/herself GOD. And God dont f--k around.
  • Yeh Gunner, I saw that last week. I just heard through another blog post that the U.S. is now in full favor of releasing any and all information and the only one in the US government I have complete confidence in is Barack Obama - I can just "feel" his "goodness and light" and when he speaks, it actually chokes me up and brings tears to my eyes. Would they were all as good as him, and he really has his hands full fighting the massive corruption inside the US government, with these "Lifetime" politicians and their cushy salaries, right at the top of the heap
  • RI Jim, Did you see that Brazil is releasing their UFO files. And some major news from China. One of their veteran Astromoners made a speech the other day saying basically that the UFO sightings of Etraterrestrial craft. He also said that they are most likely benevolent and that humans shouls have interactions with them. Now this is big time as China is a communist coutry. So their scientists are all funded by the government. There are 2 theories out on the web now. One that china wants this disclosure to happen and maybe this is a push for the US to get rolling. Or, and this one I like, is that the ET's have spoken to them of the upcoming events. I still feel we have to have patience and not expectations that this will occur next month. I do feel it will happen before the year of 2012 as there will be a lot of work to do in cleaning up this mess we created. I will blog the article on the Chinese astonomer.
  • This latest message by Mathew and Hatonn is the best by far that I have read to date. It clearly states something will be happening sooner as opposed to later, because of the necessity to - shall we say - "get the ball rolling" and start the massive cleansing and Mother Earth's reconstruction. "Yeah baby, now your talking!" All we can do, as a common people is to provide all the love and support we can and do what we're asked, if we're asked. I stand in readiness to help, with anything I might be able to do, if asked to help!. Aloha - RIJ
  • Agnes, you sound so excited. Hey dont worry about the greys. I know the million plus earth allies are working behind the scenes to expel the dark hats and they are fighting but their efforts will not be successful. And Planet Niburu will not be coming close or do any harm. Anytime these days when you see messages of fear just drop them from your thoughs. Everything gonna be alright.
    I think the greys got involved after the roswell incident. The Anunaki as I understand started to take control in the last couple of thosand years of Atlantis and completely destroyed their continent along with Lemuria. Atlantis at one time did actually live the golden age.
    One more thing I might add. We dont even have to send negative thoughts to our perpurtraitors. Even the greys and the Anunaki have the light of god inside of them.. I guess this saying is good wisdom "be a light unto the darkness and curse it not" keep up your high spirits today as I see it sread to others.
  • Thank you, Gunner! This post is definitely useful to all of us that our 'impatience' need to be expelled. I think that impatience is the egoistic result of 'doubts and fear' that the global contact 'might not' happen.

    It is of great importance that 'fear' should be eliminated from humans. Fear of emotional, psychic, spiritual, physical and media attacks from the opposite side. It is time for the Federation to show that the 'greys' are being taken out of Mother Earth (out from under our cities)...if... they are still in the process of doing it...and showing the different kind of actions are being taken to 'protect' humans from them.

    Without the 'greys' the illuminati and others...won't be able to continue with their 'attacks'...probably in smaller degree than knowing that they're being backed by the 'greys'.

    Leaders of other countries need to 'agree' to the global contact too. But it is good to 'start' with the decloaking of Mother ship and let mankind of Mother Earth know that other beings are existing alongside with all of us and that the 'truth' will be unveiled in instalments - sector by sector - depending on what's important during the current situation.

    The weather/environment is the primary concern for most humans and that needed to be addressed for the coming seasons and how 'safe' are we. If Nibiru is approaching Planet Earth, what are the Federations going to do...to help with the solar flares/heat and how to live as 'comfortably' without fear and worries for the families. Food sources are great concerns for most people as our food/water is dependent on the weather and environment.

    My main goal right now is to obtain solar energy for our own home and that's going to be a challenge...and eventually to build a community for Lightworkers who might be stranded - to regroup and work from there. Many billion thanks Gunner!! You're the light and messenger who cross my path...at this time when I need some reassurances. Blessing you, forever...and ever....
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  • Laf, Nice cake dream and it cracked me up. I heard about the Brazil thing with them releasing files. The only thing about governments releasing files is most of the really good ones were already destroyed. At this point all this does not matter as this mission was decreed by the big man upstairs and their mission has no chance of failure. BTW thank god for the internet as mainstream media is controlled by the Illuminati. You would think the brazil announcement would be on the front pages and the news.
    Another thing about the governments files. I read from a whistleblower, who has very high connectiions and sources, that President EISENHOWER MADE A TREATY WITH THE GREYS. tHEY COULD HAVE UNDERGROUND BASES AND ABDUCT OUR CITIZENS IN EXCHANGE FOR TECHNOLOGY. (Woops i hit the cap locks) You can google it and come up with many links. Well the greys dont always honor their word and are more of a self interest group than of service to others. It actually got a bit out of hand. The galactic federation is expelling them from the planet and they have set up a circle in space to make sure no ET's that are malevolent be allowed unto the earth. Pretty wild shit we are talking about and most people would consider us kooks if they were reading. But I can see from your comments you are in the know zone. If people ask me do I believe i say NO I KNOW. well I gotta get back to work a bit here. TGIF
  • Hey Gunner,

    While the concept of panic and chaos definitely needs to be considered, I think there are other major things to be considered too. Like we’ve had more than 50 years of mainstream media about ET’s and UFO’s. These concepts and ideas are well known by most modern people. Many countries have opened their UFO files and now military policy about UFO’s has changed in Brazil to one of openness. For godssakes (pun intended), even the Vatican has acknowledged the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

    For the ones who have no concept of any of this, yes, they may need some help, but there is another aspect to be considered. Because these people have been virtually untouched by mainstream media, they may well be able to accept this change a lot easier, seeing it as just another process of nature.

    Should we be able to accept events like 9-11 with less panic and chaos than the announcement of extraterrestrial life?

    So I do support the bold move of decloaking – any question about whether it’s true or not needs to be eliminated beyond any doubt if we are to move forward. As far as when, Now can’t be too soon. :)

    You may not remember a lot of details of your dream experiences on the ships because there is no way to translate the experience into physical terms. These experiences may be for educational purposes and if you don’t remember the details, that’s ok because your whole self will retain the knowledge and use it when needed. But the feeling from those dreams must be really nice, I’m sure.

    I have been what’s called a “Dream Artist” for many years now. According to your abilities, and intent, in dream reality you can adopt various “dream forms” which allow you to travel to other dimensions. For the sake of simplicity, you can travel WAY out of body -- you are projecting your dream consciousness. Eventually you learn to distinguish the various dream environments, which can include viewing future probabilities. The dream projection that I had of the monitor and light beam was in what I identify as a future probability environment.

    Still probabilities remain probabilities until they actually manifest. Since we create/co-create in every moment, no one can predict with complete accuracy what will occur. I trust my dreams and my feelings, so I know the probabilities along these lines of Contact are very strong. I have had 3 dream projections over the past 2 years where I saw hundreds of different alien ships in the sky. One of those dreams ended with me being alongside of a cake the size of a living room, and a voice telling me to go ahead, have my cake and eat it too.

    Yep, I’m joining you on keeping the eyes to the sky and on my dreams.
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