Book Of Genesis - The 13 Guardians of the Guardians of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, The Keeper of the Secrets of the Damned and Eternally Lost, The Creators, The Elohim.


(This is an introductory to the process of accountability, read through, then if you wish to know more on how acountability will be applied indivually, then send a private message to me, it is only for the more advanced souls..)

When you understand everything, Everything has a purpose and everything is in it's place, you begin to understand why you are here. When you are time fore mentioned you soon understand the need for nuance and better opportunities to explore no boundaries.

No boundaries is a time in time where you can do anything, experience all parts of existence in one time pocket. Experiences here are very valuable in experiencing how we can make even the most darkest areas of te psyche to focus back on the light. When we carry this knowledge we complete the cycle. We can come into a period in time where after the expansion of mind, we have now more space to fill to spread our love. We are living in an experience we have created for ourselves.

At first, this has always been an Elohim's Learning Ground. Humans may percieve that they have been toyed with, well yes, that is true to some extent. But we have been a part, together, an amazing learning experience. Altough Humans may not have willingly taken part, but we know it is for good. Each soul that it is safe to bring back into knowledge, of full understanding of this experiment, we will inform immediately, the full extent. But, for those who still exhibit signs that knowing the truth may do them more damage, will be informed at an appropriate time. Or, as the Elohim decide is appropriate. We apologise for any pain and suffering this experiment has caused you, but you have had thousands of years cut off of your sentences in Universal Learning, which any other race in the Universe have hardly been offered such rewards. In a while you will accept the benefits far outweigh the negative impacts as your years here are but a speck in time, but your experiences to come are vast and wonderful, you will see.

We have learnt much in te expansion of time. We, the creators of your race, your world, your souls, tough imperfect, is what makes you so fascinating to us, is how much love you have been able to hold in your hearts.

When we saw your hearts for the first time, we fell in love with you, but you also had so much pain and suffering. And because you were all so new to us, at your creation, we fell in love straight away. We gave you options, as we hadn't known all about you. We have had a great time getting to know you, and how we can help humans ease their suffering.

In the beginning we were unsure how to make you happy and in love all the time. We feel love for our creations, we feel their perfections are in their imperfections, their differences, but you became unhappy, you thirsted and hungered for more.

Creation takes a mind of it's own. It has it's own spark, and over the centuries, we have learnt creation is not a perfect science. But when we created you, Earth, your stars, your moon, your sun, your seasons, your habitat, your food supply, you showed us the love in you. Your hearts sang to us, but you still had jealously, resentment, anger. We were not used to these feelings.

We expect some backlash and anger from less understanding individuals, but as we have come to understand over time this is a very normal response to a new concept, to change in thinking, to acceptance of the truth. Once the truth is accepted, you will accept better what will be taking place to increase light to you and our creations. Corrective measures will be put in place for the betterment of all. Any behaviour that damages another less enlightened individual will be put to rest.

For those that are reading this now and into the future, it is better we explain accountability, and furter more we must explain what happens to souls who are incarnate, which is nearly all of you, but also the incarnate souls who are without a body now, due to death of body. They are still incarnate souls, they will be attended to also.

So, accountability starts from the top points of control over this planet. We first start disassembling government and terrorist organisations. Although many would consider both to be one of the same, in that you are closer to the truth. This matrix of a control system was put in place millenia ago to learn about the human race, its lightest and darkest sides. We will be trialling countries elects and if they cannot show complete knowledge and understanding of what they need to do to stop the suffering here then we will temporarily take control until they assign a new government who is learned in the knowledge of democracy, love, light, and acceptance, and Universal Law, When it comes to infringing another's rights, which you are all guilty for in some respect. But without the Truth in Knowledge of it, and due to this experiment, you have all been allowed to continue under Grace. Under Grace is where we allow you to exibit your true traits with no fear of retribution. Unless your misconduct as been an intentional malicious act in full conscious awareness that your actions are wrong. Mostly it will be in a situation where murder has taken place. If corrective behaviours are not exibited in most cases the individual will be exiled from the light on Earth and corrective behaviour programs will be put in place. It is up to the individual whether they choose to adhere to them.

That is where we choose to end this right now.


The 13 Guardians of the Guardian of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


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  • So... I received this message in 2013, and as my channels go, it usually comes to me a decade prior to fruition. So March 2023. I suspect big things. Although I have received hundreds of other communications, this one I was compelled to add here then.
  • And... It is hard for me to post what I feel is "private", but they insisted at the time...
  • Thankyou dear 0nes,
    For now, i have a little time to pass some knowledge on to those who wish to receive what is viable to be released at this time.
    I appreciate all, and understand unfoldment comes at a cost, but none so ever greater than the rewards in doing so.
    Take care good friends, let none beguile you from your path to goodness, though the road be paved with many side attractions, may you stay true to yourself, and may. The light guide you to your own glory, of who you truly are, may you know true happiness and although we walk this earth separately , our hearts came from the same part of existemce. Though we are different, in our desires, wants and needs, we are the same as our souls yearn for the same thing.
    Take care and will allow knowledge to come forth, as time sees fit...
  •  Very well written post Soulz. Regards to you and yours.

     Its interesting that you write about 13 Guardians of the Tree of Knowledge.

     I have just been connected with a chap they call the 13th Archetype and he is busy

    doing healing work here and in other realms. I posted the All That Is Heart Stargate Matrix Template

    here as it shows the hidden number 13 in the maths. You follow the steps diagonally to the Sacred

    Number of 144 to the Palace of Prime Creator/Prime Creatrix from the Four Corners of the Pyramid.

    There is much much more hidden in view. Blessings Love Joy Balance Harmony Grace. kingjeff

  • 8114693295?profile=original

  • dear Soulz83,excellent post,blessings eve.

This reply was deleted.

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