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Note) Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement.

Cobra's Website: http://2012portal.blogspot.com



* Atlantis (4:30)
* Chemtrails (6:00) & Implants (7:10)
* Matrix, Archons & Experiment Earth (8:50)
* 4th-5th Dimension Shift & Harmonic Convergence (12:50)
* Operation Stardust & Cabal's Counter Measures (13:40)
* North Korea, Africa (17:00)
* Casualties and Lightworkers Collaboration (19:00)
* Martial Law, War with Syria and the EVENT (21:00)
* Archons, Physical & Non-Physical (22:55)
* 1st October Fema Preparation (23:55)
* US Space Fence Shut Down (25:40)
* Comet Ison (26:30)
* Obama (27:40)
* Nuclear Weapons & Media Propaganda (28:20)
* MK Ultra False Flags (37:47)
* Colorado Flooding (39:00)
* Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, David Icke, Alex Jones (41:10)
* Prepare for Change Groups (42:20)
* New Financial System & BRICS (3:48) (43:30)
* Galactic Confederation & GFL (44:10)
* Pope, Jesuits, Muslim Brotherhood (46:35)
* Cabal Fractions Jesuits, Rockerfellers, Bushes (21:30) (48:30)
* 14% Tax (51:30)

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Alexandra:  Good Afternoon everybody.  Today is September 17, 2013.  This is Alexandra Meadors of www.Galacticconnection.com.  I have a very special call today because we will be reviewing all the questions that have been submitted for Cobra to give us his very eloquent perspective on things.

Hello Cobra, How are you doing today?


COBRA:  Hello. Hello.


Alexandra:  I want everyone to understand how much work goes into these interviews on behalf of Cobra and myself.  Please take the time to drop him an e-mail and just say thank-you even if you want to send it to me and I will pass it on.  I know how much goes into this.  I just want to thank you for all you do.


COBRA:  Thank you so much.


Alexandra:  I have so much to review today.  I’m not going to bring up anybody’s name.  Don’t get your feelings hurt.  The first question is:  Are the resistance movement working on the other wide with people like Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, John Lennon.   Are those people considered part of the light resistance?


COBRA:  Many of those people that have died years ago have already been taken to other planets when they have joined the Galactic force of light.


Alexandra: So they are not considered part of this so called resistance movement.


COBRA:  Many of them have chosen to travel onward.  Some of them could stay.  Many of them are not working from the Astral plane any longer.


Alexandra:  OK.  Hopefully that clears up that question.  Onto the country of Mexico.  I have quite a few people writing in from Mexico.  What types of changes are you actually  seeing that are positive way that is supporting this transition into a golden age.


COBRA:  There is a certain secret organization in whole central America which is similar to White Dragon in Asia.  It is more deep undercover.  They are working to trigger the change in Mexico and surrounding countries.  The situation in Mexico is a little more complicated because the cabal is strong interest there because of the drug trade.  Mexico will recover but it will not be very fast as some other countries.


Alexandra:  I have noticed on some of the news headlines that some of the large drug cartel leaders have been arrested or brought to justice.


COBRA:  Yes.  There is a positive group working behind the scenes in Mexico and other countries working for the light and they have had some success.


Alexandra:  Do you consider those factions working for the light.  Is the light resistance an amalgamation of all these different groups or is that not the case?


COBRA:  Which groups.


Alexandra:  The ones in So. America.


COBRA:  Yes, of course the light forces working on the physical plane.


Alexandra:  The light resistance movement is an amalgamation of all the different groups and factions of light working behind the scenes working for an ultimate goal.


COBRA:  The resistance movement is working below the surface of the planet.  It has some agents on the surface of the planet.  There are other groups which have been created out of the surface of humanity that are working for the light.


Alexandra:  OK.  This is from Brazil.  They just noticed that their Brazilian currency use to have “Central Bank of Brazil” now it has “Federal Republic of Brazil”.


COBRA:   There is a lot of changes happening in the banking system and Brazil is part of BRICs.  They are working at creating an Independent Central bank that is not part of  IMF or Fed Reserve.


