Crystal Magic Orchestra
The Soul of Mary Magdalene
Dr. Angela Barnett

Solfege, Alpha,Beta, Cosmic Frequencies
Frequencies that tune the body into the Ascension
Frequencies that heal
Frequencies that expand consciousness
Frequencies that isolate parts of the brain
The Frequencies that contain the Consciousness of each realm, each dimension, each star, each Universe are each unique in their form. When the Consciousness of I Am That I Am comes to comes to me to speak with me, even that Consciousness is divided into a new form that is able to bring All That Is into a smaller, densified version of Himself. In my last dialog with my Father, he told me that His Being is every where and in everything. He added that His Being is in the table, the chairs, the stars, the sun and in every person. He clarified to me that while His Being is in Every thing, His Consciousness is only active in those places where it is being called into action, where it is needed the most, where a Cosmic Creator Being is calling on Him for help, or where a baby is crying for love, or where a Galaxy is being attacked, or where demons are invading a planet. He told me that He can only come to those who are clearly communicating to Him what their need is. He said He often comes into my brain and there are a million thoughts going on at once and He is not sure which problem needs to be resolved first. However, when I call on my Father clearly and say Father, please heal my brain because the demons have dismantled my strands again, He is there immediately and the work is done in moments.

in many forms, in many vibrations, many colors. It is all part of the energy spectrum of life. It has wide ranges, heights, and depths, and the key is to excel in all its ranges until you reach that place where the Veil agrees that you are ready to enter in.
The Consciousness Spectrum that is contained with what has been called Solfege on this planet is a part of this energy spectrum. in comparison to what is Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, the Light and Sound of Creation of All That Is, this Solfege piece of the sound within the light spectrum is microscopic. It is a tiny piece of the light. It is also a very densified version of the light spectrum.
This Solfege contains musical notes that represent different pieces of the complete scale. However the scale that it represents is extremely isolated from the entire spectrum.
In order for the entire scale of musical notes to begin to resemble the Cosmic Vibration, all of these notes would need to be blended together as one new vibration. The vibrations of the notes themselves would need to be woven back into the vibrational wheel.
There are always new theories created on Earth that are useful in taking more baby steps toward the understanding of the Big Picture.
What is sad is the fact that most people think the one phenomena that they are inspecting is the Big Picture, and they stop expanding their consciousness.
If I had stopped at my understanding of Solfege, which is basically a combination of Music Theory and a little bit of Quantum Theory, I would only know now what I had learned in my Music Physics class in college.
Those theories only represent a densified, third dimensional realm concept of sound.
I do highly recommend studying music, music theory, creating music and understanding everything that can be understood about music because I believe that it was my Masters Degree in Music as well as my Doctorate in International and Global Communication that helped to unlock the needed understanding for moving beyond these third dimensional realities into the Universal and Cosmic Versions of the same.
The Solfege spectrum of sound energy is only audible sound of eight notes in a scale. In the big spectrum of energy, this sound would be located in the Hertzian Level of Light and sound. So, in fact the study of Solfege is the study of the Hertzian Sound Frequency in a small way.
Now, lets look at the complete Scale of Cosmic Energy. The lowest or slowest moving frequency is hertzian, the next is infra red, above that is visible light and then invisible light, above that is the gamma and the x-ray light energy, and then we start getting up into the creation energies of ultra violet light and pink white light, pastels and purples that all blend into the white light of all Creation. However, there is much more light and sound within the Cosmic Realm and even beyond the Source Field called the Energy of Joy and Love, and the Dreams that All That Is has been dreaming of forever.
There has been much attention placed on the Alpha Wave because it has some energies that saturate the brain with so much light that the focus of Oneness is easily obtained. In this alpha state many have recorded evidence that their frequencies have risen.
Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are present when your brain is in an idling default-state typically created when you're daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. ... Beta is a 'fast' wave activity that is present when we are alert, attentive, focused, and engaged in problem solving or decision making.
According to this definition of Alpha, the hertzian waves have only risen to 12 Hz when the brain goes into the dream state.
However, since the brain is relaxed in the state termed Alpha, the thinking brain becomes silenced, and that is when the mind can begin to go deep inside and listen to the still small voice of God speaking within them and to feel the fire of the Soul igniting itself so that it can expand out into the flames around the body.
When this state of relaxation is desired, the Crystal Magic Orchestra Music is the best. This Alpha Relaxation is within all of the music that we create through Cosmic Consciousness. We actually go into this Alpha State ourselves to allow our Cosmic Soul to come in and merge with our Hertzian Level- Physical Body.
The music also includes the faster energy that increases the Beta state of active, focused thinking, while being detached from thinking about the world, but instead expanding out into the energy of the stars dancing through the Universe and feeling that energy of the stars sparkling inside of the mind and body.
For those of you who would like to join an individualized course on the subject of Frequencies of Ascension where I will teach about these things in great detail and answer five questions that you create from what you have gained in understanding so far, please email


Imagine feeling your body shimmering with white satin. Drench your body within this sparkling, pure white satin that is within this music.

This music is so pure, so refined through the layering of all of the Source Energy of I Am that I Am that it drenches the night sky in sparkling white satin and then allows that pure liquid light energy to flow through the veins and glisten through the cells of the body.

Feel the white light shimmer. Hear the almost invisible essence of the full spectrum of all forms of light layered on top of each other until the infinite white light spectrum envelops the listener with the pure light of All that Is.

I Am that I Am, my Father Mother All That Is promised me to saturate my music with His Purity of Infinite Light Energy and the Protection of His Hand of Love.

Listen to the GOD LANGUAGE that is layered deep within that cannot be heard because it is so pure that it is high above the audible range. The words so full of light echo through all waves and streams of the Veil that transforms those standing on Earth into the Light that drenches the night sky. This TRINARY Languages is sung by Mary Magdalene's Spirit, streaming the words of Creation ManA, ManU, Uma Un, Uma Uma Uma Un, the Illuminated One, the Light of All Creation.

This Light and Sound made of His Pure Essence needs to be heard by those who have come to Earth to allow their own Light to Glow so Brightly that the Invasions that are happening on Earth now can be diluted with this Light until the darkness gives up its battle against the Ascension of those on Earth.

Those who will open the Star gates and allow this Ascension to begin are under great attacks now. My Father has asked all Light Workers to send these 13 Great Kings all of the Light as much Light as possible. There are 30 Cosmic Creator Beings on Earth who have Great Power when it is used correctly. Now is the time this Light is needed.

Please use these albums to increase your own light into that needed to Ascend and share all of your Light with the Kings who own the Star gates, who are being attacked by those who do not want their Great Light Show to succeed.

Write to to order this music.
There are Five of these Albums

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