I hear a lot of people say that they want prosperity and they complain about their lives not being fulfilling enough because they don't have the money to do what they truly want to do, but what are they doing about it? What are you doing in an active way and internal way, to create wealth, prosperity and fulfillment in your life? What is your strategy? If your strategy is strictly financial and you are only focused upon marketing and business, or even employment, then you may manifest wealth, but you will not experience fulfillment because you are operating strictly in the old world of finance which is built upon lack, not abundance, it is built upon a system of bust and boom, so that some people become rich, while others starve.

To experience fulfillment in the world of money and business, your focus must be on prosperity for all, not just you! So your strategies of finance for yourself, must include prosperity for everyone - in other words, "I am generating wealth for myself, so that I can support others to create wealth for themselves", and "I am involved with business, and business practices, that are wholly ethical, and supportive to our planets health, human health and healthy ethical financial practices that ultimately support the prosperity of all of humanity"! This should be your focus, to create a fulfilling and joyful experience in your life in general, but also while doing business. With this focus, you will eventually, through tenacity, create truly fulfilling abundance and true prosperity in your life! I say eventually and with tenacity, because, unfortunately, to create true prosperity in our lives, we often have to go through some initiations and clear a lot of old baggage from the closet so that we can truly manifest wealth for ourselves, because we often have many aspects of our soul and souls, from our past lifetimes and the lifetimes of our soul extensions, where we have been rich and poor and everything in between, and have experienced many dramas and traumas…, and we all carry many issues about money, finance and our own self worth.

We see many people upon this planet, who seem to be able to generate huge amounts of wealth in their lives, but this is their karma, positive or negative, this is the "divine plan" for them and their soul growth. The point is, regardless of what you are doing with money or finance, employment or business, where is your heart in the matter? Is your heart really into what you are doing, or is it just your mind, your ideas, beliefs and agreements, about how you should live and act, needing to feel successful, or to be admired and seen as having worth? At what cost to your soul, are the karmic consequences of what you are doing and what you are engaged in? This should be an easy one, because common sense, and our own sense of right and wrong, should tell us what the right thing to do is. This applies to everything we do, from what we eat, what products we put on and in our bodies, what we wear, what we buy and what we invest our money in. If everyone had the ability to truly follow their conscience and their hearts, the planet would be absolute heaven, but unfortunately, desperation breeds ignorance, scoundrels and thieves.

Society is not set up for everyone to succeed, there is still a matrix of competition that deeply penetrates the psyche of humanity, and drives the world of finance. The richest people on the planet, aside from a few, have gotten there through conquering and taking, not by providing for all. Many started out providing a divine service that would help everyone, which generated huge wealth for them, but of course, most of these companies become part of the monster gambling stock market system, whose sole focus is profit at all costs, and these companies become like all the rest, and the individuals who may have had good intentions, eventually sell their souls and companies to the "devil".

Now back to strategies. There are countless marketing strategies for creating a successful business, and these strategies are well worth putting effort into, because you must live and work within the world of form and business, but that does not mean that you have to function solely from this world, or utilize any of the typical business principles, and especially function with its matrix of competition. This is a key point - you do not have to live and work in the matrix of competition! Now, in a sense, it is more difficult to generate wealth if you are not interested in playing the game of competition, because many or most of the people you may have to interact with in the world of finance, do not know any other way, other than the matrix of competition - the agreed upon reality is: "it is just how it is done, and how life is". So you must attract to yourself people who have a similar perception as you, and similar focus of total prosperity and abundance for every single soul and for every creature upon this beautiful green earth! This is the power of the Group vibration, something that is available to you through network marketing and other profit sharing business models and being involved with ethical and organic businesses.

Now from a business perspective, this is really breaking new ground, and innovators in the world of business, that is built upon competition, often have a hard time becoming successful, and struggle to get their innovations recognized as something that is valuable, and something people want to buy. It is the same with prosperity consciousness - we are the leading edge innovators of the new technologies of consciousness, ascension, spirituality, products, prosperity/manifestation tools, meditations, etc., and the innovators of science technologies, such as energy devices - that are not going to be generally recognized as having any value by typical humanity. But we have also seen through history, that the innovators, those beings who come up with original creative ideas, get ridiculed by the majority of people, but the visionaries who see their divine potential, and the potential futuristic success of their product or invention, say yes, and support it, energetically and financially, and the inventor becomes hugely successful, and eventually everyone is using that product as if it was never any big deal. Case in point, the personal computer. I recall in a documentary about great inventions that were turned down by corporations: a person or persons who had the idea for personal computers, came to a big computer company with their idea, and the CEO of the company said, "no one is going to be interested in having their own personal computer". This type of experience has happened many times throughout the world of business. The same thing happened with the inventor of digital watches. They went to Switzerland to sell the idea to the Swiss watch manufacturers, but they weren't interested, and lost billions of dollars worth of potential business.

And the same thing has occurred throughout the millennia, with other ideas, including science of course: first the planet is flat, and anyone who thought it was round was burned at the stake. And of course spiritual innovations: first there's many gods, now there's supposed to be only one god. Which points us to the newest innovation that is occurring on the planet, which is the absolutely wild concept that we are spirits having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience. The latest greatest innovation in spiritual technology, which is that we are not lowly wretched sinners, that have been cast out of heaven, and are here to prove our worth, to prove we are divine, so that we can go to heaven, and not be sent to hell for eternal punishment. In the future, this spiritual belief will be seen to be as ludicrous as the belief that the planet is flat! But unfortunately, there are beings upon this planet that still believe that the planet is flat, and we better not even consider anything different, because I don't want to anger the wrath of my god or suffer the condemnation of my family and friends, whose lives are built upon this belief that they are "sinners".

