8109095086?profile=originalI found it very interesting to read a recent study that suggests children have a strong sense that they existed BEFORE they were conceived into our reality.

Life after death is a popular subject: but to know life before birth seems as exciting!

One published study shows that youngsters intuitively believed they existed before they were conceived onto this planet.

The study by Natalie Emmons and Deborah Kelemen interviewed two groups of children in Ecuador. One was in an urban area and another in an indigenous Shuar village. They were curious to know whether the Shuar kids, who grew up in a natural environment and learn early about the cycle of life and death, would have different view than kids raised in an urban environment.

All the kids were made to look at the image of their pre-pregnancy mother and were asked specific questions.

Interestingly, the researchers found the urban and rural children gave pretty much the same answers to the questions.

These results suggest that, we can possess an intuitive sense of our self that is very distinct from our bodies.

It is good that science is confirming what we believe regarding consciousness.

In early childhood we can develop a strong feeling that we existed

even before our bodies came into being here on Earth.

We need to accept that we are eternally divine.

That feeling is so magical and so special.~


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  • Alveta your grandaughter is super cute!



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  • My granddaughter she know she been here before. 8115010467?profile=original

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    Love, Light & Respect Sitara... ApotheosisRising247

  • Ogdoo thanks for sharing your wonderful insight :)

    this is also what the Archangels have revealed previously. Basically when the heart is pumping in a foetus (usually from 8 weeks onwards which is 3-6 months prior to birth)  -the soul will be allowed to enter - visit -and leave - but it is always around its mother. Many mothers actually have dreams of their babies telling them a variety of things before they are born. I will talk about that in another blog :)  <3

  • Interesting :) Recently I just read in my book by Michael Newton (a hypnotherapist regressing souls in their after death state). He found that a soul usually enters a human baby 3-6 months prior to birth. The soul is then integrating to form a bond with the babys brain, sort of like establishing a connection without removing any of the brains natural traits. The soul then takes small breaks when it gets "boring" and leave the body to explore the surroundings or connect with other souls, but it never fully takes all of it's energy away from the baby. The soul is being concious and remembering everything about this life and body they chose before entering until shortly after birth when the amnesia is being put in place.

    This is basically what I read and I recalled it with my own words. It's very interesting to know, especially when others validate this information as well. :)

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