Global Revolution. By; Mike J Hughes

At last we are seeing the will of the people coming together and demanding their rights as human beings and who are no longer  afraid to act in according to all that is best in man. The days of tyrants and dictators is well nigh over as they fall one by one as an old chapter in the progress of human evolution comes to a close. Now we all shall see the curtain rising once again ,and a new age is dawning as humanity`s sense of awareness expands and wrestles its way into a greater measure of light and life.and to assert themselves as individuals who can be happy and proud of who they really are.

Today many are living miserable and stunted lives due to the vanity vain doings of mindless tyrants who extort and kill their own people and then kick and scream when we intervene on behalf of the people who they should be protecting and treating respectively. This generation will have the privilege to witness the biggest event in world history ..There is coming a global revolution that will change the way in which we live our lives. This coming world revolution had its beginnings within the very cradle of civilization itself and will spread all over the globe and will teach us all how to live dignified lives ,and to respect each other no matter what race ,religion,or origin.

Everything is rising to a point of climax where to create a situation that will teach humanity that the ways of greed war,and lust for power leads only to a swift and violent end.The times of which we are passing through now is really a cleansing one in which all that is good and worse in man can be sifted and cleaned,or you could say it is a trial by fire to purify humanity for the new times we are now to emerge from..Extraordinary events are taking place in our world ,and within the hearts and minds of billions all over the world  that is releasing an invocative cry for help in whatever form they expect it to come. All in all this global revolution will give birth to an incredible heightened awareness of ourselves as brothers and sisters of one humanity.

Until this new age can dawn humanity must begin to get its house in order and face up to the facts that millions are starving in a world of plenty for want of food that now rots within the great store houses of the developed world. We in the west use and waste 80% of the worlds resources and this is not the right way to live at all and must be corrected as soon as possible before we find ourselves in the thick of bad karma that will haunt us for ages to come. The global revolution will make its presence known in North Korea,China, South America  and many other places in the Middle East ,and will be at the door step [ The Thing on the Doorstep!! ] of  the developed world in the form of a heavy karmic impact as payback for the greed and power mongering by certain corrupt elements here in the West.

It is only through sharing and right human relationships that will restore the evolutionary plan on earth, and many of the advanced portions of humanity are now beginning to be aware of this fact and who are the real beacons of light and hope.
The 911 attacks and Katrina were the direct karmic impacts for the war in Iraq and many others are on their way if we do not learn the art of right human relationships and get our house in order.A Global Revolution is on it`s way and nothing can prevent its precipitation onto the physical planes, for there are very powerful forces behind the new aspirations and the high ideals that are now at work in our world through our younger generation of people everywhere in the world.

A vision of a High Civilization is driving many to bond together in unity under common humanitarian principles of sharing ,hope ,health care ,freedom, right food,and so on which are basic human rights that all have the right to have . There are human beings today who are living in terrible conditions that we would not even allow our pets to live  under.
Many growing numbers of people are becoming aware of the fact that their does indeed exist a Divine Plan and a goal for humanity to achieve and that plan includes all members of the human kingdom of every race ,religion, status and so on .
Those of us who  have a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan and who are helping to unfold the grand scheme of things on earth must do all we can on the mental and astral planes to keep this hopeful vision before the aspirations of the people and to become the beacons of Love, Light ,and Power.

In order for humanity to unfold the Plan we are in need of a wise teacher,;-or should I say a World Teacher- to guide us through these times of crisis and to lay the foundation for a new and powerful civilization composed of advanced human beings who will be the pioneers of the upcoming 6th sub race. For this reason the most elder brother of the human race is about to step forward as the World Teacher, and many know him as Maitreya, The World Teacher for those of all religions ,and for those of no religions,but simply as a Teacher in the most broadest sense of that  word. He comes into our world as an ordinary man , albeit a very extraordinary man who is so incredibly advanced in the sense that he can see the way out of the present world ,and of the miserable human condition we live under eon after eons of time.

A Global Revolution has now been ignited and will make its way around the world as humanity begins to expand it`s sense of identity as one living organism bound together in the spirit of Love and World Fellowship.

           ``Take your brothers need as the measure of your action and solve the problems of the world``

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