Finding balance in the current energetic shifts

Hello beautiful beings of light,

I have noticed in my work with clients and also with my loved ones that their seems to be a lot of people that are being weighted down at the moment. I asked for some guidance and received this message, which I felt was important to share with you all.

"It is time to shed your skin of past behaviors. Break through the molds of sadness, pain and discomfort by stepping into your next level of healing in order to live your life without the constrains of old energetic density. Shifts are happening on Earth but they are like the waves and tides of the ocean. They swell and retract quite regularly giving people glimpses of their future selves but then when the tide turns they are left feeling  abandoned and lost once more.

These waves and tides of change will continue like this for the next few years. It is about learning to hang onto the openings of light when you see them and using your free will to stay there. When the energy wanes again let go of the fear that comes with each wave of density and allow yourself to hold onto the light.

Now is the time to be conscious of the changes that are going on energetically and to be aware of how your human bodies and energy bodies are being effected by it. But know you can control this transition by moving your consciousness into awareness and asking your Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters for energetic bracing when you feel you need it.

Sending love from the stars

Master Dende"

I hope this helps those of you that have also been feeling weighted down.

Much Love 



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