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Galactic News Update,July 29th; Photon Belt Enters our Solar System as we Enter the New Golden Age, Ascension Begins

                                            PHOTON BELT 

Below is a corrected Re-post of the Photon Belt news update part, that went Viral on this site Feb.2012 & still is. Plus a New Update with pics.

             The Photon Belt is alive and well and did arrive on the 11-11-11 as was predicted but NASA hid it like it did to the Planet-X, Elenin thing and of course all the UFO' sitings above earth and in outer space. NASA also likes to play name games and has called the Photon Belt a Photonic cloud. And the photos of this cloud surrounding our Galaxy. It is seen as a pinkish maroon  cloud several hundred thousand miles thick cloud. This matches the Photon Belt theory of a huge doughnut or wheel in which many of our solar systems must pass through. It is said that it takes 2,000 yrs to pass through it and is known as the light stage and another 10,000 yrs outside of it before we come around to the other side known as the time of darkness. Which is where we have been now, days of half dark and half light. And we are about to enter the 10,000 yrs of light only. ( See photo end of blog ) No night as we know now. Our nights will be as our brightest full moon light, ( Blue Moon ). There are a lot of other things that will be different to. Such as the dimensional changes and the great effect these photon particles will have on our body mind and spirit. The Photon Belt will play a lg. role in our Ascension event into 4th and 5th Dimension..

 I believe it is the Photon Belt that is causing the sun to shift and to have so many solar storms many huge x-class solar flares. So that the earth is bomb-boarded not only by the Photon particles but also Charged particles and Nutreno Partials, plus the magnetic storms. All of this together has caused the earth to heat up inside and to begin to expand, once again.And as she does the continents will move as the plates and mantles move. The north and central Americas have now broken free and are moving side to side. And as you can see there is a major earth quake nearly every day, that is a 6.0 or larger and new volcanoes coming alive almost daily and several big ones going off weekly. This is Mother Earths way of releasing all the built up pressure inside of her and their is much more to come. Soon the sky will be filled with ash world wide, big Earthquakes, Tsunami's and Great Flooding that we haven't seen sense the last time the Photon Belt was here 12,000 yrs ago. Many great city's lie under the ocean , like Atlantis and Lemuria , that has been discovered but hid from us like everything else that they , the DC doesn't want us to know. That all of this has happened before !.

    As the Photon Belt approaches another strange event has started to happen. The Pyramids of the world has started to come alive as well.. The worlds pyramids have started beaming energy to the mysterious Space clouds, known as the Photon Belt.Several incredible incidents of visible power beams shooting skywards into space towards the regions of the alien Photonic clouds are well documented. And at the same time the world begins to hearing and recording scary sounds. Noises that seem to be coming from the Photonic Cloud AKA the Photon Belt. And the Mayan pyramid of Kukulkan  in Mexico transmitted a column of raw energy into space and was just the latest to do so. In 2009& 2010 the Bosnian pyramid of the sun beamed a pencil thin ray of pure energy into space towards the Photon Belt. The amazing incident was followed by a vortex blast from the Pyramid of the moon, Teotihuacan, Mexico city. ( see pics in comments below) All starting stress waves on Nov.15, 2011 and that a huge energy release''stress waves'' signal indicating the transition of the earths internal energy, into a new active phase.The Giza pyramids are beginning to transmit this energy beams as well. Which in return has started the strange sounds that is being heard around the world.

     These sounds seem to be a direct cause of the inner earth changes including plate movement and is being bounced of the ionosphere  all being caused by the photon belt. I think that these great pyramids were built by or with the help of our space brothers to help release some of this built up pressure and not only on this planet but all inhabited planets. For instance Mars and the moon has pyramids as well. And according to the book ''the keys of Enoch, from the early 70's. these pyramids are set on vortex's , connecting many grid patterns around the world,where the earths energy connects, like the human body meridian points. They also said that spaceships will be very active around these points, especially Mexico because it was there head quarters the last time this happened. And it will be the best place to get picked up when it is time to be rescued. I wrote about this in my e-book ''2012-25 New Earth'' I also remade and updated the map that they have in the 12 Keys of Enoch book. Mexico and the Americas will be a very important place's when all of this takes place, that's one of the reasons I am next door here in Belize. ( Note; my e-book's will be free next month when my web site is back up )