* Atlantis (4:30)

Alexandra:    That does show that there is a change going on in the financial system, particularly with BRICS.  (Exactly) Another question was they were talking about Atlantis and how this very deep, deep sadness in the core of their being when they bring up the fall of Atlantis.  Can you give more clarity as to what you feel happened at the time of Atlantis.


COBRA:   Atlantis was a great civilization which was destroyed by an act of the Cabal in the year 9564 BC.  This sadness is an unprocessed experience of the deluge of Atlantis.   We haven’t reached that stage yet, but we are slowly approaching the time of the new Atlantis.  It will be a rebirth of the old Atlantan civilization but in much greater light and higher turn of the spiral.


Alexandra:  Yes, but don’t you also feel that what we are going through is very indicative to what happened right before Atlantis fell.  (Exactly)


COBRA:   But we will have ?  ?


Alexandra:  Yea.  Here’s another good question.  When do you see human beings free and able to travel anywhere in the world?


COBRA:   It is not only free to travel in the world but free to travel in the universe – This will happen after the event.


* Chemtrails (6:00) & Implants (7:10)

Alexandra:  I love it, I love it.  Chemtrails – where I live in the last 2 weeks chemtrails have significantly stopped or declined.  With that said, other people are experiencing similar symptoms – i.e.:  abdominal bloating, pain, fever, severe head-aches, gastro intestinal disturbances.  Maybe similar Morgellons disease.  Can you comment on that.  Has the chemtrails exposed us to nano technology.


COBRA:  1.  The number of chemtrails have been reduced drastically in the last few weeks.  It has not stopped.  The problem has not been solved and they might increase again in the next 2 weeks but there is a downward trend. Symptoms that people are experiencing are not of the physical nature.  It’s the intensification of the clearing of implants on the etheric plane – in the head and abdomen.  Those things are quite intensively clearing right now.


Alexandra:  I can speak to testimony. I just had an implant removed from my back lower spine and abdominal area.  It was excruciating.  I have been processing that.  My husband just had a massive implant removed from his head.  We cant believe the changes that are going on in our bodies.  (Yes, I would agree completely)  It’s amazing.  What this person is talking about with the Morgellon’s disease. I would suggest you look into:  MMS, colloidal silver and tea tree oil.  They are also asking if the chemtrails will cease after the event.


COBRA:  Yes, the situation will be taken care of within 1-2 weeks after the event. We have to disintegrate all the pollution in the atmosphere.


Alexandra:  With some galactic help?


COBRA:  Yes the pleiadians will take care of this.  Not publicly.  They will use their technology.  They can completely clear the atmosphere after the Cabal is gone in 1 – 2 week time.


* Matrix, Archons & Experiment Earth (8:50)

Alexandra:  Cool.  This one I’m going to read out this whole question.  Has this reality or planet been wrongfully hijacked by the Archons to the extent that this is not what we bargained for at a soul level when we incarnated in this lifetime.  Are we innocent, naive souls being manipulated by more advanced beings.  Is this reality a total disfunctionality or what.  It’s hard to understand why a loving creator would allow this extreme level of destruction.


COBRA:  This experiment has gone too far.  It was never intended to go this far.  Yes, we are innocent.  Yes, we did not expect this to go this far.  The Archon thing is an anomaly that has to stop.  The creator never intended this to happen.  The Archons were a reaction of the cosmic anomaly of chaos which has gone too far.


Alexandra:  Interesting.  Did we also incarnate knowing full well that we would be subjected to this nonsense but agreed to do it to pay back karma


COBRA:  We have incarnated not to pay back karma but to transform that darkness and bring that planet into light.  We did not have complete understanding of what this experience would be like because we didn’t have it before.   We did not know consciously what we were getting into.


Alexandra:  So basically, have we agreed to incarnate to raise the consciousness on planet earth and break the matrix and control system.


COBRA:  Yes, we have agreed to do this after we agreed to enter the planetary sphere but after we entered the planetary sphere we agreed to the conditions here.


