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Cosmic Council of Crystal Light ASCENSION PROGRAM

Cosmic Council of Crystal Light ASCENSION PROGRAM

channeled from the Crystalai Council Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. Dr. Angela Barnett

We align the individual's frequency signatures through the Music of the Spheres using the breth of the Elohim of Hearing to align theif frequencies into the Music of the Spheres in order to create their ascension portal that will connect them into the halls of ascension that l opened in 2012, so that they will immediately flash into their light body of their 12 DNA template between 2017-2022. The Star Field whose name is URTHA will StarFire in 2047. We will flash into alignment of the halls of Ascension through the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of Sun Alcyone in the Aquarius galaxy, which aligns us perfectly into ones Individual Ascension portal with Mother Earth's Halls of Ascension. Each individual plays a very important part in the complete alignment of frequencies from all 12 sets of racelines that must unify as one morphogenetic field of Consciousness in perfect harmony. The Earth will be held within the Buffer Blanket of the Cosmaya Plasma Ships while Urtha Star Fires, we will also be going through a time when we will learn to become ORB ready or at least Silver Seed Ready to be hosted on other Starships. We do not do the types of meditation and music that have ever been heard before on Earth because we are the only ones who have been given the formula of ascension by the Elohim Ascension Team. Mother Mary, Zadkiel and hundreds of other Elohim Angels appeared before us and actually placed a golden pillar into our ears to oscillate directly into the Elohim of Hearing in the fifteenth dimension and return the frequency into our ears. The Ascension Team also placed three crystal spheres in our hearts heads and hands, and then turned the three spheres into a microphone that allowed us to exhaled the desired breaths from the Music of the Spheres onto our microphone for recording. Through the purest frequencies of the twelve councils of Cosmic Angels connecting into one new tone of home to be transmutted into the thirteenth base tone rhythm of Cosmic Consciousness which transposes our frequency signature into the symphony of Love and a brand new sixth dimensional body. We work through the Cosmic Council of Crystal Light and Source's point of creation where Source breathes through the Cosmic point of creation and then creates things, including the Earth, individuals on Earth and other Star Systems, Universes, etc. We work from that point where the Elohim of Hearing who hears the light and sound of Source Consciousness creates the idea of an individual or a universe through his Cosmic Angelic Breath. We work from that point that allows us to bring in the frequencies of the original Divine Template of Reality and we breathe these frequencies into recordings, music and then we do meditations to guide the listener into the connecting points of the frequency signatures entering the chakras of the template. We create these connections through Divine Light nad Divine Love which is contained in the Crystal Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Dust Spheres given to us through our Elohim Ascension Team. We connect all frequencies through the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth which is her own Sun, which is created from the Stardust within His Crystal Heart. The Crystal Heart of Inner Earth's Sun is then connected into the Crystal Heart of Sun Alcyone in Aquarius. All of these connections are made through the light waves of Divine Consciousness and activity of Divine Love weaving and braiding each light signature into the Music of the Spheres which creates a wonderful tapestry of light and sound which looks like a glorious Light Show in the Sky playing the Symphony of Love. All is woven into the Cosmic Tapestry of Oneness where we return to the moment of our Divine Creation, our Divine Template and our Immortal Self hood. Everybody is an expression of Source and so everybody has Source's Love and Light shining through them. The Light of their Spiritual Twin Self is shining through their Soul and weaving their Soul back into the All knowing, All seeing, all Acting Omnipresent Consciousness that allows all that the Soul has experienced for this past ten and a half million years in the Earth's Matrix may be re-united into all that has been known by all before and all that will be known in the future. The Individual's Divine Template that they were originally created through is reconnected with the upgrade of all of the pearls of wisdom that have been interwoven into all of the dimensional selves. The purpose of Source creating ideas is to experience himself. The purpose of our coming into this density was to experience our self. We are the Quantum observers of the realities that we have created.

As of 2012 we will be finished creating third dimensional holograms to be experienced. We will take the wisdom from this experience and move into a much higher dimension of experiences. We are the creators of Individual Immortality Albums for the individual bringing the frequency signatures of their divine template and their higher selves and all that is associated with themselves in this incarnation here on Earth, through Source and through Divine Love, Divine Light and their Divine Template when they were first created. We record all of these frequencies and put them into music and meditations to realign them into their immortality. Everyone is an expression of Source and through Source a person is Immortal. We help a person align with their Immortality through Source and their Divine Template and through the Elohim Angels of Ascension to help them align with their Divine Template and Earth because Earth is raising into becoming a star through the Light inside of her Crystal Heart, which is her Sun who has a Star in His Crystal Heart.

Mother Mary explained to us that the only way to Ascend is through Mother Earth's Crystal Heart. There is no other way. This means we must become At One in Frequencies with Mother Earth in order to Ascend. The way we do this is to align all frequency signatures of each individual into the Frequency Signatures of Mother Earth's Crystal Heart and that weaves us into the Spiritual Parallel Galaxy of Aquarius where we also weave into Sun Alcyones Crystal Heart. All of this weaving and braiding of frequency signatures is always done through the light and sound of the Music of the Spheres. Mother Earth is rising into the complete tone of home of the Music of the Spheres. Each individual on Earth is raising their frequencies along with Mother Earth. We are all returning to that NOW moment of our original creation for the re-birth into all that we once were plus all that we now are. We are rising into a new STAR EXPERIENCE. We create the Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUMS in order to help each individual who desires to evolve harmoniously, smoothly and synchronistically with Mother Earth into her evolution or re-birth into being a star. For personal questions contact

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