      There are two more blogs relating somewhat to the Photon Belt and the great earth changes that are upon us now and much more to come. In the blog Ben posted info from the Starship Athabantian, they speak of the Plane of Galactic force. I posted on this in a previous News Update and they called it the Galctic Plane which is one and the same as the Photon Belt. In this post they also talk about the Great Earth Changes brought about by this Galactic Plane and the Shifting of the Magnetic Poles and well as of time being compressed , speeding up,as we know it and the shifting of the continents. Which by the way I wrote about in the end of last year 2011, that all of the Americas have broken free and is just floating.The ET's also spoke of the Paradigm shifting, which is another way of saying the Ascension or Dimensional shift, caused by outside forces both material and spiritual. So were in for a lot of shifting both outside of us and inside of us! Hope your up to it.

Next we talk about Adama of Telos, who is reporting from a mother ship because they the inner earth people of Telos city has left because of the earth changes that are and will be brought about by the Photon Belt. I find it a bit strange that 25 years later I am still writing about the Photon Belt, but of course from many different perspectives now. Also I saw it in my 2nd Vision 41 yrs ago. And here we are still talking about it and the reason is that it is the cause behind all the shifts and earth changes and I believe the Ascension shift as well. I noticed that many people have been talking about the Sun, moon and earth shifting and all the great earth changes that are resulting from it but never say why, what's the cause. Call it the Photonic clouds,Galactic Plane or the Photon Belt,it is the reason behind all the changes. Anyway Adama says that DC refuse to give up the NWO and they will go down fighting and they will go into hiding in there underground bases and city's that the ET's can't reach, Adama said ''so be it'' they will let them die there. The space brothers and the spirit realm have had a damper on the Photon belt that has been holding it back and keeping the energy force at bay. But they will now release it and let it do its job, which will make old earth uninhabitable for a very long time as she recovers and heals herself into a higher dimension.

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THE SEVEN RAYS,as that is the key to the foundation of salvation,to once again,become one with ones merkaba vehicle,blessings eve.

         Now its 1-1/2 year's later and most of the same things are still going on that started a couple of years ago. This next junction that they say starts on July 25th and last for 2 wks could be the time that we are fully entering in the Photon belt. It seems that this Photonic  cloud is just that a extremely large particle cloud thats light years across. It does not just pop up over night and Zap its there, it slowly envelopes us and all living matter.It seems to help raise our consciousness,like the last Harmonic Convergence in 87. The Urantia book says that the Universe and all universes including the Master Grand Universe , breath in and out and that our Universe of Nebandon  has just now finished breathing in and has started on the breathing out cycle. Maybe this Photon Belt or Cloud is connected to that. As we are now beginning to expand out, the universe seems to have gotten much larger and its not just because of our advanced technology and telescopes which does help. But we are also expanding out in our "I am" consciousness. In other words this shift has happened many times before and if our reports are right about every 12,000 yrs. And then there's the cycles of cycles, that effects and causes all life to not just evolve but to jump up to the next stage of evolution by moving up in the many levels of Dimension.

The last time that this happened according to TUB was 4-1/2 million yrs ago and up to that point all shifts was done by outside forces or life carriors, when we went from animal ( lemurian monkey) 2nd Dimension to Human in 3rd Dimension unconsciously . The reason this one is such a big deal is that they are not going to do it for us,this time. But we ourselves are going to move ourselves up into the next Dimension Consciously, that is 4D and because of our dire circumstances of slavery under the DC, we are going to move up not just one but 2 levels in one lifespan to 5D or at least enough of us are to become a superior race of spiritual or Divine human beings, similar to what is called the Ascended Masters, who are the few who have already done this in the not so distance past. All of this Paradigm shift is now called ''The New Golden Age". It is talked about in many holy books but few really understood what it meant. This shift is not only designed by the Spirit Realm for us but also for the Mother Earth herself, whom it seems has already entered into this Photon Belt and has moved up into the 4th and even the 5th Dimension. Which is also spoken about in the holy books as " the old Earth and Heaven pass away and a new Earth and Heaven is Born"

