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Mother Earth-healing is a healing technique in which you ground yourself in depth through receiving and filling yourself with the female energy from Earth's inner core, in a meditation. The information is channeled through Maria Bertram from a number of sources, such as nature spirits, Mother Earth, Divine Consciousness ("God"), cosmic civilizations and ascended masters. The purpose of the healing is to reconnect with our Sacred Great Mother, and to restore the balance between the male energy ("light" / yang / expansion / high frequency / "sky") and the female energy ("darkness" / yin / regresseion / low frequency / Earth) inside of us. 


Humanity in general is suffering from a huge surplus of male energy, and a huge lack of female energy. In other words, we are extremely ungrounded. The female energy has for a very long time been weakened, denied and suppressed here on Earth which has lead to an increased distance to and fear of the female energy. A few examples are that "darkness" is associated with "evil" and that the red female energy in Earth's interior is associated with "Hell". Every person, regardless of gender, needs to have half male and half female energy in their energy body to be in complete balance and to develop in a balanced way. When these energies are in complete balance, they create the Highest Divine Energy of Love, of the Divine Light. 


This is part of an ancient and timeless wisdom that practically has dissapeared from humanity's collective consciousness, but of which fragments have been kept in different cultures around the world. A few examples are the Taoist yin and yang, indigenous people's Mother Earth and Father Skyand the Hinduist lingam and yoni. Mother Earth-healing is the missing link for humanity’s way towards a higher state of consciousness today. 


Our grounding base is necessary in order to reach greater heights in our spiritual development. By giving yourself Mother Earth-healing regularly, you gradually restore your energy balance, you gradually heal your energy blockages, accelerate your spiritual development and prepare in an optimal way for the transition to the New Spiritual Age.




Sit down to meditate. Sit outdoors if possible. Have full contact with your rear or feet on the floor or ground. Hold your palms cupped together as in prayer and let them rest in your lap. Turn off mobile phones, televisions, computers and other technical equipment if possible. Take a few deep breaths, relax the whole body, and clear your mind from distracting thoughts. Get ready mentally to work as a channel for the Mother Earth energy, and focus your intention on channeling energy from the ground. 


Read the prayer for Mother Earth, out loud or in your mind. Visualize how a channel is opened up from the center of the Earth and how the glowing red female energy starts to come up and is flowing through your feet, buttocks and hands. Let the energy fill your entire body and stay there. Once you have opened up the flow of energy, just focus on being present in the moment. 


It is individual how the energy feels, but it works whether you feel anything or not. You can also use mantras and affirmations simultaneously to strengthen and direct the healing. You can give yourself the Mother Earth-healing anywhere, even for example in a tall building or on the subway. Fifteen minutes a day is a good start, and then gradually extend the time to an hour or more when you feel ready for it. 


When you give yourself Mother Earth-healing through channeling energy directly from the Earth, you can in addition to the low frequency female energy, also get a certain level of male energy from Earth’s energy system automatically, if that's what you need. The purpose of Mother Earth-healing is always to restore your energy balance.



Prayer to activate Mother Earth-healing for yourself


Dear Mother Earth,


In humbleness, love and complete trust, I am asking you, please give me strength and guidance. 


Help me to channel energy from your interior, to heal myself completely, both my body and my soul.


Mother Earth, I am calling on you!




End the healing session by saying "Thank you".


We will later publish a more extensive document on Mother Earth-healing, with deeper-going information about the healing technique, and additional tools for your spiritual development process. Also see our channelings on the website (adress below) which bring up the importance of gorunding today. 






The Mother Earth Network is an ever growing, global spiritual network consisting of thousands of humans around the world. We, Maria Bertram and Manne Lindberg, run the network from Sweden, outside of Stockholm. Our life tasks are to help humanity and Earth through the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth. Maria has for many years channeled messages from the Divine Consciousness (God), Mother Earth, nature spirits, spiritual masters, angels and representatives from other civilizations in Cosmos. Besides spreading channeled messages, we’re also spreading instructions to a healing technique, Mother Earth-healing, in which you ground yourself in depth, which is a precondition for spiritual transformation and to prepare for the transition to the New Spiritual Age. The network’s main activities are global healing sessions for Mother Earth, through channeled instructions. The network also holds lectures in Sweden with, among other things, public channelings from different sources. Everything the network offers is 100 % free. Read more about us on the network’s website, where you can also sign up to become a member and receive our newsletter – with reminders and instructions for the global healing sessions for Mother Earth, our future channelings, publications and other updates. You’ll find the website at:





















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