We have been asked to expand upon worlds that are unlike your own...worlds that do not exist in physicality, the 5th dimension, worlds that do not exist in duality but rather triality, and still other worlds that exist within worlds...These worlds are a bit different from yours...Within duality there are two polar opposites to be experienced. Your world is also based on “time and space"...Although you appear to live within a physical world, there are many “things” which you do not perceive with your physical eyes; however they have a large impact on your physical existence...The first difference that you will experience in the 5th dimension is instantaneous manifestation. Your thoughts no longer have a delay. Your focus will manifest instantly.








Today we would like to focus your attention on the diversity that exists amongst this vast multiverse. We have been asked to expand upon worlds that are unlike your own. Of course there are an infinite number of worlds which exist. Some are similar to your own however many more are far different from the one you exist in. We will touch upon worlds that do not have “free will” in the same sense that you do, worlds that do not exist in physicality, the 5th dimension, worlds that do not exist in duality but rather triality, and still other worlds that exist within worlds.


Let us begin with “non-free will zones”. These worlds are a bit different from yours. When you incarnate into a world which allows for free will there is much more room for creativity once you are incarnate. In the world in which you live, you decide upon certain lessons which you would like to focus on; these may include but are not limited to lack, separation, judgment, acceptance, self-love, trust, and health just to name a few. You also plan out who the “main characters” will be in your life. Often times you chose souls who you have grown accustomed to; you have had many lives together and you continue to incarnate together, each time playing different roles in order to gain the most from the experience. You form a “blue print” or an “outline” for what kinds of experiences you would like to have; large lessons that you would like to explore, however there is a lot of improvising that goes on in a “free will” incarnation. You have the ability to amend your soul contract at anytime. If you chose to no longer focus your attention on a particular issue or lesson you have the ability to choose another experience. You always have the ability to make a new choice once you are incarnated into a “free will” world.




There are worlds however that do not operate under the same “rules”. This of course is by choice and that alone allows for free will. The difference lies in the actual flexibility of the incarnation. When the soul “maps out” what they would like to experience and who they would like to experience it with there is no deviation in these “non-free will” incarnations. These lives are in a sense “scripted” by you. Of course you still have the free will to choose what you would like to experience before you incarnate and in fact the planning is much more in-depth because there is no flexibility when you incarnate into these worlds. However once the soul is incarnated it is very much like a role in a movie. You are both the director and the actor, yet you do not get to improvise along the way as the actor. Your “script” is what you will experience. We will agree that it is quite impossible not to have free will, however in these incarnations the free will of the soul is only available when they are choosing what to experience, once they have made their decision then that is how the life will play out, to a “T”.


Another world that we would like to touch upon is Triality. You are all familiar with duality in which there are polar opposites. You experience two extremes to every experience. You are free to experience your reality from any perspective that you choose. The range of emotions which are available in duality are far greater than those in other realms. This allows for a tremendous amount of growth for the soul and allows for much more creativity in each incarnation. However there are worlds which are not limited to just 2 extremes, there are worlds where each soul has the ability to experience triality. It becomes a bit difficult for us to explain triality with the words that are available to us, our messenger does not have the physics background required to fully explain a world in triality; but in its most basic form it is an experience that allows for one more point to be introduced into the experience.


Within duality there are two polar opposites to be experienced. Your world is also based on “time and space”. In triality there is one more element that is introduced; which is “depth” for lack of a better word; but not in the manner that you experience it here in your world of duality. Your world is based on linear time and space, point A to point B, always moving “forward”; two points which if connected create a circle. Your universe is based on the geometric shape of the sacred circle. You find the sacred circle all over your universe, your planets, your stars, back holes just to name a few. The next step in creation is moving from 2 points on the circumference of a circle to 3 points which then create a triangle. When the points are in symmetry with each other, they create the equilateral triangle. A being whose world exists in triality is based on the geometric shape of the triangle. The 3 dimensional version of the triangle is the tetrahedron, a solid object contained within a sphere, which express the trinity. It has no diagonals; it has no shortcuts between its defining points. Although it appears to be a 3 dimensional object, it is really multi-dimensional, and represents consciousness on higher planes of reality wherein all manifestations are aware of their existence within the trinity.




We understand that the explanation of this world may seem a bit confusing; however triality can be summed up to be a world in which all beings who incarnate there are aware of the trinity that is expressed through the mind, body and spirit as all are consciously aware of their connection. They do not experience the veil of forgetfulness as you do here in duality. Their experiences are based on how to consciously balance all three aspects of their true self in physicality. In a sense it is what you are all moving towards.


There are also worlds that do not exist in a physical reality. These incarnations are in the higher dimensions. The faster that you vibrate the more difficult it is to hold a physical form. The 6th dimension and beyond no
longer hold what you would call a physical form. The vibration is far too fast to be contained within a dense physical structure. We understand that it is hard for those of you existing in a physical world to remember what it was like in the higher dimensions which are void of physical form; however just because these dimensions do not contain physical form does not in any way mean that they are void of everything. They are not just black holes which contain an endless amount of “nothing”. We simply create in other ways. Physical form is just one of the infinite ways to express creation. You cannot “see” sound and yet it exists within your world and many of you find a lot of enjoyment from it. There are also many spectrums of light which are not “visible” in physical form and yet they are there impacting your world. You cannot “see” the speed at which someone is vibrating and yet it has a large impact on your energy in your world.


