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There are lots of gifts to give,

and many lie within.

At times when there is touble,

and we dont know where to begin.

Some can lay their hands on,

some can give a smile.

But we can all make the effort,

to spend a little while to just talk or maybe listen,

taking time to care.

Making that connection,

so the pain is easier to bear.

In this age of turbulance

whatever you like to believe,

The more you give yourself away the more you can receive.


This is for a dear friend of mine.

When he needed help I never gave up on him.

May this also be a little gift of my love and support to those who need it.

Love light peace and joy to all at Ashtar command.

Serenity xxxx

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Comment by hedoknight on August 11, 2011 at 10:42am
i love this i had the thought afterwards that to give all of yourself to another and to receive all another gives is to become one sharing caring being experiencing its self how awesome

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