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Sudden, Massive Outburst in Neighbor Galaxy Surprises Astronomers

The surprising discovery of a massive outburst in a neighboring galaxy is giving astronomers a tantalizing look at what likely is a powerful belch by a gorging black h*** at the galaxy's center. The scientists were conducting a long-term study of molecules in galaxies, when one of the galaxies showed a dramatic change.
Jan 7, 2013 - 1:50:07 PM

         So we have been warned or foretold of this great Event, which also was named the Golden Age way back then. And now thats its here, we find that its quite a handful or to say it another way , its not a easy task but if we put in the effort the rewards will be more than we can imagine, in the old 3D world that we are now leaving. That form of reality of the old 3D that we now call "Normal" will be a thing of the past, but changing our reality or letting go of the old reality is not so easy and does take a lot of work. And the good thing about all of this shifting is the inner Peace, Happiness, Joy and even Love that we will bring to ourselves and to the world, the New Earth. As a fellow Light Worker Warrior all I can say is hang in there and give it your best, it may take some more time than what we thought it would but we have lots of help from the spirit realm and our space Brothers. Who have told us to look up into the night sky's and ask for a "sign of the Times" on the 29th July and have your cameras ready for a surprise be it angelic or other.

Adonai, Rev. Joshua Skirvin

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 6, 2013 at 12:28pm

Karma, I really like the pic you posted of the DNA spiral, its seems kinda of magical in some way, thanks.Adonai

Comment by karmablessings on August 2, 2013 at 8:58am

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 1, 2013 at 11:51am

I forgot something, MOL. yes I heard the same thing about the 2nd sun. It seems it is on another cycle, so it leaves and comes back. Its back now sense 07, there are lots of reports of it here with pics and vids on U-tube. This time it is said that it will stay with us  for the New Golden Age and as a reminder of when we lived in the old DC age of Slavery in 3D. Maybe its like in the movie 2010, at the very end. Now it can only be seen under special circumstances but soon all should be able to see it. I took a pic of it with my ph. at night a few yrs ago or maybe it was Nibiru. Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 1, 2013 at 11:41am
I agree MOL, we are all a part of the 2nd coming of Christ, we call it Christ-consciousness. I think this idea comes from our Father Christ Michael and his son called the Jesus Christ after his father who is part of him and through this Christ Consciousness we are part of them both and they are both back now. Sometimes they even come down here or at least there are reports of the son coming down. Ascension is the Awakening of this Christ Consciousness, not only being aware of it but also being a part of it.

Hellen, I would advise to try and stay in your material body when you are awake. I have left the material body 3 times while awake and 2 out of the 3 was quite scary. The 3rd was shown I was in meditation using Crystals and went looking for a missing crystal, whom I had forgotten that I had loaned to a friend, I freaked her and her friends out when I showed up in my blue Astral body when I was Down under in Aust.. I did not leave my body this week, it just felt like it wanted to leave and did move out maybe a few inches and the color was green. Remember we are interring into 4d 1st. & it will be sometime before we can enter into 5D but there are some who can now. Adonai
Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 1, 2013 at 9:48am

Oh but changing suddenly is exactly what is happening in the last week. First I felt a bit spacey then for 3 or 4 days I felt like my astral body was trying to leave my physical body, kinda like when you wake up and notice that you astral body was part or half way out of your material body ,then in fright you jerk it back in. This was occurring to me in my sleep period but also when I was awake, most often when I made a movement but also happened when I was just sitting there. But my mind was fine and my person was fine too. And now in these last several days I have a real sluggish, heavy feeling, both when I am awake and when I am in sleep mode. My head feels full or heavy, my mind has no inspiration, its a very uneasy feeling.

