By Tania Kotsos

 Everyone is your mirror. This is the greatest of all relationships secrets and the only one you really need to understand to transform all your relationships. Here it is again - every single person in your life is your mirror.

What this means is that others are simply reflecting parts of your own consciousness back to you, giving you an opportunity to really see yourself and ultimately to grow. The qualities you most admire in others are your own and the same goes for those qualities you dislike. To change anything in your relationships, be the change you want to see.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall..

Learn to recognise yourself in other people. Everything and everyone is your mirror. It is only when you understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back at you, that there is no room for blame, there is no room for judgement and there is no room to feel like a victim of another person's actions or words. There is only room for real love based on understanding and gratitude. Compromise comes easy, forgiveness is a given and growth is inevitable. While this truth applies to all of your relationships, from your family, to your friends and colleagues, and even to those you deem your "enemy", it is your relationship with your significant other that enables you to take the closest, most accurate look at who you are.


When Only the Face Seems to Change

It is certainly no secret that all your intimate relationships tend to be similar. Surely you have noticed how the fundamentals seem to remain the same while only the face changes. The repetition of the same problems, the same feelings and the same insecurities often leave you despondent and even reluctant to try again. You surrender yourself to the belief that relationships are difficult and require much compromise and that the only relationship secret out there is luck, timing or even Divine Will. You can't help but notice how what starts off with such hope often ends with no hope at all.


There is One Common Denominator

What you perhaps haven't noticed though, is that in all these repetitive relationships there has always only been one common denominator - YOU. Whoever the person is that you have next to you, no matter how many times you change him or her, the fundamentals of your relationship will remain unchanged (albeit to varying degrees) because they are simply mirroring you. It can be no other way. This realisation may frustrate you at first and you may even reject the truth that everyone is your mirror. However, you will quickly come to see it as great news because it means that you too can enjoy those loving relationships that previously seemed out of reach. To do so, the only person you need to influence is yourself.


What Are You Really Seeing in the Mirror

To internalise this truth, that everyone is your mirror, you must first understand it. Your relationships with others are your opportunity to experience yourself and grow. They are a perfect mirror of your inner relationship with yourself and the beliefs you have acquired about life and love. Everything you admire in another person belongs to you and the same goes for all that which you dislike. In order for you to recognise a certain quality in another, then it must be part of your consciousness. You could not see it otherwise. Essentially, the bottom-line cause of break-ups and divorce, is when one or both of the partners can no longer stand to see themselves in the other person. To best understand how everyone is your mirror, think in terms of these three categories: your beliefs, your qualities, and your actions.

            1. Your Beliefs are Staring You in the Face: Your beliefs about relationships, about men, about women, about    love and life in general are all there for you to see in your relationships. We have all acquired certain beliefs throughout our lifetime that cause us to react and act in certain habitual ways that either support us or don't. This is most notable in our relationships because in order to experience anything or anyone you must first relate to it. For instance, if you believe that men or women are not to be trusted (no matter how trustworthy you are), or if you yourself have been willing to be the "other woman" or "other man" in the past, then by the Law of Attraction you will attract relationships in which a lack of trust is a major issue because that is where you have chosen to vibrate. Even if your partner is being faithful to you, you will look for reasons to prove otherwise and, as the saying goes, you always find what you are looking for.


Where Did Your Beliefs Come From? The problem is that you did not consciously choose many (if not any) of those beliefs that govern your experiences and relationships at the subconscious level. Instead, your beliefs were, unbeknown to you, handed to you by society, the media, your parents and your friends. There are also those beliefs that came part and parcel with your culture and upbringing, and the stricter your culture in the area of relationships, the more ingrained those specific beliefs. Since your relationships are based on those beliefs, your experiences only prove to re-enforce them for you, thereby creating something of a virtuous or vicious cycle depending on whether your beliefs support a healthy and balanced relationship or not.

            2. Owning Up to Your Qualities: Every quality that you see in your partner, whether you admire it or not, is your mirror - it is showing you who you are. The more you dislike a certain quality, the more it is showing you a part of your consciousness that you are not acknowledging. For instance, if you dislike your partner's jealous nature, you will find that you too are jealous perhaps not of him or her but of others. If your partner's competitiveness annoys you, you will find that you too are competitive. If your partner's negativity or insecurities get you down, you will find that you too have a negative nature and the same insecurities. The only reason that these qualities are annoying you is because they are also yours. As long as you do not acknowledge them as your own they will continue to frustrate you, while owning up to them provides you with the chance to grow.


