Finding my True Self.....My Souls True name

I suppose i should clarify that the title of this blog is more of a question, a question that i hope to find the answer to by the end of my journey (life) here on Earth.......Seems i've made it a quest to find some truth in my life and i don't mean the type of truth that helps us sleep at night and move forward in our meager lives but the ground shaking truth, the truth that resonates within our very souls, if there is such a thing...
I've recently been inundated with a lot of information that i can only describe as freakin crazy, though these concepts seem to resonate within me. Quite a bit of this information i think i've always known, i mean certainly i never found peace at any church, mosque, or temple and i've been to many and read quite a bit of books on various faiths and religions, yet it only took a simple concept of what we might be or better yet what we are (GOD) to give me a bit of the peace i've always searched for.......
In saying all of this I hope to find those of you out there who can assist me on my journey of TRUTH. Though my life has been one of extreme ups and downs (mostly downs), i know i'm not the only one and i hope that there are those out there willing to help guide those of us in need of spiritual guidance and knowledge.....

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  • Man Dan the reason i know this is right man is a third because of you and Dave, thing i'm most excited about is you comin up here and freakin livin these moments together amongst brothers, exciting times man, seems like we been foreshadowing these kind of things for years.....All seems right brother and i wouldn't have near the knowledge i have now had we not been friends, you're a freakin wealth of it......Namaste with you.....hahaha
  • Well bro, it seems that everyone else said what I was going to I will leave you with a word of encouragement instead. We have known for a while now that things were on the verge of change. we have discussed these ideas on more than one occasion..the foreboding that was building was not overlooked, although we did not know what aspect or in what direction the changes would take shape.

    I know that your life has been difficult in every sense of the word. I know your character and your potential. I am truly excited to see you blaze to life and searching for the truths that will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself and consequentially the understanding of your connections to all of life. You have a purpose my old friend of that I have no doubt. I am proud of you and I know for certain that victory is already yours you just have to reach out and take it. As always if you need to discuss ideas hit me up bro
  • ~ps. so many good "starting", or "continuing" points.. lol.. check out:
    ~i like alan watts. there are many, many, many teachers (including yourself ;0) but, this fella has an eloquence & iinteresting repetoir of knowledge that works for me. ~peace~
  • Every fear and hurt you fill with love will make you stronger. How do I fill it with love? Simply choose to see positive, choose to see the glass half full. Use the daily drama to practice your new outlook and things will get brighter, I promise you. ~david

    ah! david, i love these words, their meaning! i must say, dear michael, that we are all on the same path, just as we are on our own unique individual one! these words are what i try to do, every day. the path that my life has brought me to (at this moment) gives me the opportunity to turn seemingly negative situations/ dramas into an ongoing opportunity for change, & not just learning, but practicing and applying what i have learned is truth ascension in the moment! in other words, trying (with every fiber of my being) to approach people, situations, & even chaos, with an open heart, mind and neutrality, non~involvement through non~judgement. just "letting" things happen... (nonduality)

    it sounds like you are trying to absorb & filter alot of incoming information, knowledge, wisdom right now. just remember to give your spirit time & space to "digest". go out into nature when you can/need to, so your being can truly have a moment to marinate on the wealth of vibrations that are converging upon you right now. you have such amazing work to do michael! i'm excited for you! & please, remember to be kind & patient with yourself... and with the "ripples" on the surface...

    there is an inevitable "unfolding" happening in you. in me. in all of us. & have no doubt, we are all connected in this. ~strength & courage, love & guidance~ you are what you seek... ;0) xo
  • Thank you guys for the comments, and Dave brother, we been to the proverbial hell and back together so you'll always be a source of knowledge and peace man so thanks brother and don't ever think your advice isn't warranted.Leila, is it pronounced leela or layla, i love the song Layla by the way, in my top 25, but I'd like to think I'm pronouncing your name right even if its only in my head. Its funny that I've always looked else where for a source of peace or truth though I've always believed its been inside me this whole time.....all the time...My fear i suppose is that its so easy to lie to ourselves, but then does it matter what we truly believe if it still brings peace and love to our lives...But i am starting to learn to listen to my conscious, makes since that our conscious is possibly a link to our higher selves, so thank you leila i will learn to listen to my self.
    My wife told me about a possible good bookstore in town i might want to check out so any point in the right direction for any books of meditation would be greatly appreciated. And know any knowledge i get from the comments and advise you guys offer i will share

    Namaste (Sanskrit: नमस्ते, Hindustani pronunciation: [nʌmʌsˈteː], from external Sandhi between namaḥ and te) is a common spoken greeting or salutation used in India and Nepal. It has multi-religious or else common usage where it may simply mean "I bow to you." The word is derived from Sanskrit namas, to bow, obeisance, reverential salutation, and te, "to you." Well now i know what it means so Namaste to you all.
  • To follow up on Leila's beautiful advice, pay closer attention to yourself. Put yourself under the 'microscope' to say. Evaluate your desires and what makes you happy. Pay close attention to what repels you and find out the source behind them. Learn to listen to that voice that has always told you right from wrong. Explore your doubts. Make an effort to identify your emotions as they come, to be able to separate them so you can identify why it is, to find out why you think and react the way you do. Most of these questions should come naturally and yet some are going to be very uncomfortable or painful to dig into. Men, in particular, use anger to mask a variety of emotions without thinking about it.

    Truly look at yourself in the mirror and take an honest look into your core, as only you can. Once you take full measure of yourself, create the intention to change and heal yourself. Changing your outlook on life, and therefore creating a new reality, is not as hard as it sounds. Like a habit you have to want to change these areas. Every fear and hurt you fill with love will make you stronger. How do I fill it with love? Simply choose to see positive, choose to see the glass half full. Use the daily drama to practice your new outlook and things will get brighter, I promise you. Love will flow it is the way of the universe, just open yourself to change. That is the hardest part and you are already on the path!

    Things won't always be sunshine, and for a while it will be hard to heal and stay centered to resist the fear based emotions of anger, depression, and confusion. Just fall back onto the new knowledge you have of yourself and you will find strength. Eventually you will be healed and your love will grow exponentially. Things that bothered you before, you can find humor in. Oh to walk through your day sharing smiles, love and compassion to everyone you come in contact with. Life becomes an adventure full of possibilities. Know that you are strong, nobody can hurt your spirit but you. There will always be people to help and support your growth along the way!
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