Now this last part could very well be caused by the Chem-trails as they are still spraying us heavily. I was hoping that our ET friends would keep there word on stopping it or at least reduce it a lot but it seems to be only worse, so How are we supposed to Ascend when we are being poisoned,.These toxins inhibit the formation of our DNA codes which are needed now as the new Energies of the Photon belt and the Spirit Realm decend upon us. This makes our Ascension Event extremely difficult  and at the same time more confusing as these are new feelings and emotions and body changes, that we have to learn to recognize and work with. But its had to discover which is which. Sense I am still having headaches,eye aches and sinus problems then I think its the Chem-trails.To confirm this I went to the Drug Store and saw the long line of people waiting to get something for there Chem-trail problems and the $ makes the Drug co. happy as it then goes back to the DC and they make up a new batch of toxins to spray us again the next day, the cycle has continued now for nearly 15 yrs world wide and no one has stopped them!


Hellen, as for the shift to be happening in all Dimensions, I don't know but I do know its happening in the lower Dimensions and through out the whole Universe, which I stated before. And I would put it this way in becoming one, 1st with the Spirit Realm,2nd with our fellow brothers and 3rd with the earth. The Urantia Book says that the Earth has no soul, and that if for some reason she doesn't make it, the Ascension beings and there souls ( us Light Workers) will be taken to a New Earth. But  it is said now by our Spirit Realm that she has already passed into the higher Dimensions, so there should be no worries there mate. And instead of losing time, we could say that it is being compressed, and as such it seems to be moving much faster. If we lose it we would have no memory of the now past events but we do, there just not the same, we don't remember them in the same way as we used to remember them.L&l,Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 31, 2013 at 11:04am
I guess I am just trying to make sense of it all, after all of these years of studying, still sometimes it overwhelms me. I don't have all the answers, no one does, for this kind of thing has never happened before, as far as I know, this is a one time Event and a very big one at that. I do believe its the Creators plan and its vastness may not be possible for us humans to completely understand. Maybe it go's by the saying of; A need to Know Basis, like the military. and there is also the contingent of change of plans, alternate plans from Plan A to Plan B, ect.

I do know that this scenario that is happening now is not the ones my spirit guides showed me 42 years ago, some of it is but not all. I do believe that all of us they call the "first Awakened" has been to school or class in the spirit realm before we came down here, that much is for sure. Much of what we learned was hidden from us for our own sake and safety. As we awaken we will remember these things and our part in this Mission. This Mission is not only to get rid of the DC and the Slavery that we the people of Earth are under now, but also to save the Earth and finally to Ascend into 4 & 5D.

It seems all three are equally important even though for us personally, Ascension is the most important. But Gods Plan is for the future Earth and Generations to come. So we must succeed if there is to be a future for our offspring and humanity and Earth as we know it. The details of how to do all of this is being giving to us daily now and its quite a job to keep up with it, but we have no choice, there's no turning back now, no quitting or giving up. Its the New Golden Age or bust. Learning Forgiveness and Love seem to be the biggest Keys or tools to help us reach this goal. Everyone has a part to play and no one is more important than another, we are all one. Adonai
Comment by 1 darkstar on July 30, 2013 at 6:51pm

What is DC?  District of Columbia?

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 30, 2013 at 10:15am

Thanks MOL for the pic of the crystals and the positive comment.And yes it may be awhile maybe 2015-2020 but it should be a smother ride very soon , as this new mini Harmonic convergence takes hold soon, I hope. Did you know that I used to be a Crystal Master, I knew most of there names and properties. I sold them at the markets in different counties and used them for teaching and healing. Now that I am retired I just use them for myself and sometimes give them away to others. I do believe they will make a comeback. Sorry to hear that you are having family problems, I have them too and they are the hardest to correct, hope you get it settled out. Being the observer brings great rewards. Its like wearing those 3D glasses you get to see things you never saw before. In the mean time we are here to send each other positive uplifting  words of comfort,right huh. L&L 2-U Adonai

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 30, 2013 at 8:49am

Thanks for the wonderful pics guys, especially the ones of the pyramids and of course the positive comments. I didn't see anything in the sky's tonight and I watched for hours. Maybe this energy Event is more like the very first of the Harmonic Convergence that didn't hit me until about 3 or 4 mo's later and then wow, what a change in energy. L&L, Adonai


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