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I have been wonting and waiting to write and post this blog for some time now, trying to get more info on what's really going on. A fair amount of talk has been going on for the Photon Belt but not much for the Planet-X or 7X. I commented on Drekx's blog 1st a question then the info I had came out, so I thought it would be a little different if I posted them here for they are related. There is much more that I could have wrote but maybe its better through comments and questions, if you have any Please feel free to post them here as comments.Thanks and enjoy.
Below is the point that Ashtar was talking about in my last re-post. L&L.
"When you choose to serve your planet in this manner, your consciousness expands from personal consciousness to planetary consciousness. This point is vital for you to understand because if you have the selfish goal of “getting off this planet,” you will not expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension.
Most important, you will not be of assistance to planetary ascension if you are creating a selfish thought-form, which can only resonate to the mid-fourth dimension. Throughout your present incarnation, you have been clearing your personal energy field by mastering your lessons of “cause and effect.”

Once again, you wrote a great blog and shorter for those who don't have time to read. Anyway I just re-posted a blog that states that if we leave before before Ascension is complete weather in or out of the body for many light workers like myself are weary, very tired and if we take a ship out of here when all of this gets pretty heavy on or before the 28th N. america time that we will not ascend, only those who stay here and see it through will ascend. What do you think about that? indeed my friend huh.Adonai 

Good to see your comment here, rev Joshua....Well, ascension is being made available under the law of divine grace and will be granted by Prime Creator, under the new star system's Solarian mantle of guardianship, which means that ascendees will be migrated to inner earth, indeed most will be and will be made fully conscious, following the three-day transformation process, some remaining on Earth, and others migrating to Venus, Mars and Pax, after transformation....There will also be many star seeds who will be evacuated to the ships of their respective star nations and will ascend on board, while still in the physical form......which is preferred....Even the most weary of physical forms can be rejuvenated on board ship....Indeed, all physical handicaps are null and void, when one enters the scouts and mother-ships, of the S&E fleets...So, whatever happens, nothing is intended to force brothers like yourself, to have to choose between evacuation off world, or ascension, as both can be completed and will be for many, especially star seeds.......

I will not commit to dates, though......Let us hope we can say September, but it really is not definite....I understand this month has been suggested as significant, because of a bible code prophecy.....?? It will happen at the right divine time, be sure, brother.... thanks, Drekx Omega

    Thanks for the reply Drekx, I would like to go a bit further in this discussion and expand on it and more on the Event itself. But 1st a correction. I should have said those who leave to another Planet, not just leaving the planet. I hope you don't mind but I will include this info and your comments to the blog that I am writing on the photon belt and Planet 7-X. As I seem to need inspiration to get me jump started. I am being pulled in two directions at the same time, which I will try to explain here. In the last 44 yrs sense I received my 1st couple of visions ,I have received a lot of info, to much sometimes and also sometimes it is hard to tell which is the truth, especially with all the F.F. we have received in the last 5 yrs. All and everything evolves around the main Event which is to Ascend. And the most influence is coming from the PHOTON belt and the 2nd and lessor one would be the Planet-X or 7-X as it is now called. they both come at the same time in this very special Event and of course many other factors play a part in this conjunction as well, such as our ET friends. Note here that the Super-Moon or Blood moon is on the night of the 27th and into the 28th, another conjunction.

      As far as the org. question goes, it is still up in the air for me, as to weather we will still Ascend if we go up in the ships, I do wont to think so, and your answer was on key. But to correct the question by what Ashtar command has said on my last post was that if we go to another planet that we would not ascend or if we died the body. I do think maybe its a combination of both, meaning it depends on which planet you go to. If that planet is inside of the Photon Belt also at this same time, then Yes we should be able to Ascend but on the other hand if its outside of the Photon belt then NO we will not ascend at this time, 2nd option is to go to the inner Earth, which I received contact from them personally last wk,but didn't know if it was them or my ET friends. They came to my house late at night and shone a blinking light on me and the next day I met them in the park and they shined that same blinking light on me from a distance and also many colored lights.

 Which brings us to another question or subject because the Photon belt does not cover the whole universe but moves within it but it does cover a huge amount. Some say it is only in our Galaxy, others say it covers more than one Galaxy at a time. I do know it covers many solor systems at one time.. At any rate we are said to now be fully inside of it as on the Super Blood Moon 28th Sept.In Dec. 2012 we entered on the edge of it. And as most know it will be two thousand years we will spend inside of it,(it meaning the doughnut shape of it) not just the one thousand yrs of Peace that was spoken about in the Revaluations.

