Revolutionary E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing and How it works:

Some of you will be asking where I have been for the last year , let me explain what we have been doing. Dave Stewart (Lightworkersxm & E-Clinic)

This is new and this is living in The New Golden Age.

This also is the end of disinformation on health matters:

Most of you have your own good health but some of you know that you can do that little bit more to have great health.

What's more, most of you know that you are divine and just need that push, flick or nudge to have complete control over your own health.

Some less fortunate have had major illness, Aids, MS, Cancers, Morgellons etc, sent to you to deal with and this is where we come in.

E-Clinic Live is a group of people from all walks of the spiritual realm which includes a global team of Naturopractors whose skills vary from Osteopathy to Electro-Magnetics - Symbiotics and Quantum Biologists.

We have all come together to create a system of Self Help where by visits to the hospital and doctors plus  taking toxic pills or complicated and unnecessary operations, are now a thing of the past.

The object of the exercise is for you to get to your health before it gets to you.

Please keep an eye out for us on Exopolitics TV with Alfred Webre very soon.

Here is how it works:

1) Entry and Aptitude contact:

You fill in the form on E-Clinic post : here :

with details and specifics of your current health:

We will contact you and determine if you will be responsive to advice that will ultimately check if you are determined to help heal your self.

Your case will be entered into E-Clinic-Live International discussion panel or experts and a decision will be made as to the best naturopractor to use to assist you in your self healing proocess no matter where you are on the Planet.

You will then be refered to one of our naturopractors.

2) Case Study 

You will pay a consultation donation to the E-Clinic or The Naturopractor practice.( normally $105)

This will cover the first consultation ( max need is 3-5 for any illness).

You will be assessed as to what structure will suit your repair.

Implementation of structure of Self Healing.

Advice on any Pulsars or dietry support aids will be explained at this point.

3) Back up and courtesy check ups.

Our team will check up on your progress.

Cancers Aids and Morgellons or longer term visitors may need 2 or 3 Consultations.

Finally you will be involved in discussions that will determine if you are fully aware of your self healing status for the future.

Check ups : Due to the mis/dis/information our naturopractors are fully knowledgeable of this modern world of toxins in air, water and food pollution.

You can simply put on the inquiry form "Check up". You will be amazed what you will learn that mother earth has placed here that has not been effected by thousands of years of supression and more than 100 years of toxicity.

We will then check your nutrient intake and liquid consumption is fact based and up to modern day 5th dimensional standards.

Water and You :

We are 80% or more water and yet modern Physicians do not study water for more than 5 minutes out of more than 5 years of qualification. This very ommission is testimony to the fact that they do not understand the science and mechanics of who we really are.

Be prepared to further open your mind:

All we ask of you is to be prepared for some shocks and surprises and enter with an open mind and be prepared to Think " Out of the Box"

E-Clinic Naturopractor # 1 Quote " You are not sick You are Tox-Sick".

E-Clinic Naturopractor # 2 Quote " A clean start internally is a clean beginning externally"

Overall mantra : "We will do anything in our powers to help you help yourself should you promise to reciprocate your own commitment to your self".

We greet you to the E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing with empathy and an E-Spirit welcoming.

Please come in and read our testimonial list as it swells or join in and fill the inquiries form in and step into your new paradigm of natural self healing.

We would love to see you and share with you.



PS We are 'donation only' based at E-Clinic.

Those of you who wish to donate to 5th dimensional live works and practice can donate here:


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    As mentioned in the article of introduction the E-Clinic we study ALL water: The list is endless depending on who needs what, Sea salt water and Colloidal Silver Water and distilled water are the most common recommendations for modern ailments todate.Your comments are interesting, Divine Alkaline water is as it sounds, Divine. My only advice on water is that you can think water, Dr Masaru Emoto JP is well worth checking out, Your aura structures your water. Oh! the power of positive energy, this reinforces the energy output-input return Karma routine. You get back what you put out there, there being the place with no walls.

    When considering the body and water intake just follow one rule of thumb, if it tastes salty ( sweat that is ) here is your indication to top up your sea salt intake Your bones will store your salt, You are sweating your salt out So make sure you replace it, ( Sea Salt is not table salt) Dave

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