Although you appear to live within a physical world, there are many “things” which you do not perceive with your physical eyes; however they have a large impact on your physical existence. These non-physical worlds have a plethora of experiences; we have only scratched the surface in our brief examples of what is possible in the non-physical. Some of our creations are based on geometric shapes, numbers, energy, sound, vibration all of which are just as “real” as your physical reality. We would say, from our perspective, these worlds are far“more real” than the illusion of physical reality. The one who perceives the experience is the one who determines what is “real” and what is “not real”.


There are also worlds which exist within worlds. A perfect example of this is Inner earth, which is also known as Agartha. This is in a sense a world, with in a world. Agartha exists within your planet Earth and resonates with the 5th dimension. There are several “entrances” to Agartha from the surface of your planet however the rate at which you are vibrating will determine whether you will perceive this world or not. It is physical, it does exist in the center of your planet, and there are inhabitants who live in this world. This world has a central sun, the sun is not a star like your own sun, however it does give off light and energy to its inhabitants. There are streams, rivers, grass and a sky. Those who exist in Agartha grow their own food and they only use renewable resources which can be found within your planet. There are those who are similar in appearance to you, as well as animals which co-exist peacefully in this inner world.


Earth is not the only world which has inhabitants which live in the inside of the planet, in fact most planets in your universe house a population of souls in the inner realms. Some of you will be shocked to learn that many of your planets in your solar system house souls with in their center. Your scientists are so caught up in trying to find life on other planets that mimic your exact living conditions, never realizing that this is only one possible environment for life. There are many other possible environments that allow for life, both physical and non-physical. However there will come a time when your scientist will “catch up”.




Now we will touch upon what life is like in the higher dimensions of existence. Life in the higher dimensions is quite different from your own. We have already touched upon what the dimensions above the 6th dimension are like when we spoke about the non-physical worlds. Many often wonder what the 5th dimension is like. Questions that are often asked are do people still work? Do you still have a family? Do you still have children? Do you still live in homes? Do you still need to eat? Do you still have a body? We would like to touch upon what our perspective is of the 5th dimension. The first difference that you will experience in the 5th dimension is instantaneous manifestation. Your thoughts no longer have a delay. Your focus will manifest instantly. The reason for this is exclusively the rate at which your thoughts are vibrating; the faster the vibration, the less “time” that is experienced. Within each dimension there is a frequency range; for simplicity sake we will use the example of a scale from 1-10. Not all who exist in the same dimension together are vibrating at the same exact frequency; one can be at the very low-end of the frequency required to experience that dimension and another could be at the very high-end. This explains why many of you are able to still view others around you and notice that their vibration may seem far denser than your own and yet you are both existing in the same reality.


With that being said the lower belief systems must already be released in order to enter into the 5th dimension. Many of you now exist within the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is what is known as a transitory dimension in that you have the ability to play by the “rules” of the 3rd dimension or to play by the “rules” of the 5th dimension. When existing in the 4th dimension, time is more flexible than it is in the 3rd dimension; or shall we say the illusion of time is much more flexible.


Along with instantaneous manifestation in the 5th dimension, there are other differences in experience as well. A more notable experience is the overwhelming experience of peace, tranquility and love. Many of you are beginning to tap into these blissful states even if it is only for a few moments. As you elevate in frequency you will experience longer periods of bliss.


Many wonder if they will still need to “work” in the 5th dimension. We would say that yes, you do still have “jobs” however everyone is doing a “job” that they love to do. There are those who love to sing, dance, garden, paint, cook, build, collect, teach and so on. No one is forced to do a job that they dislike simply for survival. Everyone contributes to the higher good of the collective; everyone is free to share the gifts they find most enjoyable to give. The need for money no longer exists because manifestation is instantaneous. All of your needs are met and there is no longer a drive to “consume” just to showcase your possessions to others.


Certainly 5th dimensional beings do still procreate, they still have family units and they still enjoy friends. We will say that you will have even more friends in the 5th dimension because no one is seen as an “enemy”. 5th dimensional beings have the ability to communicate telepathically and therefore there really never are “strangers”, just simply friends that you haven’t met yet.




5th dimensional beings do still live in homes; they look a bit different from yours. They are built for sustainability, and are more environmentally friendly. Remember there is no longer the need to have excess just for show, so everyone is happy to have exactly what they need. Much less time is spent on maintaining your basic needs for survival, and there is much more time left for you to explore the experiences that bring you the most joy.


We have only touched upon a fraction of the diverse worlds that exist within this vast multiverse. Know that the cosmos is as diverse and intricate as each one of the souls who chose to incarnate in them. We hope that you have found this message to be enjoyable and that we have in some way served you today.



In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.





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  • Utterly beautiful description of the higher realities. This has been very resonant with me.

    Heart to heart, thank you so much!

  • Thank you for sharing such an inspiring piece. Much love.

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