Alexandra:  OK.  That would apply to however many lifetimes we’ve had here.  (Yes) do you agree that the star seeds here have had less lifetimes than some of your newer, younger souls?


COBRA:  I would say the majority of people here have had hundreds and hundreds of life times.  Some light workers/warriors have had less than 100.


Alexandra:  OK.  When you say the cosmic anomaly of chaos, I met a man who swears the universe is like a computer program.


COBRA:  The universe is not  a computer program but a technology The Archons created around the earth on the physical and non physical plane is a computer program that appears to be artificial.  It’s an organic computing device which uses ?  extrapolate and expect the free will decision of humanity.  Most of the time it can.  Most cases it can.  There are some of us who are not part of the equation and we will disintegrate the matrix.


Alexandra:  Interesting.  This person is referring to a channeling by Sanat Kumara.  It has stated that the event will happen by the Autumn equinox, Sept 22. Archangels say that there will be many events instead of one major event and not everyone will experience it in the same way.  Some will not notice it at all.


COBRA:   I will not agree with that.  The event will be a physical and non physical objective event.  It will be something that everyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear can experience.  Of course there will be individual perceptions of the event but experience but the event will be the same.


* 4th-5th Dimension Shift & Harmonic Convergence (12:50)

Alexandra:  There’s also talk about a shift to the 4th dimension happening Feb 2014- Feb. 2015


COBRA:  The 4th dimensional level is the etheric/astral planes.  The connection between the physical and astral plane was done at the time of the Harmonic convergence in 1987 already.  We are about to transform and transcend the actual and etheric plane and raise our consciousness beyond that.  This will happen with first contact after the event.


Alexandra:  You do agree that we are shifting into 5th dimension, not high 4th.


COBRA:  We are shifting to the 5th and beyond.


* Operation Stardust & Cabal's Counter Measures (13:40)

Alexandra:  Yes, I agree with that.  There was  a question about operation stardust?  (Yes)  Nano particles are distributed to the Cabal that will immobilize them when it is activated.  What is the status of this.  Couldn’t this be used to mitigate some of the damage at the time of the event.


COBRA:  Yes, those particles were transported into the bodies of the members of the cabal.  Some of it was happening last year, some of it before.  This is about to be activated at the time of the event.


Alexandra:  Right-on.


COBRA:  Not before.  I will explain.  The cabal has taken contra measures against this.   Like if something happened to Kissinger at this moment many bad thing would happen on the physical plane.  He has trigger mechanism – biological weapons, people going crazy, mind controlled people going crazy starting to shoot people. This is the only reason this person is still alive at this time. He has protected himself in this way.  If  stardust was activated in his body that would happen.  At the time of this event we would take physical actions. The light forces will meet to stop the cabal and of course at that time the stardust will be activated.


Alexandra:  God.  Thank you for that.  has operation stardust been around a long time?


COBRA:  The first Operation Stardust was activated a few years ago and it prevented a nuclear war I think 2002 or so and was then upgraded last year.  There are talks to extend  this further to decrease the number of potential causalities at the time of the event. (yes) Now the event might not go forcefully especially if it is forced to happen too soon.  (OK) Simply the light forces on the planet are not cooperating enough and if the event happens before the non-physical Archons are removed there might be conflict within the light forces that could causes un-coordinated actions and mistakes and loss of lives.


Alexandra:  OK.  That makes a lot of sense.  How does this experience for souls not currently incarnated on the earth, who have passed away, how will this impact them souls that have died after the event.


COBRA:  After the event it will be pure paradise.  The astral/etheric planes will be paradise.  The souls who were on the astral planes since the 90’s have been taken away from the solar system.  Many who have remained were not in a good position before the nonphysical Archons were removed.


* North Korea, Africa (17:00)

Alexandra:  OK,  OK.  This person would like to know what sort of activity is going on in No Korea at this time.  Will it be dissolved.  Was there some sort of experiment with No. Korea.


COBRA:  This is a sad story.  No. Korea is the most isolated country on the planet.  They have their own form of the Cabal which was not very nice to their own population.  There was even talks that N Korea willing to accept the Cabal after the event.  Those negotiations failed and the plan is at the time of the event to liberate N. Korea.  Especially those people who are living there in very very terrible conditions to give them food, freedom, abundance and healing they need.


