For consideration: There is no "Illuminati"

I hear people spread all kinds of stories... Stories of Globalists, stories about the "evil" people who want to control everything.  Meanwhile, those same people glorify Dictators, Demonize people they hardly know, and continuously propagate poison that people continue to drink down like Kool-aid!

But the real question is WHY do they do it? Why do self-confessed people who act like they are connected with Ultra-terrestrial beings spread disinformation? What could they possibly have to gain by spreading these false truths and stories of demonization?  

The answer is simple - Distraction. They want to be the center of attention.  Why else would they need to continually spread hate and propagate so many stories that include Fear, Betrayal, and other bad things that keep you thinking about "Us vs. Them" instead of developing your own personal POWER?

The truth in my Opinion is that there is NO ILLUMINATI -- they sure aren't "it"... And there is no energy out there more powerful than yourself.  Most of these people hide behind false symbols and facades because they will never show you who they REALLY are.  :)

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  • Are the Illuminati real?…

    Morpheus“What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain”

    Thanks for creating this blog, Delilah, it's an important topic. From one angle, what this is really addressing is the decoding of language. Which is at the center point of the Alchemy we effectively use to co-create this ‘reality’. The intent behind the words we use, literally casting spells (not a coincidence that we ’spell’ our words) that in effect shape our perceptions of the experience we call life. An agreed upon illusion, that ultimately, is only as real as the power we give it… on equal standing as the dreamscapes we navigate while sleeping.

    Morpheus“Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”

    This is a multidimensional subject that ties back to the ancient world… & as brother Luke brilliantly summarized, John Lash’s work, particularly his book Not In His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and the Future of Belief, is well worth exploring… especially for those wrestling with these kind of questions. So, do the Illuminati exist? Again, we’re talking about a word that has deep esoteric meaning. I would add, whether one 'believes' in ‘them’, or not, is irrelevant... because make no mistake about it, ‘they’ believe in ‘you’. & they rely on using us as fear generators, the sustenance that fuels their wicked agenda. Perhaps a more important question is, are there draconian works that can be traced back to the ancient world that have wrecked havoc on Humanities current level of Awareness/Awakening? & have the parasitic forces behind them been served by interdimensional factions we’ve called: Serpent Gods (Far east & Central America), Chitauri (Zulu), Annunaki (Sumer), Snake Brothers (Hopi), Flyers (Central American), Demons (Christianity), Archons (Gnostic), Jinn (Islam), etc.? I would argue the answer & overt evidence is undeniable. In fact, Humanity is drowning in it. & it's time we demand some real air! So whether we label the perpetrators of this agenda as ‘the Illuminati’, isn’t nearly as important as finding the strength to acknowledge that we’ve been born into mental bondage. & yes!… Only we have the Power to free ourselves from the insanity of this ancient spell.. this ancient war!!! From my perspective, that will ultimately be accomplished by Humanity walking through our greatest fears, not around them. Not continuing to give in to the overt manipulations from Mainstream Everything that seek to keep us in a dumbed down state, rooted in victim consciousness, & dependent on the very forces that at our core levels, we wish to tame… & extinguish from the Gaian Matrix. Anyhow, let me leave it there for now. I offer these two vids as powerful pointers to what we’re in the Divine process of decoding… tools that can be used to help us remember who, & what we really are. Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience… Standing on the cusp of a Return to Our Belonging. ~InLight555