    I think the Ascension also has much to do with our mental and spiritual condition that we are in at the time of arrival, which is pretty intense at this moment. Our space brothers are very busy now with setting up and controlling the enormous amount of energy that is coming through using a force field and satellite controllers to minimize the effects the positive and negative Photons are having on us. These Ions are playing havoc on our minds but worse yet the brain cannot handle it at all. Thats why we are forgetting so many things and having time lapse's , blinking out, fazing out,hurting ourselves,smashing things ect, if you will as our minds try to grasp the true meaning of the multiverse as we are and have been for some time a multiverse being. and we went to the multi-verse school and graduated in the spiritual realm before we were allowed to incarnate to This 3d reality or duality, a very negative place that the Dark ones have ruled sense Lucifers Rebellion started 250,000 yrs ago. As this was his headquarters.

Dimension, now that is a word that keeps popping up at the same time as the word Photon Belt which I 1st heard of and wrote about 27 yrs ago. My pic that I copied of the Nexus of the Photon belt is still on Goggle if one wants to see the pic and understand this concept better, one pic is worth a thousand words huh. Anyway the Urantia Book has influenced my studies also for the last 44 yrs says that we live in 7 levels in each Dimension and that every 2,000 yrs we have what is called a Dispensation and a spiritual leader is sent down to us to help us rise to the next level of Evaluation. An Awakening to ascend to the next level, but nothing that I have found about skipping a whole generation or dimension like the talk that we are hearing, it is said that not only will we move into the 4th Dimension but many will go on to the 5th Dimension and that my friends is quite a leap,is it not?

   In the blog I re-posted from AA-Michael a couple of days ago, he stated that the plan is for 3 Waves of Ascension starting at the end of the Sept. The 1st group who are already awakened, meaning us Light-workers ,will start to Ascend into the 4th and for some,on to the 5th. This 2nd Wave should take about 6 mo's and in that time frame we will help the 2nd Wave to ascend. After the 2nd Wave comes the 3rd Wave who will start to Ascend in about one year if all goes according to plans, as both the 1st Wavers and the 2nd also help the 3rd. They are not sure how long it will take for the 3rd Wave to Ascend it could take a year or more as they do not now have any idea of what is going on,so it will be a bit difficult for us to help them but the plan is for everyone on earth who desires to Ascend to be able to Ascend. And that is quite a jump for mankind! This is the 1st ever for all of mankind through out the Universe that such a quantum Leap to take place!

 The UB says that we went from the 7th level as animal in 2nd D to the 1st level as human 4-1/2 million yrs ago and it has taken us all of this time to reach the 7 th level in the 3rd Dimension and when JC arrives and begins the next Dispensation that we now call the Great Event or Ascension but UB does not speak of this 5th Dimension. But it did say that this was to be a special Event that has never happened before. I presume the Photon belt was also involved in the last 7th levels which is a 24,000 yrs cycle, 2000,yrs in the light of the Photon Belt and then 10,000 yrs outside of it called the dark side, meaning 12 hrs of light and 12 hrs a day of darkness, which we have just went through to get here, where ever here is at this now moment, this holy instant now moment.

             There is so much going on now in this moment thats its almost impossible to completely understand and comprehend even for us Elder Light-workers who have been in it for quite some time. But all in all there is a unity within this movement and it has a lot to do not only with this light of the Photon Belt which we are told comes from the universe Central Sun. And that light comes as gamma -X waves which will activate our DNA that is called junk DNA by those in power over us. These unused DNA'S are now being activated by this light and we become a multi-Dimensional being again. Doing so in a slit second compared to the 4-1/2 million yrs ti took us to get through just one 3rd Dimensional  and to think that we are going even further on up to the 5th Dimension, well that just blows my mind, indeed huh.All of this was not supposed to happen until we reached what the UB calls the Light of Life, which begins at the 5th D and goes up to the 12th D in which it is said that we then ascend back into the spiritual realm from which we came.

      What is happening now is a grand deviation from the original plan, which failed several times because of the Lucifer Rebellion.The 1st Garden of Eden and the 2nd Garden which Adam and Eve was sent down here through a portal to create 100,000,000 children. They came from a much higher Dimension and was supposed to inbreed with us at that time when they reached that number to then raise our DNA code they now call junk. So that when we got here to this place of not only one Dispensation but several at the same time we would be able to make the transition. But that plan failed as Eve made a great mistake by inbreeding at only, 10,000,000 , so we only got part of that DNA which is why it has taken so long to get here and of course along with the Lucifer Rebellion and the DC who has ruled us for many thousands of yrs.

