Tuscaloosa, AL


December 6

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Gaia I am an art director at a design company. i enjoy nature and reading as well as having interesting and varied conversations. Of course due to my generation, i also am a old school gamer.

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  • Hiya Daniel, big hugs from Western Australia. Sounds like you have an awesome job !
    Mmmwah Nat (*_*)

  • Hello Daniel, thank you for the friend request. I really like what you've quoted here on your page. I think my favorite one is:
    "...and to lovingly create other dimensions of reality of which he is presently unaware." -Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment, Volume 1 Session 901
    That's such a beautiful statement. Am hopeful to hear about other's ideas and in turn maybe these fleeting memories of my own will flourish and become brighter.
  • thank you for being a friend Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Great, I can see that few pople wants to meet today at 20:00 8pm irish time.
    Hopefully see you there :):):)
  • Love your music. It echos within my causing me to sing,dance and fly inside my four walls. Even a tear flows as my ears are filled with the winded sounds of my dreams. And while the sun shines it truely pulls me closer to love inside my day. Thanks

  • Thank you for the message. Wow. It made me see how I am still attached to having people respond to my work and... receiving mail. I send you both my love as I walk through my day. Wish it was at the beach like my picture. lol

  • Hi Daniel, thank you! It's great to be here. So many beautiful people here...feels like home!
  • Thanks for the friendship:) blessins and bliss
  • Today at 21:00 irish time we will do grop mediation, are u in ?

  • Thank you ! LOVE
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Daniel replied to Awakening E-Zine's discussion Grounding and Introspection - Conscious observation
"I love this post! David you did a great job of breaking it down.  Keep them coming!"
Mar 7, 2011
Daniel left a comment for Basia
"Hey Basia! David wanted me to stop by and give you a message as he is disabled yet again. He is flagged as spam by ning and has been disabled like 15 times in the last two weeks, he gets on for a few minutes then ning kicks him out. Still working it…"
Jul 3, 2010
Daniel commented on Justin Manz's blog post Is it worth getting to love two kids if you have to leave them?
"Love is a connection. There is energy constantly moving back and forth between such connections. You will become accustomed to not having them close, but to terminate in your heart the love you have for another person is never a good thing. I…"
Jun 29, 2010
Daniel posted a discussion
Jun 28, 2010

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