When Positive Qualities Annoy You: Interestingly, you may find that even some positive qualities annoy you. For example, if your partner's overly kind and giving nature frustrates you, it is showing you that you too want to become more kind and giving but are resisting doing so. Alternatively, your partners' ability to forgive may make you uneasy. Instead of becoming frustrated, see it as an opportunity to learn forgiveness. This ties into why opposites appear to attract as explained later in this article.

            3. Your Actions - How Do You Treat Yourself and Others? When your partner acts in a particular way that upsets you, you will find that you too act in the same way, most likely not towards him or her but towards yourself and probably others. The more a particular action frustrates you, the more it reflects a part of you that you are not owning. If your partner treats you with disrespect, look within yourself and see who you treat with similar disrespect, whether it be a friend, a family member or yourself. If your partner criticises you, you will find that you are critical of yourself and most probably of others. If your partner ignores your needs, you will find that you too ignore your own needs or those of others. Ultimately, you teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.


Reconciling Opposites Attract with Like Attracts Like: You may have heard that opposites attract and indeed this often appears to be the case. So how can relationships always be your mirror if opposites attract? The answer lies in the Law of Polarity that states that "everything is dual, everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree". In other words, qualities that appear to be opposites are in fact two extremes of the same quality. For instance hot and cold may appear to be opposite but are varying degrees of that which we call temperature. The same applies to all human qualities and emotions.


You may find that the quality you see in your partner appears to be the opposite of your own quality, but in fact it is the same quality expressed in a different way. It is still your mirror. For example, the introvert attracts the extrovert, the weak attracts the strong, the giving attracts the taking. Such seemingly opposite partners attract each other so that they can learn from each other and bring their own extreme quality into balance. In order to attract your opposite, you yourself have to be at the other end of the spectrum and so are unbalanced as far as that quality is concerned. Simply put, opposites attract in search of balance. When none of your qualities are at either extreme of the spectrum, then you can no longer attract its opposite.


Abusive Relationships are No Exception

This advice is aimed at healing and transforming your relationships. Emotionally and physically abusive relationships are no exception. Their reflection is no less accurate than that of any other relationship. At the root of abusive relationships you will usually find a severe lack of self-worth in the abused partner, which is re-iterated by their refusal to leave the abuser. The only way to rise above such relationships is through the power of self-love. In fact, it is the foundation of this great secret that everyone is your mirror.


To Change Your Relationships, Be the Change

To change your relationships you must understand that your relationships mirror you, your beliefs and your actions back to yourself. This is the key to transformation. We all have our so-called buttons which, when pushed, cause us to act or think in negative ways beyond our normal day-to-day selves. Get to know your buttons. Instead of becoming frustrated, know that your buttons are the keys to your growth. Instead of asking for them not to be pushed, examine the belief behind the trigger and resolve to change it. See your buttons as the red-alert alarms that bring to your attention those parts of your consciousness that are begging to be changed.


Self-Love as the Foundation

The truth that your relationships mirror your inner world re-enforces the greatest relationship advice you can ever receive, that of loving yourself. In a relationship in which your partner treats you with love and support, you will find that the basis for his or her love is the love you have towards yourself and so towards others. When you trust yourself and hence others, you will attract a trustworthy partner. When you believe in yourself and hence in others, you will attract a partner that believes in you. When you are kind to yourself and hence to others, you will attract a partner that is kind to you. When you love yourself and hence others, you will attract a loving partner and so on. Ultimately, a balanced and healthy love for oneself is the foundation of all successful relationships for it is truly the greatest love of all.


There is No Need to Blame Yourself

To change your relationship by recognising yourself in others, is not about blaming yourself or playing the victim. Instead, knowing that your relationships mirror you is about taking your own power back to create your reality and the relationships of your choice. It is about getting to know yourself and gaining new personal insights you never thought possible. In other words, it is about putting the ball back in your court to transform your relationships into the magic they are meant to be. It is your chance to grow. Do not fall into the trap of blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. Rather, be grateful for the knowledge that you can change anything in your life without having to change anyone else; just yourself.