       But JC'S 1st coming and now his 2nd coming are to help correct that and all of the Darkness, negativity and help Free us as Slaves to them and there NWO. Many religions have different parts of this Divine plan but non, not even the UB has it all. No one has it all, all the info and dis-info has bewildered us including all the F.F. by the DC. Much has not been told to us, so that the DC could not get ahold of it and use it against us. But one thing is for sure, the Photon Belt is here and we are almost entirely in it now and it is having a great effect on us, our bodies are changing from a carbon base to a crystal base form. Our minds are becoming multi-dimensional and multi-verse. Our lower self the ego is waning in power as our Divine higher self is starting to become merged with our Divine mind.Our spiritual body is becoming more free in movement as our soul rises to this Grand occasion.We have been told that all of this has never happened before in all the Universe and maybe will never happen again. So this is a one shot deal. All we have to do is hang in there, through the thick and thin.!!

Below is a crop circle from 2009 showing the red dwarf Star sun and Nubiru where the Anunaki's come from and the 5 moons, a rogue mini solor system called Wormwood in the Revelations.

Galactic News; Planet-x, Nibiru, Elenin, "There Back"

The coming of the Planet 7-X and planet Nubiru does play a small role in all of this and a large role in helping to cause Great Earth changes as it comes near with its 5 moons. Its magnetic pull has and will continue to pull on the earth causing up-hevels in the weather and also on our mind causing outbursts of negativity in persons and countries. It will begin its 1st close approach also at the end of the month, say the 30th. This conjunction is at the same time that the 1st Wave of light-workers will start to Ascend when it enters and another conjunction 6 mo.'s later when it leaves will be when the 2nd Waves start to Ascend end of March and the 1st wk of April.

     This Blood Moon Which is said could cause a pole shift on that date and could also be partly responsible when and if the Earth stops spinning for a short while before she starts spinning in the other direction,You could say it is the dying of the old Earth and Heaven and the birth of the New Earth and Heaven! Some say there will be no gravity at that time so strap yourself down, ha ha. This mini solor system has a dwarf sun that is now sitting close to ours and adding that extra heat that we all are experiencing. They should be seen by more countries than just the extreme north and south (that can see it now) around the 7th Nov.And Dec. should be much stronger, but the real close up is when Planet 7-X is on her way out in late March until April when she or they will come between the Earth and the sun and a black out can occur up to 3 days, the 3 days of Darkness that has been talked about for so long,so it is said.

Thanks Drekx for letting me post this long comment, your inspiration got me going. I hope this will answer some questions. I will post this along with you comments TM. May we all get through this in peace and joy into the New Earth !!! Adonai

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Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on September 17, 2015 at 1:51pm

I love this and to think weariness pain and struggle are soon to be a distant memory.

Drekx, my love I go where you go.  No more separation lol.... The last time was painful enough. Love you....

Rev you are such a dear sweet friend love you too....

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 17, 2015 at 1:47pm

oh boy thats a larege bit or bite to take in. Lets start with the acronyms. 1st of all the one used here on this site is DC that means the Dark Cabal which has been talked about endlessly. And F.F. means False Flag that is also mentioed a lot in past blogs. And when I introduce U.B. I always try to write out the whole name which is the Urantia Book 1st before I use the the short version of Letters. As for L&L which is also used a lot on this site and other spiritual sites means Love and Light.

 As for myself and Drekx having different views , we do, and have not got along because of that until now. I thought it was important to get a different point of view here, because none of us really know what exactly is going to happen in this next time frame, we get different info from different sources but the outcome should be the same. We are all here to help this Event to take place and the main part of this Event is about Ascension ! And right now many of us are concentrating mostly on this as it is the most important, everything else will fall in place if this all go's smoothly for this is an experment not only for Earth & humans but for the entire Universe! Adonai ; by the way Adonai means solute to our spiritual friends.

Comment by JaXoN on September 17, 2015 at 1:15pm


First i'd like to tell that you're one of the first people to engage in a spiritual conversation with me in a very long time and it is meaningful and appreciated. The people of my circle are beloved, but they are very focused on earthly things. Gratefully, they're resonating with me more than I resonate with them.

I was asking about the acronyms in the content above: DC, F.F., JC (Jesus Christ; got that), UB, L&L, ET (got that one too), and any other ones that I may have missed or you wish to clarify. Even better, where I can look those acronyms up. Please and thank you, Mr Reverand. This was the main reason why I commented, but I love this kind of talk.