Alexandra:  Wow.  Oh, so sad.  Does it also have something to do with the way No Korea is on the ley lines?


COBRA:  This is just part of it .  It is isolated enough, undeveloped enough that, cabal can control it and keep it contained.  This would not happen in Europe or some other place.


Alexandra:  Are there any other No. Korea that we don’t know about?


COBRA:  Not to that extend.  There are situations in Africa where there are countries that are not good conditions either.


Alexandra:   Yes.  Africa has been hit hard.


COBRA:  Yes, that is why we need to push for the final victory.


* Casualties and Lightworkers Collaboration (19:00)

Alexandra:  Yes, it is time.  This person quoted you from one of our prior interviews:  “If the event happened right now we would have 100K casualties worldwide. . . . Monarch mind with the omega programming being triggered.  That number is not easy to estimate. . . . That number is still too high to tolerate. . . “  My question is this – wouldn’t it be better to deal with these casualties in the short term rather than the people dying daily from poverty, starvation and wars?


COBRA:  1. This is not just the blind statistics.  2. This number could easily go much higher if something goes wrong.  It could be 1 or 10 million. This could go higher if there were key persons controlled by the Archons.  If the human beings who are supposed to be of the light, if they would behave like that, I would say go for the event.  I have seen so many instances when so-called light workers or light warriors manifested behavior which would not be tolerated because it was really under the influence of the Archons.  The resistance movement is not willing to risk that much at this moment because it could go wrong.  (Good point).   Too much can go wrong.  You might remember the French Revolution.  It started so well and you know how it ended.


Alexandra:  We have to prove ourself and earn our stripes


* Martial Law, War with Syria and the EVENT (21:00)

COBRA:  It’s not about proving ourself.  It’s about protecting human life.  Not creating more damage than solving it.  If there were an emergency situation on the planet -  The resistance movement would move in.  For example:  If the Cabal in the US wanted to start Martial Law and start doing crazy things they would be prevented and.  The event would happen immediately.   If they push too far with the war in Syria, of course things would happen .  Things can change daily.  It could shift tonight.  There are many things happening behind the scene.


Alexandra:  Is the cabal motivated to support this transition?


COBRA:  No.  No.


Alexandra:  With more nefarious actions?  They already have themselves set up.  They can trigger all this chaos and revolutionary reaction from the people and they feed off that.


COBRA:  It’s over for them.  Most of the cabal doesn’t want this to end but they want to protect their lives.  For those things to happen in a more moderate fashion.  Negotiating their surrender.  The Jesuit’s are trying to be super nice and friendly because they think they can negotiate their way out unscratched.  Same with the Rothschild.  The crazy faction of the Cabal like Kissinger Bush’s  and similar idiots will not go down easy and will always try to create as much chaos as possible, as much suffering as possible.  They will never negotiate.  It’s not possible to negotiate with them


* Archons, Physical & Non-Physical (22:55)

Alexandra:  It’s not possible to negotiate with a maniac.  (yes) Just clarify where are we at with the Archon faction.  They have already been removed.  A lot of the minions have been taken off world.  Where are we in that situation?


COBRA:  Physical or non-physical ones?


Alexandra:  Physical.


COBRA:  There are a small group remaining.


Alexandra:  Non-physical we’re pretty clean on?


COBRA:  There is a small group remaining but they have very strong etheric technology.   They do have some of their Reptilian minions.  I will report on my post on my blog how they are being cleared.  (Higher dimension level?) As soon as the etheric Archons are cleared we can handle the physical Cabal.  We can handle the physical Cabal in a few days.  It’s not resolved yet.


* 1st October Fema Preparation (23:55)

Alexandra:  Cool.  This is a hot potato and I sent you a video of this.  It’s about this Oct 1 deadline.  Combat forces, heater meals, water, peacekeeping troops, DHS agents, national guard units.  Some sort of alert that things must be done or shipped by Oct 1 or thereabouts.  What is your comment?


