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Dr. Angela Barnett

Each person will reappear in Terra Ha as a brand new perfect body.

Chakras intersect into all dimensions of the Universe through the light and sound of th interdimensional angelic frequencies called the Music of the Spheres.

The Chakras intersect at each of the Seven Seals in the Body. The SEALS are the intersections of all dimensions, all spheres within spheres of the music of the spheres of the Cosmos, Universe and Galaxy. The more the etheric infinity of Source Energy is breathed into the Seals and then exhaled out into the infinity of the Cosmos and into the God Realm the brighter the Seals will glow.

The CMO music contains the Light Language and Interdimensional Angel Consciousness layered into all of the intersections of each light strand within and between each dimensional realm of consciousness strung together to penetrate all of the intersections of all of the chakras to turn on the Seven Seals light at the Cosmic Level.

The Seals within the body began glowing brighter than ever in February of 2017 when Earth was connected into Harmonic Universe Two through Mary Magdalene's Ascension Portals. The Seals grow brighter and brighter as more and more of the light of the Sun at the plasma level as well as the gamma level, the infra red, the invisible light, the x ray vision and the heliotalic vapor of pre plasma transform all light particles back into the original form of pre stardust creation fluid called liquid light energy. This is the energy that every one on Earth will turn into within the next twenty year time period.

The first step is allowing all of that light energy to saturate the Seals within the body where the Chakras intersect from all dimensions. The Molecules in the body will begin to separate further and further apart as more of this light is brought into the Seals. The molecules become separated so that more and more of the etheric spiritual substance and consciousness may enter in to the body. This makes the molecules happy and they sing with joy as they eventually become replaced with the stardust and then the invisible light.

This causes the body to levitate and then turn into a plasma body and then disappear as a flash of light. This all takes three to five days to take place. When the transformation is complete the body will be standing naked in Terra Ha. And that is when the fun will begin. That is when we can walk through walls, and water and anything that stands in front of us because the chemistry the physics and the biology is completely different there. The body does not deteriorate.

When the body is going through the final transformation is when the Entity must choose which age he or she wants their body to appear as in Terra Ha.

CRYSTAL MAGIC ORCHESTRA (CMO) Cosmic Ascension Set, the Turning into Light Set, the Landing Set, as well as the Light Language Set, Angel Chakra Set and all of the DNA Re Programming sets send more and more of the Cosmic Light Frequencies into the body that allow the saturation of the entire Life Force Energy to transform the molecules, the atoms, the skin, the entire body from the inside to the outside.

The outside transformation is not seen until after the body turns into light and then appears in Terra Ha. However, this transformation can be felt on the inside of the body as a feeling of lightness and a feeling of less and less reaction to the things of the world.

All of these sets are at CD BABY - get to them through our Website

Dr. Angela Barnett

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