    *The first vid is by Derren Brown, who in a lighthearted way, shows how Neurolinguistic Linguistic Programming has been employed by ‘The Illuminati’ to shape our consciousness. The second vid is from the film ‘They Live’… don’t let the B-Movie stylings fool you, like the film, The Matrix... They Live might as well be a documentary ;-)
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • Rev.Joshua skirvin .. According to Gnostic intel, the real Lucifer is not some male demon figure with horns, but in fact the real Lucifer is the Aeon Sophia, who fell from the Galactic core after creating the human genome, and ended up in the third spiral limb of the Galaxy, where we reside right now. The Aeon Sophia or Lucifer, morphed into the Earth, Gaia and absorbed her magical child (the human genome). We are really her experiment, thread's in her dreaming and in fact, we don't even have a life of our own, that's the great narcissistic illusion, to think you actually have a life of your own when you don't, we are charactors in her dream, the dream of Sophia or Gaia, or if you want, of Lucifer. It's not even our dream, it's hers, she is dreaming us. You need to become familiar with and invested in the narrative of the Earth and the story of the fallen goddess scenario, in order to better understand these mystery school teachings. Religious conditioning has made sure that the charactor known as Lucifer is always seen as the devil. Religious myth also talks about Lucifer as the fallen angel, the one who was cast out or who fell from heaven. The Archons arose spontaneously and by mistake, upon the impact of her plunge from the Galactic core, into the third spiral limb. The Archons are a hive of parasitic, insectoid alien beings who resemble the human embreo, a non organic insect spieces (the greys and other Archontic insectoid species) and reptiles. They exist in their billions and they envy us for our ability to love, to empathize and to create, all of which they cannot do. The Aeon Sophia didn"t want the Archons in her hair, so she endowed them with a bit of her devine intelegence and created a playground for them, which is the solar system as we know it, and she basically told them to f@ck off and stay there. :) Research the Fallen Goddess Scenario in for further mind bending insights into the history of the Earth and the origin of human spieces.

    By the way, I don't see this blog as preventing the truth comming out, you must remember, each person has their own truth, whats true for you may vastly differ to that of your neighbour. I do not aggree that Delilah or Panacea are trolls or shills as you say, not in the slightest bit, far from it, in fact, Delilah and Panacea are very clued in, so... I don't know where you got that notion from?!?..  they're just expressing their own truth, their own perspective and their own opinion, which obviously you don't resonte with...but they're not trolls or shrills.. no way!

    MetaHistory - Gaia and Gnosis, Deeper Ecology, Planetary Tantra, Telestics
    Metahistory introduces a once and future myth about humanity, the story of Sophia and Planetary Tantra, telestics, rite action, and interactive magic…
  • Wake Up People ,I agree with G5, we have been slaves and controlled by the DC for the last 250,000 years. Sense Lucifer fell and made Earth his head quarters. In the last years the Catcolic  church and Pope has admitted they worship Lucifer but now that he is gone ( eternal Death) they secretly worship his successor .The Illumanati is alive but not well, they have 100 black lodges, which control every aspect of our lives, there numbers are in the millions and they themselves are controlled by the Jesuits and Reptillion Aliens, who have been here for 2,500 years. And they are controlled by the Archon Aliens, who have been here for 2000 years who is controlled by the Chemeron Aliens who have been here 250,000 yrs. The good news is that this invisible Empire  and sinister secret govt. is now finished,we the people have awakened, thanks to our ET allies and the SPIRIT REALM. This down fall should be finished by the end of the year during the pole shift and great floods. The DC has been stalling for as long as they could Hoping that during all the Great Earth changes they could make a come back and regain power but that's not going to be allowed.

    Ascension is the top priority and nothing and no one will be able to stop our Ascension.  So wake up people, Earthlings have done and will do there part till all have Ascended even if it takes 20 more years, this is Creators wish, and his will ,will be done, to succeed we must continue to wake up the sleepers and those partly awake.For you cannot free a slave if he does not know he is a slave. Blogs like this one and comments like Panacea 8, who seem to be Trolls and shrills will not stop the Truth from getting out. The next 6 mo.s to 1-1/2 years will be very important and very tough, so hang in there folks and use your heart to determine what is true and what is false, for this War is very much a mental one, designed by the DC to cause much confusion by Disinformation and lies.

    We are one and one for all. Awaken so we can awaken others how to do this for it has never been done before, we are the 1st, the whole Universe of 200 million inhabited Planets are watching what and how we do it in LOVE and light together, united we stand ,divided we fall. No one can do this for you, you must Ascend by your very own powers, Salvation comes from ones own self , when we reach out and take our brothers hand,indeed. Adonai

  • Personal power is the most important.That does not mean that we are not living in a totally controlled reality by a group of individuals. Its true that nobody can control us when we awakened, but look a round. All is manipulated and a lie. News is fake and we are dumped down to our core, even know we are state of the art creator beings.


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