COBRA:  Part of this is an old story which has been around at least 20 years.  Millions of bullets, Trains with shekels, FEMA camps, etc  Part of this is the crazy faction of the cabal was preparing since early spring of this year a major false flag attack.  Their master move.  They are trying this through Syria and other ways and they are afraid of the event and they want to get ready.


Alexandra:  They think troops will help them.


COBRA:  Yes.  They think some troops might help them.


Alexandra:  That’s kind of funny when the event is a pulse of light.


COBRA:   They are desperate and are trying to do anything they can.


* US Space Fence Shut Down (25:40)

Alexandra:  What about space fence being shut down by Oct 1.


COBRA:  That is an outdated technology.  They have an advanced scalar space fence but it will not help them much.

Alexandra:  It’s more about outdated technology. 


* Comet Ison (26:30)

There has been some convincing info about Comet Ison – They’re showing how it’s not a comet but it may be 3 ships shaped like an arrowhead.  It has not only changed course but it is somewhat erratic in the movement which it is taking.  A comet would just keep moving forward.  This was indicating that it was a ship of some sort.  Thoughts?


COBRA:  I will have to disappoint you.  Disinformation. It is a comet, not a ship.  The ships of the light forces have such advanced technology.  They are coming from other star system. They don’t need weeks or 3 months to travel the solar system.  It’s like if you would like to walk to the moon. (That’s a good point)  These ships can travel through worm holes and through star gates.  They need maybe 1 or 2 minutes.  They don’t need months to travel the solar system.  It’s a very backward technology in space travel terms.  2 or 3 months?  That’s a terrible waste of time.


* Obama (27:40)

Alexandra:   I would say so.  Let’s talk about Obama.  People just don’t get it.  What does it mean to be a double agent working for the light and the dark. They can’t understand a man signing executive orders after executive order protecting Monsanto, wanting to go bomb Syria?  etc.  What would you say to that?


COBRA:   He is doing things he has to obey.


Alexandra:  He’s been under orders.


COBRA:  Yes.  Most people in his position would do the same.


* Nuclear Weapons & Media Propaganda (28:20)

Alexandra:  OK.  Why are nuclear weapons still an issue.  If the galactics say they will never tolerate that.  Why does it still come up.  Why is there an insinuation that it’s even a possibility?


COBRA:   It’s not an issue.  It’s propaganda from the media.  Huge nuclear weapons will not be tolerated.  The Cabal was playing with the limits Israel deployed 4 small tactical nuclear weapons to Syria without many casualties.  This was just about the border.  They couldn’t go much further.  2.  If they tried something bigger it would be disabled immediately.  They can still use it in negotiation with Politicians.  Politicians are not even aware of the Nuclear weapons being disabled by the Galactic Confederation and they are not even aware of the Galactic Confederation.


Alexandra:  I started investigating that.  I was shocked at how many reports of the arsenal nuclear weapons were “malfunctioning” – all over the world.  (Yes, it’s true).


Alexandra:  If we (the galactics) have the technology to disable nuclear weapons, why can’t we vaporize the Cabal.


COBRA:  As I said before if things happened to the major players of the Cabal other things would be triggered – biological weapons deployed, nuclear power stations exploding, Monarch controlled witnesses going nuts and killing people.  Many crazy things would happen.  This has to be done carefully to prevent violence.


Alexandra:  This person wrote from Kazistan.  She has tried on many occasions to discuss the human society about the new banking system and talking to others.  People seem so ignorant.  What would you do?  How can she reach people with no knowledge of the event.


COBRA:  1. there are some high government officials in Kazistan that know of things going on – banks and UFO.  Maybe she can find them.  2.You can spread this over social media and internet.  Those people that are interested will respond.  Your close friends and family will be against this, but others will be interested.


Alexandra:  Good point  Social media.  This person constantly feels exhausted and tired.  Sleeping a ton  Overwhelmed.  Are the energetics on the planet and galaxy are causing this?


