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Could be important if you are living on the west coast

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:48 AM EDT

on March 13, 2019

What does the cabal stand to lose by triggering earthquakes on the west coast?

Thousands of dead children kept in dog kennels in cities under the mansions people admire so much. These children are sold for s** until they get too old then they are used for snuff films, satanic rituals, cannibalized, and harvested for adrenochrome. Billion dollar business.

Cloning factories. 

Billion dollar illegal drug manufacturing. 

Human trafficking warehouses.

Things are manufactured in these cities, sold and transported by FedEx spaceships to ports all over the universe. 

The cabal stand to lose billions every year if all these revenue generating ventures are destroyed. If these earthquakes do happen it won't be by the cabal. 

Gaia is ready to relieve herself and us of unspeakable evil and the west coast is home to the most unspeakable evil that exists in maybe the universe. All this activity is huge. Destroying and collapsing these underground cities would destroy the above ground cities as well anyway. 

The Galactic are okay with this evil being destroyed.

If you are not part of it,



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Comment by amparo alvarez on March 14, 2019 at 12:13am

Gaia won't hurt anyone...She knows all of us...and she cares and the Galactics won't do it either because they know a lot of innocent people would perish...So I don't think anything major is going to happen...Many messages are fear mongering and I am not falling for it...All should be as Mother planned it, no more no less...Blessings...


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