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GMO "Weed" - Marijuana & the Light Worker - Imminent Dangers

I've seen so many of my dear friends in this lifetime relying on cannabis / marijuana to bridge that gap between the inner planes and the physical plane, but those "visions" are generated by the inner most fears of the ones under that influence of the very drug so many had been convinced are helping them connect to the light. And yet, while they certainly DO see more while under the influence of this drug, it is a terrible habit and a shortcut that skips over many of the lessons that must be learned through normal meditation and practice in raising ones vibrations in order to connect to the inner planes rather than falsely stimulating those receptors within the physical brain in order to see random spiritual events, because that is the very difference that is SO IMPORTANT TO REALIZE as those "spiritual events" they are experiencing are NOT at all initiated by one’s own FREE WILL and rather by the random negative thoughts that then create thought forms and ONLY EVER BRIDGE A GAP towards providing ones awareness into foreground so that those evil ones can then control and manipulate them. 

If one chooses to initiate a path towards the light, this requires dedication and consistency, NOT a shortcut such as cannabis / marijuana and by the FREE WILL of one’s own love and light being raised into and within the positive side of the 4th Dimension through meditation, one can gradually begin to develop those spiritual gifts such as with the Inner Vision of the 3rd Eye. There is NO EASY BUTTON, I'm afraid, but that does not suggest that connecting to the love and light of source is difficult at all, only that connecting to the love and light of source is contingent on raising ones vibrations via their deliberate intentions towards BEING and experiencing that love and light. My dear fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Ground Crew, please do not fall victim to the lies and propaganda that has been promoted about cannabis / marijuana. 

Furthermore, what is NOT known about cannabis / marijuana and what has NOT even been mentioned here is that there have been long since, a gradual manipulation of the genetic code of cannabis / marijuana by those scientists under the control of the cabal as well as many additional additives included in the development of this drug. It is NO LONGER A PURE SOURCE OF NATURE regardless what one may believe about their effects. Over time, those genetic manipulations begin to take effect and after bridging that gap towards the negative side of the 4th Dimension, one becomes lost in their own visions of the dark ones which are initiated within the biological aspects of the physical brain by cross-wiring many of those neural receptors, all of which leads to psychosis and paranoia within the physical mindset of those individuals when their only desire was ever to connect to source. So, my dear Brothers and Sisters of the Ground Crew, please understand that if you wish to develop your 3rd Eye, you must do so through the purity and beauty of your own initiated FREE WILL, and NOT via any short cuts such as this drug that only opens the doors to your own soul being manipulated and controlled by the dark one’s. 

Specifically the GMO(Government Modified Organism) Marijuana / Cannabis is something I forgot to mention the dangers of there in my reply. This is the government regulated "weed" that they are promoting for all those poor souls falling victim to filling their bodies with this garbage, passing it off as "medications" when essentially ALL harvested “weed” is now, not only genetically modified to cause paranoia and psychosis, but also contains added chemicals within it that are terribly damaging and toxic to the body. 

And I can personally attest to the effects of this "GMO Weed" One of my Earth Brothers is dealing with his wife being hauled off to a Mental Hospital after switching to using this GMO Marijuana when she was just a simple sweet girl seeking a "healthy solution" to her depression. She went from being this sweet young woman to finding herself completely losing her mind after being on this garbage for only several months. When people use the term, “Losing Your Mind” it is in reference to the separation between ones spiritual thinking mind and one’s physical brain. It is the falling into ones physical brain completely that causes the psychosis and paranoia, because they are seeking out a reconnection to the natural intuition of one’s true mental nature as a spiritual being, but then they turn to the very same source(Cannabis) that has them convinced it will reconnect them to what they feel is lost, all the while, it was the very thing that had destroyed their natural spiritual mind in the 1st place.

And just as with so many others in this same situation, my dear Sister in Law became a danger to herself and others after falling under the influence of dark/evil ones. She was so out of control that those at the hospital had her hauled off to psych ward to be put on other medications that will now prevent her from ever facing any of those lessons she originally only sought out that GMO Weed to help her sort out! The ones receiving her there at the Hospital reported to my dear Earth Brother that there are dozens of people coming into the Hospital every single week with severe psychosis and paranoia when after taking a drug screening, the only drug that came up was Cannabis / Marijuana! This had escalated later on so far that she was eventually arrested for domestic violence and the entire situation is dire indeed. However, I do see the grander picture of ALL THAT IS, my dear Sister in Law’s personal timeline and how later on how we will be able to assist all these souls stuck in separation from the Highest Aspects of BEING. For now, all I can do is issue this warning about the dangers of Cannabis / Marijuana in hopes of reaching those still seeking TRUTH within their own Sacred Heart/Mind.

