The Prosperity Programs, NESARA, Etc.

What progress have the various prosperity programs made?

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation: The various prosperity programs are completing the movement of funds to their final distribution centers. (1)

SHGF: Our associates are most happy about the events that are finally ready to happen. The dark has long prided itself on its ability to keep our various deliveries under wrap. This is really the last thing their loyal minions can continue to do. This set of delays is to end as the Light has obtained the necessary documents to conclude this dilemma. Hence, various projects long missing the required funds can soon begin a proper start-up.

SHGF: A series of preliminary deliveries [of the prosperity funds] were completed. However, it was incumbent on our helpers to stop and shortly this complicated process can start again. (2)

What’s the relationship between the Reval and NESARA (governmental, economic, and social changes embodied in the National Economic Security and Reformation Act)?

Archangel Michael: It is a political connection but do not draw them too close together. It is a restructuring of your financial system and your belief systems that are reflective of your financial systems. So it is sequential. (3)

There’s a line of commentary that says that NESARA is not going to happen. The revaluation will leave the same financial elite in place and we’ll just have some minor improvements. Is that a correct line of commentary?

AAM: That is a completely incorrect assessment. (4)

SHGF: The new currencies, the gold backing and new international banking rules will forge the foundation for the release of the two-step prosperity funds. These operations will enforce now-sequestered legislation to bring out the various provisions of “N.E.S.A.R.A.” These rules will cause a domino-like effect to alter governance and return it to the people. In this milieu, governance will aid the Light. (5)

You believe that we like to play with currency, do you not?

AAM: There have been times when we have told you we know of the human delight in playing with currency. You love money. Now, has that become jaded and displaced? And did greed crawl in? Yes, but we are not talking about that. We are talking about Monopoly money. We are talking about bright, colorful currencies.

People, humans — because of their cultural history – no longer use pieces of gold, although some do. But you like to play with currency.

And so we are not eliminating currency, per se, right off the bat, We are not eliminating institutions that can guide or warehouse or help you with money right off the bat. That is to say that no one has integrity, and that is not true. I am speaking this day to millions, billions, who have great integrity and who would never dream of stealing or misplacing a dime.

But it is recruiting those people and bringing them into the new system, of integrity, of fairness, of equality, and because the institutions aren’t fully built and recognized, there is still some level of uncertainty. People aren’t sure which way to jump, but they are ready to jump, and that is what we needed. That is what you needed. (6)

AAM: And we have said to you that currency would continue to exist for some time after the shift, a few years perhaps, but we never said that it would exist in the same way that is currently available to you. (7)

Why do we need currency?

AAM: Now, there are [some] who will also say to you, and to me, “If we are full anchored in the fifth — sixth, seventh — if we are fully anchored, then we have no need for currency.”

And that is true, and it is false. And let me tell you why. Humans, of which you are, and which you intend to remain, love currency. It is an idea. Currency has never been more than a concept and an idea. And it is an idea of abundance for many. Freedom, for food, clean water, housing, play, attending to your community. So you like currency.

So why would we, when we have no need for currency, say, “Now, you have no need for currency” when you love it? It is showing you, and it is transitioning you, into a place where currency becomes what it is — an idea.

And the more you work with this creation of abundance, for many, for all, then the more it becomes your ability to simply create out of thin air. Because that is what you are really doing.

So that is what I say. And it is in process — I keep telling you this — it is in process. And you have a very practical saying, I believe, on Gaia, and that is “The proof is in the pudding.” (8)

What large shifts do you perceive in our financial future?

Angelic Guides: A large shift we perceive in your future timeline is in the dissipation of ‘money’, and the increasing desire to trade goods and services with one another. Many new systems, ideas and beliefs must be incorporated in order for the ‘need’ for money to be completely removed.

You will begin to trade services rather than exchange ‘money’ as a form of payment. In fact, there are already systems such as this that are beginning to be implemented on a much smaller scale that will act as templates for many of you to move towards, allowing you to completely let go of all forms of money.

Many of you are witnessing the transparency of money, as it is predominately displayed on digital screens and accounted for in plastic and paper. This will change as you continue to evolve and grow, and will no longer require the exchange of money. (9)

The Angels: Eventually, it will be seen by people that money is an artificial construct of the old paradigm, one that was devised to keep control over people. Money is not necessary. People will eventually create systems of barter and sharing that will work around the problems that have been created by the outmoded banking system. (10)


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  • Then the idea of Ubuntu created by the concept from Micheal Tellinger is just that... and exchange of energy without the need for money.... Everyone`s needs are met without the need for money is in the equation. Villages in Africa is now an example for the world to see.... it is growing and people used to do this for thousands of years, until money was brought in and created strife and divisions....  we can see the mistakes are made when accepting this kind of control gets in the way of society the way it should otherwise exist.

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