The Law of Gender

That our relationships mirror our inner world is underpinned by the Law of Gender. According to this Universal Law, everything and everyone contains both masculine and feminine elements. Know that despite your physical attributes, you are not your body. You have within yourself a feminine and a masculine you. The you that is beyond your body is both male and female. These two Principles within you have an ongoing relationship based on your beliefs. When you create a loving relationship between your masculine and your feminine selves it will be reflected back to you in your relationships with others in the physical world. This is what is meant by the advice to be the love you want to experience. When you stop searching for "the one", you will find that the one you have been looking for all along is yourself. You are the one.


Be the Change You Want to See

To change your relationships, you must change. Not others. This exercise is aimed at enabling you to see your relationships as a mirror. Make a list of all those things that you dislike in your partner and in your relationship. All those things you wish were different whether it be your partner's specific actions or qualities or things that are "wrong" with your relationship. Put your ego aside and do an honest audit of that list. Next to each unwanted action find examples of how you also act in that way, whether toward your partner, someone else or towards yourself. Next to all those unwanted qualities, write down examples of when you also display that quality, whether it is in your family environment, at your work, with your friends or with yourself. Next to all those things that are "wrong" with the relationship, write down your underlying belief about yourself, relationships or life that is being reflected by the specific unwanted part of your relationship.


In order to change your relationships, you must learn to see your relationships mirroring you. Be honest with yourself. There is no need to show your results to anyone else. This exercise is meant for you to learn about you. When you have completed your list and matched it up with your actions, qualities and beliefs, you are ready for change. Using meditation, creative visualization and repetitive affirmations you can shift your beliefs and habitual thoughts such that they empower rather than disempower your relationships. Once you see that the actions for which you criticise your partner are also your own, then resolve to change those negative actions on your part. Ultimately, learning to see all your relationships as a mirror enables you to transform and create relationships based on love rather than on fear and need.


What Will Happen Once You Change?

Once you change so will your relationships mirror that change. You will find that as you begin to shift those habitual thoughts, beliefs and actions that your relationships will begin to transform before your very eyes. If you commit yourself to changing with persistence, you will find that the results you want to see are very quick to come. Your partner will become more loving and all those negative qualities which you once disliked will, as if by magic, start to disappear. This is the only way you can change your relationships short of pleading, bargaining or manipulating your partner, all of which have very short lived results and only serve to exacerbate the unwanted elements of your relationship.


Alternatively, you may also find that the role of your current partner finishes in your life causing him or her to leave effortlessly and amicably with relatively little or even no pain, thus making room for you to attract a new relationship into your life that mirrors your new-found beliefs, qualities and actions. The great spin-off is that you will see miraculous transformation not only in your relationship with your significant other but in all your relationships. You may even find that you no longer see your "enemies" as enemies but rather as your greatest teachers.


Self-Transformation is Real Magic

To see the behaviour of others transform in direct response to your transformation will astound you. This is real magic as at no time do you have to attempt to influence your partner to change, whether mentally, verbally or physically. This is what it really means to change your relationships. In fact, any attempt at changing someone else without first changing yourself will at best yield temporary results because the image being reflected back to you will not have changed. Remember, your relationships mirror you not your partner.


The Two-Fold Path to Change Your Relationships

There are only ever two paths to true change in life. The first path is pain, which is the most common. Many people have seen their relationships and lives change through much pain. As their experiences become more and more painful, to the point that they can no longer bear the suffering that is brought on by their own beliefs, they are forced to shift. The second path is knowledge. It is the path less travelled. When you learn a new truth and apply it in your life, you will effortlessly enjoy the changes you would otherwise only come to know through pain. The application of knowledge is the key that unlocks its power. Resolve to make knowledge the path you walk down on the road to changing your relationships into the loving experience it is meant to be.


"Endeavour to learn the lesson before you change the teacher."


In a nutshell, to change your relationship you must learn to see all your relationships as your mirror, reflecting parts of your Consciousness back to you. When you learn to recognise all those qualities that you both like and dislike in your partner as your own, you will have learnt the great secret that the only path to change is through yourself. You will no longer have to hope or wish that your partner changes or be frustrated with his or her actions or constantly feel that you are compromising yourself to keep a relationship alive. Once you change yourself and your beliefs, you will find your relationships transforming in ways you never dreamt possible. Ultimately, when you find true love within yourself you will create and attract it effortlessly in your outer world.


