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Ashtar 's New Year 's Message for 2010

(through Ariana of Cloverleaf connection

Ashtar : Dearest hearts of love, I am with you now in order to bring through the New Year 's Message to your dimension. I am Ashtar with you in love and in light.

They are many occurrences that are in big, big preparations in the Heaven Worlds and there are many occurrences that are happening on your Earth plane as well. Your times are tightening and the vibrations continue to raise. All is well in this process despite the disruptions that occur in the energy that causes weather anomalies and Earth disturbances. All is in Divine Order. My love is with you. The Light of all the Heaven Worlds shines upon you.

We work with you subtly day in and day out. Every single person on this planet has hundreds of Light Beings who filter in and out of their auras as required, besides their own personal guides. These are all safe, soul family members as long as the person walks in the Light. Even if a person does not proclaim they are of the Light but if they live their being in truth and love, that is the demonstration that is required. Each and every person on the planet is now into the separation energies. It is time for them consciously or subconsciously to choose the Light or to choose the lesser Light. This they do from their actions and their reactions. If they choose the lesser Light, they are going the way of negativity and they will attract to them people of like mind, as well as spiritual influences that are of a similar vibration. In doing this they ensure themselves a life of unrest and uncertainty. In choosing the Light you will draw to yourself the love of the Universe. It is as simple as that. You will be looked after in all ways. You will be in the right place at the right time according to your life's plan.

Preparation For Planetary Change

We are very pleased to bring forth more information about the changes to come. We will be doing more of this in future months. Simply know that you are living in times such as have never occurred in living history. YOU ARE LIVING HISTORY NOW ! Although your bodies feel quite like they used to feel, they are changing. They are changing at a molecular level from a carbon -based physical being into a crystal -based being of Light. This change is sometimes disruptive to your physical comfort. I would say to trust the process and do your best, living a life that is natural, carefree and happy.

Dear ones, my twin flame, Athena is with me at this time and we want you to know that both the masculine and feminine aspects are balancing. It is a very important project to come into this balance. You are also attracting to yourself soul family members, even if you don't realize it. Probably half of your friends are from your soul family. This is all a part of the gathering and the merging that occurs when dimensions change.

I will now go into some of the preparations that are occurring from this side of life that are hopefully assisting you.

God's plan is magnificent, all encompassing and all pervading. It is of the Light and it is of the magnificence of oneness. The Universe, although it is extensive beyond anything you can imagine, is still created through the concept of oneness and the feature that draws it all together is the life that you enjoy, that animals express and that plants show in their growth. It is the life within you, the God force within you. That is the oneness. It is even in the minerals of the Earth. It is in all things of Light.

In order to perpetuate the oneness, beings on all dimensions live according to the parameters of love and service ; love and service. All beings know and understand that through these two qualities, they receive back as much as they give and they lighten up and raise because of their endeavors. Therefore, on all dimensions they are volunteers who reach out in order to help, in order to give of themselves, in order to assist those who need assistance in some manner, such as the Earth Mission. The Earth Mission is billions of years in the making and is now culminating with a raise into the finer dimensions. Those who are already living in crystal -based bodies, etheric bodies and morantia bodies are all reaching down, in their own ways to help you raise your planet ! This is part of the preparation ; it is a very large part. Another dimension of this is the energy that God puts into the photon belt, which is the energy that raises all that is on your planet from one dimension to the other. This is another part of the preparation, the concentration of the photon energies.

There are Amazing Backup Plans In Place !

Now I would like to speak about those in the Inner Earth, who are of the Fourth Dimension, for they are preparing as well. They are preparing a backup plan, just in case they need to take the population of the Earth into their realms for temporary safety 's sake. We are not expecting this to become a problem ; however, as I said the preparations are being made in case a backup plan needs to be used. They are millions of Light Beings in the center of the Earth who are working upon this and as they work upon this project, they work upon themselves. They are, indeed, of love and service and they are raising their own vibrations by doing this. There is another way that we could evacuate your planet, if that became necessary, and it is through teleportation of the entire human race into a finer dimension. You see there is much occurring and there are backup plans.

Just an aside here relative to the teleportation of the human beings into the next dimension en masse, it is only beings of love that would be able to survive that amazing journey. If a human being were of negativity, unfortunately that one would not survive. That one would cross into the death process that is normal at this time for your planet and therefore go the route that people are taking into the Fourth Dimension now. Nothing is lost. Nothing is lost. It 's a win-win situation for everybody. If those of negativity get into the Fourth Dimension and still do not change their mind, well there will be other Third dimensional planets they can go to so they can continue their lessons. There is always a choice and all human beings on your planet are working towards the same destination, whether they know it or not.

Love in the heart. That is your key. It will take you into amazing places, wondrous spaces. Dear ones, my love is with you and I bring to you also the love of the Great Commander, Sananda as he wished to be remembered in this New Year 's message. He wishes you to know that there is a quickening occurring within your seven-body system and it is the quickening of your Christ Consciousness. For many, this has already occurred but for some it is in the works, so to speak. He wants you to know that it is a painless project and that it comes to you subtly because of your personal practices and actions on the planet. It is the final, " Aha, I understand. All is one. " When a person gets to that stage, yes, they have received their Christ Consciousness. From there it is just a hop and a skip to their Light Body and ascension.

Earth Changes Are Affecting Many People Around The Earth

Now we must think about those people who were caught in Earth changes during this recent time of upheaval because many people are being not only inconvenienced but they are having their lives changed in very huge ways with loss family, with illness, with harm to their bodies and displacement from their homes. We send our love to all of those people. Their guides are assisting in invisible ways. Whether it looks like a random plan or not, understand that those people had chosen, in their life plan, to undergo the situation. Everybody on the planet is in the right place at the right time according to his or her life plan. If they lived or if they died, it is in Divine Order.