So back again to strategies. The typical strategy of business is fight and scratch to earn your worth in the world, so that you will be deemed worthy to receive a pay check, or worthy to receive support for your business, or product, and receive financing, etc. But the new strategy, the new system of total prosperity, is not part of the matrix of competition, it may work and play (plork) within the "financial world of competition", but it is merely a visitor, just like Neo and the gang visiting the world of 'the Matrix' with their special gifts and knowledge that nothing in the matrix is real. And this is absolutely the key point to your enlightenment, because nothing in the matrix is really real, but we have aspects of ourselves that still believe that the matrix is real. So we can still get hooked in, deceived, or even get attacked by the illusions in the matrix because of that belief, (kind of like Freddy killing you in your dream and you die in real life). So to become masters of the matrix, we must get to a point where we fully and completely know that we are the creators of the matrix, and when you know you are a powerful creator and co-creator of the matrix of reality, then you cannot be, and are not, negatively affected by anything or anyone in the matrix, because nothing in the matrix is real and because you can transmute any part of the matrix to suit your needs.

This is ascension or living in an ascended state of consciousness! And when you are living in this enlightened state to the "10th" degree, you can appear or disappear within the matrix, (3rd dimension), whenever you are guided by Spirit and it suits your divine mission. You can fly around like a fairy (or like superwo/man), wherever you are needed and you are supported all along the way to do your divine work, and you are not negatively affected by the matrix and you do not encounter conflict, because within your consciousness, you are at peace - so you attract to yourself this reality, (even though you are engaging with a world that is full of fear and can be quite dangerous). And you are aware that the only time conflict ever arises in your reality is when some aspects of your soul's old pain or suffering is evoked while interacting within the matrix, and they believe that experience or that illusion to be real or something to fear. So you have to heal that part, so that next time, you show up empowered and balanced, and don't get your butt kicked by the agents.

A wise man once told me, "there are two ways to win a battle, one is to be stronger, smarter or more powerful than your foe, and the other is to just not show up on the battle field". So, the higher perspective on this is that there is no foe, there is no battle at all.

So, with all of this said, and relating again to your strategies of how to create a divine reality of wealth, prosperity, health and fulfillment in your life, and ultimately upon the entire planet, just as there is much to do in the external world to create this divine reality, a whole new world aside from the matrix, there is just as much internal work to be done! Everything we create in the external world must be imagined (created) within the internal world; it must be energized and potentized with joy and love (joyified and lovified), so that it will actually manifest in the physical! All reality in the world of the matrix exists because people imagine it every day, agree upon it, are force fed it through the media, advertising and by our "leaders", and they believe what they are told to be true, that the world is a dangerous place and we must protect ourselves and our way of life at all costs, even if that means killing others with a different point of view. We have become our own punishers, we are our own wrathful gods, punishing us for our sins. We have become the inquisitors, the witch burning executioners. We have become the agents for the "devil", to stop us from doing anything outside of the agreed upon reality.

But we light players, do not live within the matrix, in our hearts and minds or even in our energy bodies. We only exist here physically, because we choose to be here. We are the infiltrators - we are like Morpheus, here to show others the way out of the matrix of conflict, competition, control and "power" by giving society their "Red Pill", so that they will see the truth and the light. We offer liberation through the divine gifts and guidance that we contain with our hearts, minds and souls - the keys to ascension. We are the way, the Truth and the Light!

So how will you conduct business now? What will be your financial focus? What will be your focused intent? What do you desire to create in your life and on planet earth?

What companies will you support? Are they truly ethical and truly focused upon success for not only the company supporters, but for all of humanity? Do their company practices really support the planet? Do they use toxins and pesticides to create their product? Are they Certified Organic?

What financial business strategies, will you be attracted to? Do they resonate with your inner divine truth? Does this business strategy have the ability and potential for everyone to become successful, and for other people's work to support you, and your work supports them?

This is why I am involved with Network Marketing, because it is one of the only business strategies upon planet earth that is truly prosperity oriented, where everyone has an equal chance at success, regardless of their position, and every one above and below me supports my efforts. Someone that sponsors me will naturally want to support me to succeed, because this helps them succeed financially, and the people that I sponsor, I naturally want to support them to succeed, because their success means my success. No other business structure is so quantumly supportive to everyone involved. It is a business that works outside of the matrix of competition. Competition is a total illusion when it comes to business, because there are literally billions of people on this planet, which means you have literally billions of opportunities for success, and the same goes for every single person on the planet. It's a small world now, and we have access to every single person on the planet, we are no longer limited by the amount of people in our vicinity. There are no longer any limits, only the limits we create for ourselves and the limits we still believe are real.

So I ask you again, how much do you want true prosperity? Not just to be wealthy, but to experience total fulfilling abundant prosperity! Are you willing to completely re-focus your life upon real and true prosperity? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to heal the parts of you that do not feel they deserve prosperity or believe that having wealth is somehow wrong or evil? Will you jump right in to the initiations and commit fully to the direction from your God Presence and the Divine Plan of your life? Will you be able to sustain the energy needed to accomplish this divine task, or will you lose interest as the matrix creeps back into your life and sucks the life force from you? Will you let the matrix of desperation take over your life and consciousness, or will you take the bull by the horns and create the reality you truly desire, that you have come to this planet to create, and fulfill the Divine Plan of Heaven on Earth? Do you believe you can accomplish this? Will you be courageous? Will you let yourself be afraid, but jump off of the cliff anyway and be caught by the Angels of Abundance?

Have courage my bright little star! Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway!

No Limits!!!! To Infinity and Beyond! (Thanks Buzz for this reminder)

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours in Real Prosperity!

I AM ZaKaiRan - (Master of True Prosperity, Joy and Fun!)

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