Dear Brother and Sisters, Cannabis / Marijuana IS NOT THE SOLUTION to your emotional strife! The only solution to ANY emotional discomfort is TOGETHERNESS WITHIN ONES SELF! Our emotions are only ever signals that there is something wrong or out of balance, so then we must seek within, in order to discover those TRUE FEELINGS of our soul. WE ARE NOT OUR EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES. OUR EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES ARE IN FACT SUPPOSED TO BE THE JOYOUS EXPRESSION OF OUR SOUL’S TRUE FEELINGS! So why is it that so many are stuck in perpetual cycle of depression, uncertainty and self destruction? And truly, it is so sad now how those many souls have fallen victim to this trap are now taking even more medications only preventing them from experiencing those discomforting emotions at all. And isn't it NOW WONDER that after taking that GMO Weed that the paranoia begins to come to the forefront of their personalities?! See, it’s those emotional signals that are only ever increasing warnings that are sent from their soul in a desperate attempt to tell the individual to sort out the source of all those problems.

And that IS THE TRAP! So many dear innocent Light Workers are now taking anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills in an attempt at numbing those emotional signals altogether as a misguided attempt towards "acting appropriately" according to the standards of our current society. And this is the goal of the evil cabal to create a robot equivalent sheeple that they can herd in and out of their 9 to 5 jobs and then sit them down to watch their daily dosage of television "programming" before they lay down for the night in vibrational alignment with their violent "prime time" police and crime scene dramas and then ultimately creating that very same living manifestation for themselves, 1st beginning in their nightly astral sojourns and then manifest within their own physical experience. There is a very specific reason, my dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light, that the cabal ruling elite call it "Prime Time Programming!" okay! And this is why I have been providing all those many articles about taking responsibility as a Light Worker –about claiming OWNERSHIP of each our own thoughts and emotions as the Ground Crew creating the New Earth Frequencies within our own selves and thereafter throughout ALL THE WORLD. This is why I have been providing those many tools and solutions in regards to TOGETHERNESS AS THE SOLUTION vs SEPARATION AS THE ILLUSION. 

Bless you, my dear little sister Aniela Michaela, for bringing this topic of Cannabis up to be discussed and to the attention of all our friends here on Ashtar Command Crew! <3 

I AM Archangel Metatron 
I bring forth the 1st Ray of Light; the GOD RAY containing the DIVINE WILLPOWER within us all. 

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Hello my Brothers and Sisters, I am Archangel Metatron. I would like to continue speaking about OWNERSHIP. When we are received with hostility by others, these ones are only reacting to the Love and Light that you are reflecting back upon them. Those emotions arise in them due to what their own fear of truly connecting and BEING as one with their HIGHEST GOD SELVES. This is what triggers that FIGHT OR FLIGHT syndrome, but as with all fear-based thinking, we've had it drilled into us that these are your only options when they are not. There really is A THIRD OPTION and that is all part of the ASCENDED MASTERY we are all here to help Humanity to achieve.

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Comment by Divine Willpower on February 28, 2014 at 9:18pm

Bless you brother Sylvain.. Peace to you. <3 Jacob

Comment by Divine Willpower on February 28, 2014 at 6:37pm

I don't judge you dear brothers and sisters.. I speak through experience.. tested and true.. I love you.. This judgement is something I took upon myself and sought within myself along that path I choose; walking the path of learning.. <3 Jacob

Comment by Malcolm on June 30, 2013 at 3:39am

Anything GMO is bad.

Comment by Archeia Luciela on June 29, 2013 at 7:14pm


Comment by Archeia Luciela on June 29, 2013 at 7:13pm

Gailene; Yes my big brother is very supportive, sweet and dear to me. My both big bros are!  :) I am lucky to have such wonderful and loving brothers! <3


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