Article sources: http://www.mind-your-reality.com/your_mirror.html#Part_2


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  • I look in the mirror and say "I love you"...I love you...."I love you".....for about 10 minutes each day
    I see my face changing into other lives I've had......when showering I wash my body with Celtic salt and rub on all chakras.and say( "I love myself as I AM......suggested by Alcazar of the 12th dimension)a group of higher consciousnesses from the Stargate Experience. com..it releases anything negative from yesterday and is calming and healing and surround my self in protective light...I have used the violet flame many times to rid Gaia of the dark forces...
     The ability to tune in to the frequencies of the higher dimensions and the full spectrum of light of Source Consciousness is a direct manifestation of being tuned in to your Mid Brain. This means that deep within your genetic memory, you are free from the veils that most on Earth still have. The veil would prevent them from ever accessing their  Frequency Specific Mid Brain. Even though we are in a time now when the Seals can melt away from the Pineal Gland faster than ever before, there will be billions of people who never allow that to happen.
    Those are the people who listen to my music and then tell me that they don't feel anything, or it just sounds like a lot of noise. Those are the people who will never buy my music. It will only be the tiny little one percent of the one percent who even perceives a reality outside of the third dimension who will be attracted to this website.
    I decided that was a pretty dismal future, so I decided to start manifesting the Versions of the People within the multidimensional reality field who are definitely in tune with this Ascension Science. You may have the same names, and you may be the same people; but, I am manifesting a new dimensional holographic reality of you, so that you will truly understand the significance of what I am doing.

     It is possible as the frequencies on Earth get high enough that a few more million people wake up to their Frequency Specific Realities.
    What does frequency specific mean? It means that you can feel frequencies of  a high tingling light singing through your neurological nets and within your cells. It means your true cellular memory is being turned back on. It means you are re-uniting the anti-particles of your spiritual self back into your particle body.
    The more of the anti-particles that turn on, the more DNA is activated. We are activating the 7th DNA through those of us who hold the Violet Flame and Blue Flame Morphogenetic Fields of Energy and connect them into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. This is the project that I have been assigned to. I completed the activation of the Blue Flame with the Dolphins and other Cetacean members in 2008. That activation allowed the completion of the Blue Flame in 2012.
    Now, it is time for the Violet Flame to activate within and through the Morphogenetic Field of the Earth. Those who connect their consciousness into this Violet Flame activation have helped to begin the process of the final alignment of Earth, Terra and Gaia back into Attunement. This is what the local Music of the Spheres is, the musical or light and sound phenomena that realigns this harmonic alignment.
    We are simultaneously working on Parallel Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Alignments. The team that I work on is called the Crystalai Council. They are one of the Teams of the Cosmaya. Meaning we create the Music of the Spheres at the Cosmic Level and between the Multitudes of Cosmos.

    I used to get a negative response to my music quite often. More often was the comment that they couldn't hear it at all.
    There is a scientific reason for that. The upper cerebellum of the brain is the part of the brain that we use to think from. It is the area where all of the ideas and images from the world beliefs and all of the worlds before this one are stored. The mid brain, where the pineal gland is the Lord, is a different mechanism. It functions through Frequencies only. It hears and feels the frequencies of the Mind of God and all of the dimensional realities in between, if it is turned on.
    Those who are still only using the Thinking Brain and have not yet turned on their Mid Brain, cannot possibly hear my music, because it is totally frequency music. It is created far beyond the HERTZIAN SPECTRUM. Hertzian means sound that can be heard. That means it is only in the Thinking Brain. Hertizian Music, which is what Solfege is all about, can only be heard by the thinking brain.
    There is a reason why so few people want to go beyond the science of the Solfege, which is actually just the same science that is taught in all Music Schools. It is the physics of music, which says each not has a name or a tone and it resonates at such and such a vibration. Anyone who has ever played in a band knows that we always use the 440 Hz resonance to tune up the band into a harmonious resonance. So, we are talking music theory and music physics.
    That is not what Music of the Spheres Technology is. The music of the spheres is the made from the sounds that are not heard. The light and sound that is light years beyond the hertzian sound fields. It can only be tuned in to in Consciousness. And the Consciousness that connects into the field of infinite energy that is ten thousand times the speed of light is called LOVE..
    When we use the Animating Principle of Love, we can spin our Merkabas, which are held within the Sphere or band of Energy called the Mind of God and become ATTUNED to the At One Ment with the Frequencies of Source Consciousness. This is how my music is created. The Crystal Star Light Vehicle Merkaba can be ridden into any dimensional field of reality in our Universe. The distance is very close when we travel ten thousand times the speed of light and when we learn that the entire Mind of God is smaller than the tip of our finger nail. These realities are very close to us, when we learn the new Ascension Science of Manifestation and Transformation.
    Now, when we try to move in to the mid brain where the Frequencies can be heard and felt as the alignment into the higher dimensions, there is actually a guard at the gate between the mid brain and the upper cerebellum.
    Many of you have reported some pain in the center of your head and between your ears. That pain is coming from that guard at the gate between the mid brain and the upper cerebellum. The thinking brain does not want that new information to enter in, especially something so dramatic that it will put him out of business forever.
    Once we learn to use the mid brain frequency specific knowing, we will know everything that the Mind of God knows. We will not need a thinking brain. The thinking brain is not a part of our NORMAL REALITY SYSTEM. It is a Third Dimensional Mechanism that is not a part of our new Fifth Dimensional Reality.

