Dr. Angela Barnett

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Once a body undergoes atomic transmutation through natural activation of interfaced DNA sequences and the formation of the celestilline wave that carries the Divine Blue Print 12D pre matter hydroplasmic liquid light state.
When the presence of atomic transmutation is set in motion by the activation of the interfaced DNA sequences and resulting formation of cellestilline and DNA strand braiding, it happens so quickly throughout the entire organism that the physical body appears to disappear instantly.
Presence of cellestilline is many thousandths of split second instatatneous flash.
Personal identity and consciousness after it disappears . As DNA fire letters awaken or fire and the chemical DNA assembles its turnstile interface sequences distinct changes occur through out chakra, axiotonal Kundalini and auric field systems of the personal subtle energy anatomy. Subtle energy anatomy systems are the energy relay systems that circulate interdimesnional frequency between the physical body and the Kathara body template, chemical DNA and atomic structure. The changes that set in motion the physical atomic transmutation process which begins with stimulation of the codes in the DNA template and  the resulting activation of the DNA.
This begins with changes in the subtle body energy systems. The process of this stimulation by which the Vector codes in the DNA template activate and by which the DNA template electro magnetically transfers active blue print into chemical DNA blueprint is called the transduction sequence.
In the transduction sequence  in coming frequency passes from the external dimensional unified fields of energy - the Universal life force currents. These flow into the embodied Kathara Grid

We are presently returning to our elemental structure that is normal in a star
system. Our physical elements from the elemental chart are now uniting with the
elements from the spiritual elemental chart into the set of elements that are a part
of any normal solar system. Our system is converting water and air into
hydrolaise. The new earth and those on it will be a part of this star system that is
hydrolaise based. We are now becoming a normal eternal breathing system. We
are becoming immortal. We are becoming normal. A carbon based system is a
dying system. A hydrolaise based system is a Christic based immortal system.
When damage happens so a solar system or sun or planet that natural ascension
process of accreting frequency and then going up in density each time is broken.
Then the planetary system gets stuck in a time warp wherever it lost the ability to
accrete frequency. Our system has fallen into that category over a period of
millions of years. We've been in a system that has not been able to do natural
symbiosis for a very long time.

This is the first time in many millions of years that our system is able to become
normal. This is why everyone in our universe, our galaxy, our solar system, and
many other solar systems are celebrating now.

Most systems (the planet, universe, galaxy, star, beings, animals, plants) have
the solar symbiosis cycle. When a star breaths it draws energy in and when it
exhales it sends energy out.

When we breathe, we send energy out. A living system sends energy up and out
to the top of its poles and out to all of the planets and suns in its system. There is
a breathing circulation within and between all planets and suns in that system
where solar currents go out of the top of the sun and they get picked up by stars
around it gives off energy around it and picks up energy from those around it on
a horizontal plane.

There is a natural solar symbiosis cycle with an eternal life solar system. In such
a system all Merkabas are spinning at the right speeds and everything is
exchanging energy through Prana in natural crystal order. Around each Merkaba
is a chariot of fire with electromagnetic fields that plug into the next level up. Our
body works similar to this Natural Flow System.

A natural conversion process is hydrolaise. The light body builds on this
Template. The light body is a breatharian body that breaths hydrolaise.
Hydrolaise is key to an intricate breathing process that stars use.
It is like our process of breathing that keeps cellular process going where we emit
carbon dioxide, but it is closer to the photosynthesis process that plants do. The
natural prana exchange cycle has to do with bringing in spirit body and
progressively re-spiritualizing matter through prana exchange. Buillding charge
that allows you to move forward in time by re-creating your spiritual body
frequencies through the Eiradonis.

The Conversion process involves taking in certain things from the air that have to
do with the oron crystals release and bringing it down from the higher air and
down into the Earth and into the body. There is a breathing process that is
literally breathing light and it allows for this conversion of various things including
hydrolaise in the body that sends parts of the converted energy from hydrophase
back into prana seed so you can keep the flows open.
The conversion process sends part of the light energy into the blood like oxygen
circulates in our bodies and it releases back into the atmosphere a form of the
hydrolaise that then goes through its conversion in the air where some of it
becomes water and some of it becomes lighter ( a gas) that goes into the air.

 The frequencies that have been coming in for the past year have been
brought here to jump start this hydrolaise conversion in our bodies.
As it kick starts, we can begin to take more than just oxygen from the air. Very
light plasma is coming in. It is a form of air born hydrolaise. It is releasing now in
the spanner gates and coming down in our atmosphere that will create a process
for us. If we don't use it. It will evaporate and loose charge.
There is always a natural relationship between the Christic Beings and the star
they lived on where their natural bio-process would give back something the star
needed for its natural process. So it was always a natural symbiotic relationship.
The solar symbiosis process is a process by which emissions coming from the
central sun send the solar wind- electrons, protons and things like that.

There are supposed to be certain things in the atmospheric layers. Some would
be from the choronosphere, some would be below the choronosphere.
Those things are called ORONS (oxygen bound with Helium) the elemental
manifestation they pick up solar charge – natural emissions from the central sun
and they store them for a while and after they densify a bit they come down in
certain areas.

We have genetic time codes in our body called complete Spiritual Body,
Adrogynous Body, Complete Body or which means male and
female in the original God Language. The true meaning of male and female is a
certain crystaline structure within the body. The spiritual physically
manifests within the body as etheric dust memory that directly interfaces with the
organ system in our natural circulatory system.

These Frequencies of Hydrolaise can be experienced by listening to the Eternal Life
Waters album. To listen to to http://crystalmagicorchestra.com/purchase-1

We will begin activating the Crystal Dust memory or no pain, no time, no death
very soon. We will become free of all implants and miasms that we picked up as
we reincarnated in this solar system from the original Tara. The new incarnating
race line will be soon be the Rainbow Race line - 6th generation humans. This
race line will be fully awakened Avatars.



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