On the next part which we are discussing, I will state my viewpoint as our viewpoints provide some amazing and powerful insight. Togetherness is one of the keys to progress. Bare with me because I feel that it is truth that I am the ignorant one here, has done less investigative work, and I am also less disciplined.

You, Mr. Reverand, and Mr. Drekx Omega, stated slightly different viewpoints, and I was simply stating that I agreed with both of you. So moving on with my viewpoint in relation to my agreement with both of your viewpoints, I clarify.

Mr. Drekx Omega stated that it is possible to ascend as an evacuee in several migration examples, and that makes sense to me. The environment effects us, and those forces can cause and effect on your vibration. The change of environment is what i saw to react in agreement. And the destroyers seem to be focused on restricting what's going on here on earth or in this dimension which we are bound. Therefore, you just take ascendance seekers from the destroyer's pet project, and it makes things easier. It's hot outside so i'm going to go cool off in the air conditioning. However, Mr. Drekx Omega did not speak of your statement of " ... selfish goal of “getting ... "

In dissecting your initial post, a 'selfish goal' of any type, in my viewpoint, is the basis of causing the effect of restricting or diminishing ascension or any type of creative goal. Selfishness expresses from one with a more destructive or lacking vibration. Does this help clarify?

Either way, I think we do agree that something is building up to a breaking point. The destroyers seem to like to draw a line in the sand as law and push that limit. Something may reach over that line and slap them into clarity at some point. The grey area does not participate with lines in the sand as they are opposing forces. I think that in this third dimension, the next area is eternity like many of us have seen. But in this exact moment that we live in, those opposing forces are in the state of manifestation. Therefore I came up with a theory. 

I call it the slingshot effect. When opposing extremes become pushed in one direction either by external forces or even within isolated things like Yin and Yang symbolic manifestations, the force being oppressed still has energy building up; they're balanced as we all know. Opposing extremes still get the same energy from the same place, and since energy has mass, mass takes up space, and this causes the tightening of the cords of the slingshot. Eventually something gives, and it's like releasing your ammo in a sling shot. 

Here on Earth, the system is set up to do this. The system is about to break. This will cause accelerated ascension. I also see this symbolically in the sky as we cross a threshold in the galaxy, and I do believe I could list more symbols of this in the here and now. But that's enough typing :0)

Thanks for your time reading this. I hope you get what I mean and some insight from my viewpoint as well.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 16, 2015 at 11:47am

Jaxon, I am not sure that I understand your comment but I will try to comment anyway. After many years of studying all of this Event and especially the Ascension part, there are many things that are still up in the air. That we are not ready to understand or is keep secret because of the DC. At any rate there is no exact straight down the line Truth or for sure thing happening. This kind of Ascension has never happened before, that is taking the human body with us in Ascension  , So no one is sure what will happen, especially us humans but the whole universe is watching to learn how we did it, so they can also do it,s how we were able to move up the levels of the Dimensional ladder. You could say its very spiritual and mental and physical all at the same time. And sense no-one has done it before there is no-one here to guide us by there own experience but we will guide the 2nd and 3rd wave for we will be it and by being it we are the example that they will need to follow. Hope that helps ! Adonai

Comment by JaXoN on September 15, 2015 at 1:07pm

Help with the acronyms would help me as the new guy, google isn't cutting it.

Moving on though without those acronyms:

The discussion about cause --> effect  where ascension takes place appears like an agreement to disagree. However, the basis of selfishness, ascension or any kind of work could be costly or not allowed.

Ascension will take place where it will be the most balanced.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on September 15, 2015 at 5:18am

Thanks everyone,Happy person Thanks for the vid. I watched both of them ,the 2nd is more easy to understand and yes he is saying much of what I said above and a bit more. Its always good to get a different approach but I would not call him an enlightened master. Keep them coming girl. Darkstar glad you liked the info. And Drekx brother, I thought your different view would help out here and I think it has, we are more alike than unlike. I think I will post this on Discussions to see what happens for I don't go there often, for the Ascension Event "only time will tell" indeed. Thanks for your support for this took me a very, very long time, I am a slow writer, oh my .Adonai

Comment by happy person on September 14, 2015 at 10:43pm

Thanks, this is very informative....Regarding what the ascencion could look like, something similar is said here:

Comment by 1 darkstar on September 14, 2015 at 10:03pm

Thanks for the info.

Comment by Drekx Omega on September 14, 2015 at 10:55am

You're most welcome, friend.....!!


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