  • That explains why I only meet wonderful people now and since a few weeks back. :)

  • u know when u coming in the super markt and say hello to everbody  so a lot people  wil frons his face and say  uh........the world is how we all them creat and that is not mirror , there are milion people online like play facebook the biggest .......the biggest  what commercie and losing time bud they do what they like and do hidden the problems and walk away from them ......wel i see left of my field here on my screan a movie clip You want to know  God Heal and feel Fucking shadow we all believe in things  yes  we need  this why that give a reason hoop it made u strong bud we al know there a lot war what begin for god there a many losing blood when u are  jud or cristen in some crounty is this real ur last words how  god come on the universum is where we coming from we al in contact with a feelings what coming from there we have creat god so that we know where we calling aboud what is god  and who is god nobody  can  say this  it is in us  and not else we have creat this and god is love god is made beauty things dont kill destroy anything there is other thing what wrong is with us and that made us blind  HEBZUCHT  EN JALOERSHEID  wel lessons or be   a teacher what ever a cant anything say aboud a life what u never know it okay feel and see things on a person there is a conection between you and  the person the most people do  this not they do judgement so like al what you doing is  your own so kalled  as  the mirror ......wel closely then bud  not the  world that is bad to say sorry it is not treu for me no worry i like such discussie why not so i wil learn maby i see my foulds and ooops  i have al many times see my fools aftwards so i jus  a  human u to ! 

    bles u  all here 

  • No, I do not agree with what you 're saying here , I note writing to you that you never perish really bad in life have been through a lot 'm so often robbed and cheated and now you're telling me I 'm so yes there comes down , and the purposes of those ladies I think you have never seriously been there and have done with them , come on, you're saying what I see I see myself lady with all due respect you hear me well not have a very highly developed sense 've never great to go kunnne has always confused me why and to which the words are not consistent with their souls in which they do not think to say , and I know that you can not see no much people hide behind their words do you know what it's like I could leave my life to reel off at you than you would here a thing to apply it, you know, a blind man could hear better and to distinguish you and me who can not comprehend what now you put my words in your mouth , and so am little upset why you shave everything together by saying alleswat you see is your mirror image how can you say stop this illusion life is no mirror life is about living and die there mosters among us who kill for money greed vrouwne play on cam talk sweet nothings everything is a game a man is only a victim talk sweet nothings everything is a game a man is only a victim , a man must always give men get gesfrutreerd and make other black what I do I never ever see anyone as a person and wish everyone the fun maals say I know what I see people and would you even begin to amaze nonverbal says more than words words are just another means it is very good as well understood as manupileren positive 80 % we observe nonverbal and nothing is going to mirror maals a wave of anger and how naiief drop it here maals feel you can not Alfonse lumped by saying that your reflection see in your life there's monstrosity of us envy, hatred and greed liefe lady you meant well, but one knows I definitely have you ever really just misunderstood feeling seems strong with these words, I 'm a man you are a woman a woman become quickly seen as consolable and people have much faster heart before you tell me me once never had envy 'm always a been giver often did the price haggling simply because my heart it makes me feel good , yet I made ​​robbed destroyed my business was all it was my life with my family , I say uj there are real duvels of us had then already seen but listened not after that is my fault how can you know if you are not bad in your head has made how can youan innocent child who is not aware of evil as he sees how big get adults to do is just to get to lie and cheat so the mirror you say something tell that even parents who lost their child have you hit the mirror to one thousand parts I do not need to say what is right and wrong is I do not want to make black maybe I misunderstand no understand it wrong so let's say you post letters yeah okay well and good I say something back here and can say things which I do not think and you can not help tie whether I believe or not, so that needs to be confirmed now you're going to tell me so I hiet pick you believe good you think it is where you see me in real life to hear me talk to you see my body language you decide he is ready you mirror image says I'm good and loving, he is alsoother words, I really like likes you so hard that it speigelbeeld going to change in true love you, you love to be irradiated would caress from you that is the first thing a woman wants, but not everyone is gescharmeerd if you so jealous of people who are less beautiful women are very thick, and I do not know what else ...... you can not compare life with a mirror image of your self do you really really think I'm here to ask you know damn well that people are blind and poisons are yes otherwise this site does not liberate it has a certain goal with everything we do what I say I do it translate to reach my english for you not my reflection when I see you I see you and I mean you along I a different, there is something developed know it sounds stupid, and I believe people do surprise that their mouth was open and then subsequently find me scary and strange to me summarize denekn you imagining just how you say it