COBRA:  Most likely she is experiencing a big purification of the astral/etheric plane, a big war on etheric plane. As those beings leave there are attacks.  Part of this and also from the Central sun which can cause intense cellular transformation of the physical body as well.


Alexandra:  Where are we at in our bodies going from carbon to silica. How far have we gone?


COBRA:  Not far.  More to go.  Most can only happen in a positive environment.


Alexandra:   OK.  Once in that positive environment there will be exponential growth.


COBRA:  Yes, exactly.


Alexandra:  Several people are asking about his concern about the plan to go to the gold standard, asset backed.  He feels this is dangerous.  This puts the assets into the few hands instead of the many.  And there could be a gross misuse of precious metals because of being a finite amount because of gold and silver?  What is your opinion?


COBRA:  Most likely that individual is speaking from his past experience.  This transitional financial system will be nothing that has ever happened on this planet before and will be supervised by higher positive beings of light, otherwise it could turn that way.  But because of the supervision of the light forces it will not be allowed to turn that way. Because it will be monitored and completely transparent.


Alexandra:  Excellent.  This council or supervising group – on or off planet?


COBRA:  The resistance movement will be on the surface of the planet.  After the first contact, the Pleiadians and other beings of light.  As advanced technologies are introduced the need for money will be obsolete, gradually.


Alexandra:  The ultimate goal is to be money-less.


COBRA:   Exactly.  The general population will not be able to transition immediately to the current abusive financial system to a completely cash-less society.


Alexandra:  Good point.  He also talks about forced labor for currency upon which one is dependent upon one’s livelihood and cut back on consumption, polluting the air and water we drink and the easiest way to get rid of this is to get rid of business and jobs that do not serve any benefit to humanity.  How do you think we will transfer out of that.


COBRA:  This is what will happen.  Most jobs and businesses that are useless they will be removed after the event.  (Good) A lot of creative potential will be released and people will be channeling their energy into something much more productive than shuffling paper around.


Alexandra:  I imagine there will be so many more job opportunities and because of all the projects that will be popping up to assist the planet and that are contributing  (Exactly)  On to this:  What is the status of MK Ultra unfortunate survivors – are there more MK Ultra experiments still being done although the underground bases have been cleared?


COBRA:  There are almost 0 of those experiments continuing but those people that have been subjected are not received healing yet.  Mainly because of the denial of the masses.  People are not believing this has even happened.  This is one of the big misbalances on this planet.  It makes it even harder for those people that were abused by this mind controlled program.  They have no where to turn to.  I think it’s a responsibility of the masses to become aware at least.  (Absolutely)  Also to be aware of what is happened.  It would not be taken so long.  Not only the responsibility of the cabal but almost the masses who chose not to see the reality and chose not to see the truth and by doing that humanity gave permission for the cabal to keep doing what they were doing.


* MK Ultra False Flags (37:47)

Alexandra:  Yea, it always gets back to accountability. Doesn’t it?  (Yes)  Do you feel what happened at the navy yard shooting. There’s so much information.  One person in particular said it was an actor that was laughing during the video taping coverage.  What really did happen there.  If it was legitimate is that representation of that sorts of people who are MK Ultra programmed?


COBRA:  All the false flag attacks happen by triggering MK Ultra programed people.  Those False flag attacks, regardless if they are created or if they are fake or real has the same purpose – is to divert attention.  As those False Flag attacks that happen to distract people.   As you have noticed it happens after Syria got better – The Cabal needs another distraction to keep the people in fear.  This is what they need to maintain their system.


 * Colorado Flooding (39:00)

Alexandra:  That is so true.  It was such a high.  When they made that decision to back off and not go to war – You could feel it across the planet.  It was an amazing day.  Then all this garbage came in about the shootings and then the flooding in Colorado.  What is the torrential flooding in Colorado. Is that mother earth cleansing Colorado?  There has been some really crappy things going on underground.


COBRA:  It is a natural event, it was not staged.  The cabal does not have the power any more to engineer weather to that scale.


