Guru qualification.

If you know personally then you may also know that when guru is not qualified in first place so then where is the question to be initiated!?Many
that kind of unqualified guru's disciples wanted to take shelter from Srila Gaura Govinda Maharaja but they have been not allowed.Why?Because unqualified
guru doesn't know vaisnava tradition and as a result of that many offenses are committed within institution and outside too.Uttama guru
does not re-initiate but gives shelter he doesn't collect disciples but by giving sadhu sanga and guru kripa he can accept some service from them.
He can train them and guide them on the path of gradual upliftment to achieve final goal which is love of God.Just only for this reason Srila Swami Maharaja
asked Srila Narayana Maharaja for adequate training to his disciples because there was not enough time......and one day they may come to realize that Srila Narayana
Maharaja is their closes and the most intimate ever well wisher!!!!! Haribol. 
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