    Wisdom ....wisdom we talking wisdom have i wisdom look in the mirror is not the answhere my dear life is not a mirror why so  ur life is so wonderful come on that is not the good letters i know what u wil say it is good ur posetive thinking wil shance us mind bud u cant not swiping all the bad things  what happend in life  and  only thinking there is good then u not real life in a bad poor happend life i swear i have see the  darknes of my life have los all where my faith where have a lovely job where my own boss hard working i love that bud when i where rapet of all my lucky ..........u say the mirror i can u say many story bud u want  to hear it it wil made mad and sad and that is no where my life i see things what u not see bud  i feel people i see the hidden mindt sorry this is jus not easy how i mus tel u this on a good  mirror back i know u go made me a negative men  no that is not treu ......I miss my life I 'd love to have a daughter is my tip of my tongue for more things to say to that description only mirror what you put down here about you say you get what you give .... You Sow and you reap what you sow much weathered -income people say that a person who has suffered will never say just look at Jesus , he deserved to be nailed to the cross no one judas has him off Turned betrayed denied see it so I that way too off places after all that happens is I now quietly sailing water is time sea 've had many a man and woman jealous of are and I think people have have had a lot of questions and learned a lot and especially myself do trust more than any other my inner voice has always had good 've never listened to a thing I do know there is nothing better than having a family and a life full of love than lust that everyone wants to feed them foods may be money sex drugs you name it to be always on the hunt to finally Behind every strong man their blissfully happy is a strong woman and that is wisdom when you know what love is this planet is so beauty and what we do quietly we make her sick is that mirror what i see ... you think that it looks but you do not see that you're going to twist the words in terms of relationships , there are more 

    there are more divorces in which children grow up without a dad or mom especially that first you sometimes see really tragic things on television that kids shoot guns name it really happens and not because I want to see it because I see the world I was tiler appeal came in a lot of people from their private lives and yes if you get the true life in and out of families you have ever experienced .... trust me you will not really tell you how beautiful you see your reflection it also says other things , I agree with you about good enough I can go through here quite far has that sense who am I to this beautiful word from you on the mirror to give a different look , I know what you mean , but certainly knows also that Jesus never genagelt wanted to hang on to what to cross what he was full of love , and once again a stunner vein never sleeps jealous of and I sigh is the most dangerous thing there is what a man can do that makes you ill put you to death and murders that's what I have now learned , and also see the world , and not that I want to see , and you know it and this site is to bring together so love servitude respect gives again a little courage sadly lighting as this will not change the world outside as the Jeugt does mess destruction robbing old people and what else all  wel i stop here with the letters hope u wil not worry or seealjeblief see me as a bad guy and negative that I see anything bad some words are not consistent , and that's what I'll let you know has a heart of gold no doubt to remember one thing people the darkest of their lives have seen you can not do to say that they see their mirror nobody asks to ruin their lives just picture people who are jealous greed envy swear never really iemmand awarded nothing I do not know why it does me just fine as well with people goes my goodness and faithfulness in people is often abused anyway have much love my heart is filled with hate Jesus actually his love also we maintain are short-lived your life here is as to the way I was already almost dead my neck artery open so did another note made ​​where no words are needed you already know what time it is everything happens for a reason , but for some reason it happens is what matters , not the mirror lady  much love and big hug from this men have nice day !

  • I love this message.  Great wisdom.  Thank you for sharing.

    Recognize that the other person is always you!

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