Alexandra:  Good.  Good.   That answers that questions for a lot of people.  Currently millions of people, infants, children, teens and adults are being physically, mentally and spiritually oppressed under drugs – under the false premise that they are a disease.  Will the sinister truth about this practices be released to the public after the event.  Will  it stop.


COBRA:  It will absolutely be stopped.  There is so much material about this already.


Alexandra:  I posted a lot of this stuff.  Pharmasuitical companies are just getting busted right left and center.  All the suppressed test and journals that have been written have finally come forth.


COBRA:  Evidence.   Evidence with hard facts.  You just need to find it.


Alexandra:  If you dig, you will see positive things are happening – showing they are so corrupt.  Question:  We are aware of the vast amount of dis-info on the internet.  How can we trust you and the information you provide?


COBRA:   It’s not about trusting me, it’s about trusting you.   If it feels right for you take it, otherwise focus somewhere else.


Alexandra:  I agree.  What other sources do you recommend we should we follow?


* Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, David Icke, Alex Jones (41:10)

COBRA:  If you are asking about internet, Benjamin Fulford – has some good intel sources.  He simply does not recognize it and puts everything in the mix but some of his intel is very good.  Also David Wilcox has some very good inspirational articles of information.


Alexandra:  How do you feel about David Icke?


COBRA:  He has did a great job about awakening humanity about Illuminati and some good information on the Reptilians.  I am not following his work lately.  He released some good and basic information about the structure of the Cabal.


Alexandra:   He did take on a most difficult job of informing the public that Reptilians walk the planet.  That was brutal I’m sure.


Alexandra:  Drunvalo and Alex Jones?


COBRA:  Not for my taste.


* Prepare for Change Groups (42:20)

Alexandra:  OK.  This individual wrote in:  I have formed a small group for prepare for change and It’s difficult to create a plan of action.  How can we inform and educate others about the event when we don’t know enough information.  We don’t know if our information is accurate.  Our information may be redundant or mis-lead.  Plus we don’t know for certain that are


COBRA:  There is enough information out there about the event. There is not a 100% plan.  We have a good plan and we have a good start.


Alexandra:  I commend the groups that are popping up everywhere.  I send you Love and Light. You are making a difference.  In your corner of the world do not think it is not being noticed or felt. 


* New Financial System & BRICS (3:48) (43:30)

Is the new financial system becoming something spreading beyond BRICS countries.  Is it going across the world?  Will it be specific countries that will experience it first and others will follow suit?


COBRA:  What the BRICS is doing is not a new financial system, they are just creating the leverage against the cabal that will accelerate the creating of a new financial system.  The new Financial System will happen everywhere, simultaneously at the same time after the event.


* Galactic Confederation & GFL (44:10)

Alexandra:  Are you a member of the Galactic Federation of Planets?


COBRA:  I am a member of the Galactic Confederation.


Alexandra:   Galactic Confederation.  What is your opinion of the Galactic Federation of Light.  Pro’s and Con’s?


COBRA:  There is just one organization out there – the Galactic Confederation.  It’s a union of all the civilizations of light within this Galaxy.  People choose to call it I don’t care.  This is one living organism, living entity of light.  You might encounter this dis-information over the internet from some well intentional and not so well intentional channels.  The real information about the Galactic Confederation will come when the physical members will walk among us in their physical bodies and bring physical evidence of the Galactic races of light.


Alexandra:  You brought up a thought and a friend said:  what if . . . after the time of the event, those star seeds suddenly realize who they are and we are the ascended masters that we have been waiting for.


COBRA:  We are about to remember who we are and step into our full Ascended master presence.  Not yet.  We are headed towards the completion of that process.


Alexandra:   Yes, I agree with that.  How long will it take for people know about the event before it happens


COBRA:  Within 2 hours it will be all over the mass media around the planet.


Alexandra:  What about Obama vs John Kerry.  Distraction the media is using?




* Pope, Jesuits, Muslim Brotherhood (46:35)

Alexandra:  Pope stands for light or dark, Cobra said dark side.  If the pope is for the dark, what does this call for peace prayer mean?   Is it suddenly a good thing to have peace in Syria.  What is driving the people to do this.


