Equinox Meditation September 22 2021 💛



Greetings and welcome to this group meditation for the September Equinox 2021, which aligns at 19:21 UTC on September 22nd (or on September 23rd for some of us)! Equinox is a focal point for Equilibrium in the planetary field, light grids and collective energy field of the Earth, and this Equinox we’re calling in and anchoring Universal Harmony, Peace and Well-Being through the Flower of Life sacred geometry (6-petalled flower/6D vibrations), then we’ll connect 12-point star energies into and around the Earth field for graceful unfoldment and blossoming of Galactic New Earth, anchoring ease and deepest well-being for this planet and all shifting with her.

We’ll begin with an Emerald Light Heart activation, radiate this heart light through the Golden Flower of Life light grid continuously holding 6D vibrations around the Earth, then unfold a 12-pointed star of Golden Diamond Light from our hearts in union with the Heart of Gaia…through the equilbrium moment of this Equinox. To all ongoing LoveLight Circle co-creators and those joining in for the first time, infinite blessings and gratitude, as we continue to activate the blossoming of Galactic New Earth within the collective field together!



Breathe deeply into your heart, relax, come into your centre…breathing in love, filling every cell with love, breathing out love to All…breathing in light, filling every cell with light, breathing out light to All.

As you breathe in, know you are the One Source expressing for the joy of expressing, through its Infinite Sea of Creation, throughout universes, galaxies, planets, atoms, all beings, and in the cherished energy ‘form-focus’ of each and every Being right Now on Earth. You are the infinite AM, beyond ‘I’, beyond all dimensional planes of creational expression, yet holding this fine-pointed focus of ‘self-awareness’ here with beloved Gaia, within this unfolding Galactic New Earth. One-within-the-ONE, radiating from the ONE, as we all are…and in this Now as beings of Love, we focus and anchor the Source Light we all are, together as One around this beautiful planet, for the Divine Well-Being of All.

Breathe and relax, let yourself feel the endless love, joy and well-being of the Infinite Source Field, of the divine soul-sparks we all are, radiating from beautiful Oversouls like a sea of stars sending beams of pure, clear Light in every direction, through many universes, through many dimensional planes of expression. Know that we are always assisted and supported by countless Loving Beings in service to Divine Love, by the Source that radiates the loving impulse of Rebirth, Renewal and Restoration of Divine Harmony, Peace, Bliss and Joy everywhere throughout existence.

Let your heart connect with the heart of Gaia, and with the whole field of energy in, on and around this planet and Solar System, within this galaxy, within the Infinite Sea of Creation, as we focus our loving intention Now with the peaceful equipoise of this September Equinox ~ aligning the Divine Harmony and Restoration of pure Universal Love, Grace & Light in our hearts, in union with the Heart of Gaia and the infinite Source-Heart of All, together as One in the eternal radiance of Blessings, with Love for All on Earth and Everywhere.

And know that this uplifting radiance is bathing our atoms, cells, DNA, RNA, subtle fields, and that of the Earth and all Life here, with the Emerald Green Ray of Healing and Refreshment within the Eternal Universal Golden Harmonic of Creation:

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, we open our hearts to the Green Ray flowing through all Creation, seeing its light shine as an Emerald Flame of Love in our hearts, radiating through our beings as green shimmering waves to all beings on Earth and everywhere, deeply refreshing the global collective energies, healing and relaxing all misaligned energies and tensions in the field, revitalizing our inner senses, hearts, minds and embodied expressions in harmony with the Galactic New Earth rebirthed in Universal Love, Peace and Joy for the Infinite Well-Being of All, in Oneness with Gaia.

Through the Infinite Divine Presence we Are, in Oneness with the Heart of Gaia and the Eternal Source, we anchor this Collective Heart Healing/Wholing into the earth plane, into the nodes and light grids, filling the harmonic field of the Golden Flower of Life around the Earth with the Green Ray, feeling emerald and golden light flowing together, renewing and uplifting all life on Earth, aligning with the light templates of Divine Harmony and Well-Being. And from our Inner Hearts, we now unfold the 12-point Star/12D vibration of the Golden Diamond Light together as One, radiating through all Creation the pure Bliss and Joy of Infinite Love. We call those who overlight the Green and Golden Rays and all assisting Beings of Love and guiding Lights, to amplify this flow into the light grids within and around this beloved planet during this Equinox and beyond, dissolving all veils and shadow imprints into Love, activating Galactic Earth within the Heart of Humanity, as a realized co-creation with the Source in the here and now.

Through the Source-AMness we Are, in Unity with all love anchors around the Earth supporting this Shift & Renewal, we ground the highest potential of this Equinox with beloved Gaia, with all who flow through the Rays of Creation and the Divine Many of the realms and planes of unified Light, in Love & Gratitude, amplified through every moment. May Infinite Blessings radiate and be received everywhere in, on and around the Earth, clearing, dissolving, transmuting, uplifting, lightening all energies, all humanity and all beings, unfolding Galactic New Earth in grace, ease and peace, in the Spirit of Oneness and Eternal Love.

So Be It. So It IS. It Is Done.



Thank you all beautiful love anchors on the ground!

Love, Joy & Peace to All in this unfoldment of Galactic New Earth, with gratitude to the Light Beings of many realms and dimensions supporting the New Earth frequencies,

Joanna&Ashura&Friends   💚🌏💛



*If you feel inner-guided to continue focusing with the Emerald Light/Green Flame of the Heart or other expressions of the colour spectrum, see The Seven Sacred Flames Meditations.


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