Chose to THRIVE

Recently, my dear mother went through the giant pink door to the other side. You will see why I say pink door, when I relay the following story to you.

8109109672?profile=originalAt the end of a meditation one morning, my guidance indicated that they wished to speak to me regarding my mother. After informing me that she was not long for this world, they indicated that she would have a choice: stay in the astral domain to be around all of her family or to go through a door that would be presented to her. They let me know that it would be in her soul’s best interest to go through the door.

As it turns out, my mother was in her final days. I was able to speak to her about the door. A few days later, she left her body to transition to the other side. She apparently did not hang around the astral planes, for we did not feel her much for the next two weeks.

On the day of her memorial, she came back. Many people at the memorial experienced her in an expanded state, high above the congregation. I felt her joy and her wonderment at having lived a life so full of highs and lows, each experience offering an expansion of presence. She felt like a giant net, now accumulating all the love being radiating up to her from those at her memorial.

A few days later, my mother appeared to me in a meditation and wanted to communicate to me her new state. She felt like a recharged, evolved version of her former self. She wanted to show me the door that she had chosen to go through.

Yes, it was a giant double pink door, arched and with embellishments. It took a few moments to realize that it was indeed the very door she chose to open and go through. With this realization, the doors swung inward and my gaze was directed to a scene below where many people sat conversing at tables in an animated fashion. My mother looked at me and said, “ This reality is very similar to earth-except here, we do not have to survive.”

That phrase stuck me deeply. Suddenly it put our whole reality structure in a different light. I saw in a moment, that our daily construct is centered on “surviving”. We awaken each day and resign ourselves to work so that we can avoid the suffering of not having food or shelter. We are consumed with the business of surviving. Those that have enough worry about keeping it or getting more. Others who do not have enough often suffer physically and emotionally.

The energy that we gain from sleeping and eating all goes to surviving another day on earth. For many, there is little time to focus on practices that would allow them to evolve to become free. They are too busy caught up in the dream of survival. It is this very dream that controls most populations around the planet.

Survival is our greatest instinct – it is literally programed into our DNA. To “survive” means to avoid death – and death is something to be feared. Death is absolute, unless you believe those who communicate with us from the other side. It is better to suffer and survive, rather than pass to the other side, according to the mandate of survival. Get the picture? Survive at all costs, even to your evolution.

From birth, we are indoctrinated into this particular dream, until such a moment that we remember, “this is but a dream.” The practices of freeing oneself from the dream of survival are available, but until recently, kept secret. Because the dream of control and survival is so inherent in every reflection on the planet, we relinquish our freedom to be and our freedom to co-create our reality. Perhaps it is time to shift from the instinct to survive to the choice to thrive!

How can we interrupt this overpowering instinct? We can begin by realizing, through affirming often, that the Universe continues to support us. Take notice of just how perfectly this support occurs in your daily life. Stop noticing the lack and affirm the abundance. Realize that if this is a dream, then the dream can be altered. It takes energy to alter the dream. Find energy gathering practices and make it a top priority to engage with them daily. Meditation, yoga, the mudra dance, Christalis Code activations, mantras, breathing practices, affirmations and Tai Chi are just some of the energy gathering practices known and shared. Click on the links to find those that best suit you.

 The upside? Mental clarity, more energy, better sleep, a calmer spirit, better health and emotional balance are just some of the benefits. As you shift your inner paradigm to flow, grace and abundance, the world around you shifts. As this happens, you will find that you want to help others thrive. It is through this simple shift in consciousness that our world paradigm will evolve to one of freedom and co-creation. Isn’t it time to choose to thrive?


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