COBRA:   I explained this in my last post about the planetary.  The tactics of the Jesuits are similar to the tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood – They put on a friendly face. they are nice to people,   they give a little bit of money to the poor, they organize peace meditations and then they infiltrate a system.  this is their tactics for the last few hundred years.  If you study the history of Jesuits, They infiltrated the world governments being super nice all over the world.  they create central banks.  the next thing you know the Rothchild’s are there.  I don’t trust this pope.  Even though Fulford is very happy with him.


Alexandra:  Did you look at the divine province web-site – (Let me remember).  Asking me what I think about it.


COBRA:  There is some very good information in there if you know where to look.


Alexandra:   That’s true.  It’s like blogging.  You have to shift through the garbage?


COBRA:  750 pages of the document.  Inside there are some real gems.


Alexandra:  Do you feel the pope stepped into the light?


 * Cabal Fractions Jesuits, Rockerfellers, Bushes (21:30) (48:30)

COBRA:  No, He is still a Jesuit and is doing what the Jesuits are supposed to do.

(Puppet)  I would be very careful about him.  The Jesuits are negotiating their way into the surrender.  They are not so crazy as the Rockafeller, Bush and Kissinger.  The jesuits want to negotiate their way out when the Event happens.  This is their strategy.


Alexandra:  That’s a move in the right direction.


COBRA:  Yes, it is beneficial for the light if they play more nice.  I like that but I don’t trust him


Alexandra:  Big concern about Russian troops showing up going house to house in the Mid-west, asking about children, wanting proper ID,  asking to drink their water and go to the bathroom.


COBRA:  I do’t have confirmation of this.  This is Rumors.  I don’t have solid confirmation of this.


Alexandra:  We have talked about this – why do you think fluoride and chlorine have been added to our water.  It’s not that it has or hasn’t.


COBRA:  To make humanity more stupid and compliant to their wishes.


Alexandra:  Filters that work?


COBRA:  Need to find a filter that keeps the essential minerals in the water.


Alexandra:  Are you familiar with Poof and Zap – talking about a financial re-set happening.  Financial re-set being talked about from good contacts.


COBRA:  Poof died this year, May 22.  he had some good intel.  Those reports are not coming from him, and now they are coming from his staff and the quality has gone down.  Same with Dinar happening tonight, tomorrow, Friday, next week, next hours, etc. etc.  It will not happen like that.


* 14% Tax (51:30)

Alexandra:  OK.  This person mentioned you saying there would be a 14% tax on all new goods and services – This feels like the same system packaged in a different box.  People should be able to vote on this.  Is this the goal of a money-free society when we have our technology up to where it should be and we have star trek like replicators and the drive for material objects will be over and money will be obsolete.


COBRA: COBRA:  transitional society.  We can not transition from this society to star trek society in one minute.  Somebody has to finance the bulldozer to build streets.  It will go straight into the infrastructure not into the hands of the cabal.  To pay for that infrastructure and keep it running.


Alexandra:  Getting to end of hour.  Prepare for change meeting in LA for Sept 29.  10:00 a.m.  Go to facebook.com and prepareforchange/losangeles.  More details on that.  I also wanted to thank all of you.  This is a free public service.  We don’t get paid for it.  We would appreciate any donations that you would consider sending our way.


COBRA:  Get prepare for change groups started as soon as possible.  This is crucial to happen before the event.


Alexandra:  I want to thank everyone for sending in their questions.  I know we have more.  I will interview Cobra on current events in a couple weeks.  Keep the questions coming in.  We will continue to try to address them.  I want to thank everybody for supporting Cobra and www.galacticconnection.com.


COBRA:   OK.  Thank you everybody for listening and supporting the light.


I want to thank DaNell Glade for her assistance and speedy delivery of this transcription. She has offered her support with enthusiasm, so if you need transcription services, please support her! Thank you DaNell!


Copyright © Alexandra Silby-Meadors All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:http://galacticconnection.com/all-interview-transcripts/cobra-alexandra-meadors-transcription-listeners-q-september-17-2013/


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