Many beings of Light are circulating the planet at this time in order to do what they can do from finer dimensions to ease these situations. That includes calming the Earth. It includes putting out fires. It includes calming the hurricanes. We can have some small control over that type of thing. Mother Earth is excited. She has come a long way from those days when she was in pain on a daily basis. She is able to see that her future is just around the bend. She will be very happy when the cleansing is complete and the raising is occurring. She very much wants to take all life with her into the finer dimensions, to save those ones that are innocent and to help those that do not understand.

Dear ones, I give my love to you, as does Athena. All members of the Great White Brotherhood, who are involved in the Earth Mission, are making a concentrated effort to speak through people such Ariana 's channeling, through insights, through unspoken words and in any way that we can, so that all will know that help is right within their hearts. It is so important to bring out this message that nobody is ever alone. You are all spiritually supported in wonderful ways. It is for you to accept, to understand and to know. When the energies of the Photon Belt quicken and when you go through the change that will occur because of it, your guides are right with you. They will calm your mind and all will be well. Everybody from the CEO of a large corporation to the aborigine in Northern Australia will all totally be looked after as they go through this metamorphosis together. Light surrounds you ; love protects you the whole way.

Ariana : He 's oozing love to me right now and it feels wonderful !

Practice Living Your Life With Love And Being Of Service

Ashtar: This New Year 's Message is brought to the loved ones upon the Earth in order to help you in the next of your life, 2010. My personal advice to you, all people of the planet, is to practice your love and service, just as the Light Beings in finer dimensions do. Focus very strongly upon the love in your heart for other people and all things. Focus upon the helpfulness, which is the service that you could do for your fellow man, for Mother Nature and for the Earth. What can be done is unlimited. There are very, very many diversified projects.

For your personal growth and enlightenment, I recommend this activity, this focus for next year, to live your life through love and service. Fashion it to your own situation. You do not need to spend time wondering how to do this. All you need do is in meditation simply say,

" I am ready now to live my life in love and service to my fellow man and all beings. "

That would include the love and service to animals, vegetation, the water on the planet or the environment. When you proclaim this to the Universe, it is automatic that situations will come into your awareness that you would be able to assist with. It can be very, very simple. Make a phone call. Take some food to a neighbor who is ill. It is a one-on-one personal thing that you can do, depending upon your situation. Of course if you were a Member of Parliament then perhaps you would have the ability, as well as the clout, to go further and into situations in the country or the environment. Whatever is in your life now could be enhanced to intentionally assist in the Earth Mission, for that is what you are doing when you choose a life of love and service.

Learn About Your Enhanced Abilities That Have Been Dormant

I also wish to remind you that the energies are heightening very productively on the planet. It will soon be possible, for those who have the tenacity, to learn how to go from one dimension to another at will and return as they so choose. This would be a situation such as going from your Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension, where your loved ones have gone after death, having a little visit there and then coming back. This is in the works. This is in the energies now. For people who are interested in this, go into meditation and decide upon an affirmation. Start it with, " I am (your name) of the Light " and then say something like :

" I am willing to make conscious transitions

to the Fourth Dimension and back again. "

Now, with making conscious transitions to the Fourth Dimension, that is the opposite of death. You are in total control. You never will have to die a physical death on the planet because you are consciously in control of the entire situation. There will be no death. Death is a practice that has occurred on your planet for many, many millions of years that is now changing. You are actually almost living in the Fourth Dimension. It only takes your intention to make this small adjustment to change the thought forms on the planet from the necessity of human death to the reality of popping around the planet and through the dimensions by your free will. This is part of what we might call the enhanced abilities that are becoming available and real for people on Earth now. You have raised your vibrations for twenty, thirty, forty even a hundred years on this planet to the point where you are lighter so you will be able to walk on water, to levitate, teleport and to manifest that which you need and want at the moment. If an Earth change occurs in your reality, you can simply go to the other side of the planet with your will, away from that danger... totally away from that danger. This is the real reason why we would like you to learn about your enhanced abilities and begin to work with them.

The First Three Enhanced Abilities to Practice

The first enhanced ability to work with is healing... healing yourself and healing others.

Everybody on the planet has a subject to work with and it is his or her own body and mind. Work with yourself through the knowledge of books and any articles that might be relevant to your situation. What you learn because of this will help you own body and you can pass it on to others in certain situations that come up. EVERYBODY ON THE PLANET IS A HEALER ! Everybody 's touch will assist their friend on their loved one. So healing is the first ability to manifest with your intent. You can do a lot in meditation, with your mind as well.

The second one to work with is manifestation. Here again, meditation can help with your manifestations. There are many methods. The main things is to hold what you want in your mind with strength and with surety. Manifestation is the second enhanced ability for you to practice.

The third enhanced ability for you to work in 2010 is receiving answers from your questions. Start to work with your spiritual guides and masters teachers on a regular basis. This comes from meditation. This comes from listening to that still, small voice inside of you. It is only like a whisper ; it is only like a thought. All of your questions can be answered. You can start with other people's methods if you wish, such as the tools of metaphysics. There are many but there is nothing as sure or so close to the situation for you personally as your spiritual guides and you find them in the quietness of your heart.

That is your three enhanced abilities to work at with your intent in 2010. "

The second part will be a serie of Asking and Answers between Questor and Ashtar.

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