Don't Just Except Another Agenda
A Channeling through my Higher Self.

Our growth has accelerated at a massive scale. the world is awakening more and more to the agendas of the dark and beginning to take back there own minds. taking control of yourself and not allowing others to manipulate your way of thinking. understand that you can say No. No more lies, no more control, and no more killing. Remember you have that power. Remember who you are and that you say what happens in your life. You create it. Only you. no one can do that for you. Do not wait for another being to do this for you. When you wait for another to change your life. you are giving that person or being your power. Understand that. Control is of the dark. Another Being taking away your power, is of the dark. the control and the killing must stop and the only way to do this is by saying No. No, you will not control and Kill. You will not do these things in my name or in my Creators name. We must stand up as a whole against the control and deceit. The dark has split the light-workers into Groups. this was done intentionally. The Darker entities have pretended to be our Mentors, You must remember who we are dealing with. They will do everything within their power to control and manipulate us. The one thing you must remember is to, ask yourself about the message you received.. Does it only reflect Light, Love and Peace. There are entities claiming that they are of the light, and these same ones are Claiming that individuals involved with our governments are of the Light, But those same individuals within the Governments are still Lying, Controlling, Killing, and manipulating. Then they are not of the Light. They can not be. do you understand this. Love and Light can not do any of these things. Our Creator would never ask us to Kill anyone. It is Never Ok to Kill. Our creator would never ask us to deceive another. For it is Never Ok to Deceive. Our creator would never wish us to be controlled. For it is Never Ok to Control another. For we are Mighty in our own right. we are empowered through the light and we need not anyone to hold us under control. for we are of the Light. We are one and the collective needs to Stand up and say enough. Disclosure will come. Because we bring it. not because the government who still trying to hold control over us says so. The Thought that a man, who has control of Everything within the Government including the Martial Law that is now in Boston, and has Given individuals weapons That have inflicted harm on others so the government can control that country for whatever reason this time. can be of the light is Oxymoron. It contradicts itself. this is the same thing they have done to us for eons. They tell you to, "look away, theres nothing to see here". or "Don't pay any attention to What's happening behind the Curtain". or "It isn't real, it's swamp gas". We are being Lied to Again. Wake up brothers and sisters for we have work to do. we still have light to shine and truth to spread. don't fall back into their lethal trap. This is their final attempt at their Agenda. this it the last straw you might say. it's up to us to see it for what it is. Many Channeling's are very true. You must Trust your own intuition on all of them. the ones that are claiming names or dates are the ones to watch. For only our creator Knows when that special moment will happen. We all await his wondrous voice. for we are One with him and One with All. I am sending this message to all my brothers and sisters who will listen. Take special Care in what you are allowing within your thoughts. The elite have been doing this for many many generations. they know how to control your minds. please be careful With what you believe to be truths. Do your own research. If you do your research you will find the truths are out there. it's up to us to do this. its up to us to find our own truths. You can not Close your eyes to the truth and claim you wish Disclosure. and then, throw your hands up and allow it to unfold on its own. This is giving up Your Power, This is giving it up to whatever they wish to throw at us, Whenever they wish to do it. The elite are still in control because there is still Death, Destruction and Control going on. Trust in yourself to know the difference. Don't just except another agenda. take your own self into your own hands. Make the decision for yourself. Don't let anyone else make up your mind for you. It's up to Us the Light-workers, way-showers and star-seeds to stand up and say, No More. Enough of the Killing, enough of the Control, and enough of the deception. Who says that we have to wait for anyone to do anything. Why are you limiting yourselves because of what another says. Don't wait for Our Government, because we already Know what our government is capable of doing. See whats happening around you, don't turn a blind eye to it because if you do, you, can be fooled. This is the time to Make your Choice, Love or Fear. Freedom or Control. Truth or Lies.
I channeled this Message with Higher-self. I had been seeing a lot of Miss-truths being portrayed to Light-workers through Channelings. It was then Brought up on one of the Group sites. Below this video are a Few Links that Proves my point on Obama's Agenda. He is Trying to enforce Martial Law upon us and is also Paying and Supplying weapons to Al-Qaeda Militants in Syria. This is Control, Deceit, and Murder and All against Love. I am not Judging anyone, I love all unconditionally. If you wish to follow the agenda of another, that is your own right and I still Love you. I am just trying to open eyes to truth and Stating Fact. Fact. Remember who you are, Remember why we are here, The Game is almost Over. Please, Wake Up America!!! Wake Up all!! I wish to send my Love and Peace around the World.
By My Higher-self, Chelle Lea, aka Michelle

President Obama - Why Is The USA Supporting Al Qaeda Terrorists In Syria?
This video Proves that USA invented AL-Qaeda , and support them now. Right out of Hillary Clinton's and Obama's Mouth. May I remind you that this is the same Group that The War on Terror started with. Remember 911. The Government paid them that time too. These individuals are paid by us, if you still pay taxes, that is, to the IRS who is owned by the Illuminati.

Obama, Cameron Hold Syria War Summit in Washington: "More Weapons for Al Qaeda"

Please be advised This video is very graphic.  Not for the weak stomached or children.
Warning!!!! Could be offensive FSA Insurgent Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier

OBAMA EXPOSED AS THE DECEIVER by Alfred Lambremont Webre: On FreedomSlips Internet Radio's Sacred Matrix
Published May 16, 2013 | By Enki
"Identify the Perpetrator": How The Obama fulfills the "deceiver" archetype and why it is important to expose him publicly by Alfred Lambremont Webre.

FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders;wap2

FEMA Camps and the Threat of Martial Law

The Obama regime makes the case for using drones against American citizens

The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite

FEMA Camps Along with Obama's Signing of the NDAA Should Shake Us to Our Core

Martial Law in Boston: American Democracy in Shambles

Martial Law in Boston

Boston Marathon Bombing Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters on Roofs Before Explosion

Boston False Flag Goes Mainstream: Boston Bombing -- What You Aren't Being Told

The US is losing the global information war, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared

I wish to add if you have any proof other wise, Please Show me. I Voted for Obama in the hopes of him being the Savior you might say.  I don't hate him at all. I actually wished that the Messages were True. But they weren't. And We are so getting deceived again. I Love you all.

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  • Thank you for the Support. I do wish to say that I was born and raised a devout Christian, and have had a battle within myself through all of this. To awaken from my slumber took many years of research. I have been exposing the governments agenda for about 15 years.  I completely stepped away from all Christian beliefs. so to be awakened I first had to except the fact that the truths from the bible was hidden from us through the manipulation of the ancient texts by the dark. There Then, was the death of my grandchild At the beginning of 2012, to very dark reasons. Which again took me in a totally different direction.This time the right one.  The dark has had their hands within everything they could possibly control. Lucifer is very savvy. We must all be very careful not to fall for his tricks.

  • Good expose on the Obama charade.....!! Yes, resist the propaganda and see truth beyond what the dark elites would seek us to accept...

  • Great work Chelle, you are truly a light warrior worker. I knew you had it in you from the beginning, you go girl. Many have been fooled and deceived by the DC & Visitors especially about obama being a light worker, he is the Anti-Christ and many of us on this site have found that out a long time ago even though they (DC) were telling us otherwise. It has been quite  a battle here just to wake up the other light workers and it has caused much separation. Make sure you white light yourself cause they have attack me and others who expose them. We now also have a cancer growth in the discussion groups on this site, so many are still confused about the DC & the Visitors. I ran another blog yesterday on the Visitors and another today on this cancer. Keep up the good work !! We are so happy to have another Warrior join us. We are becoming stronger everyday. May God bless you. L&L, Adonai

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