I could get into bloodlines of the illuminati but that would make all of this seem like someone has taken genealogical history of food becoming other food, since the time of Arthur Mendel, and converted it to how the ruling bloodlines are all inter related. there is lot's of info around about how nearly every U.S president is descended from one monarch and the history of genetic conditions like hemophilia being rife through regencies, what people must realize is the most fraternal thing in the world is wealth and when the entire familial concept is one of competition, the dominant genes that come into play are the ones that enable people to hold onto their position at any cost. I am sure this all sounds like double dutch to most people, but you really should have some understanding of it. not being one to leave myself out of any comparisons I draw about others I will say to you that it was very unlikely for me to be born with blue eyes as it was a recessive gene. I am also most unlike most of my family and considered somewhat of an irregular human in many ways to many people. Princess Diana would be another person that displayed this inherent differentiation to the rest of her genealogical relatives, and look how things worked out for her. You better realize this is one of the primary controls of humanity and is much more dangerous to human culture than even the genetic defects that appear in tribes which have interbred far too much. What should be stunningly apparent to everyone is that regardless of who you are or who you are born to, you are defined in life by your choices. An alcoholic whose body fell apart cannot blame their genetics, nor can a serial killer claim they were born this way, there is no inherent evil in genetics, that is human choice, there is also no predetermined absolutes and everything is in a perpetual state of flux. Go this far one way, frown more often, your hair might fall out, your face full of wrinkles and suddenly I don't give a fuck that your the prime minister, because you will always look like a potato to me.

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