Some good information on how to endure the Indigo to Crystal shift, from AA Michael through Celia Fenn. Thanks to Shauniel.


Why We Feel So Tired So Often
by Celia Fenn

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Many people who are going through the Indigo to Crystal shift find that intense fatigue and tiredness are two of the predominant symptoms of their shift. They feel exhausted all the time, and just want to sleep. And when they do sleep, they sleep deeply and do not want to get up.

So, what is happening, and why do we feel this way.

Archangel Michael explains that there are three different processes that cause the fatigue. These are:

Emotional Body Clearing
De-toxification of the Physical and Subtle Bodies
Full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

Each of these aspects can be handled in a different way.


Emotional Body Clearing

At the beginning of the process, we undergo intense emotional body clearing. This involves clearing the psyche and the subconscious of all old patterns of trauma and self-sabotage.The intensity of this process will depend on how much clearing you have already done in your preparation for ascension. I am a healer, and I helped many people to prepare, but never really found the time to fully complete my own process, so when I hit the transition I experienced intense emotional body processing for several months. The stuff just poured out of my subconscious, and I had weird dreams and anxiety attacks as I battled to process the trauma of my inner child.This kind of trauma release is exhausting! Some people don’t fully realise what is happening, as they do most of their releasing through dream work at night. But those who suffer anxiety attacks are often doing this processing during the day.

At this point you may need help to work with letting go of old patterns being held by the Inner Child. This is where you need to really do your Inner Child work. Find a good therapist, do a workshop, or find a good book, but let go of the patterns of your wounded child!

And then understand that while you are doing this clearing you will be exhausted. You have spent most of your life repressing these energies. Processing them is hard work. But worth it! when you are finished you will have cleared your psyche of subconscious patterns of self-sabotage, and will be able to function from a space of complete clarity and purity of intention.

De-Toxification of the Physical and Subtle Bodies

This process of deep cleansing is associated with the processes mentioned above. As the emotions are released, so are all the old mental and physical blocks and patterns that are associated with them.These old “toxic” energies are passed through the subtle bodies and cleared through the physical. In addition, any old toxins that the physical body is holding will be cleared at this time.

This process of cleansing and de-toxification puts considerable strain on the organs of elimination, being the kidneys and the liver. Hence many of you may experience having bags under your eyes, evidence of kidney stress, and digestive disturbances such as heartburn and flatulence, evidence of liver stress. In addition you may experience pains in the joints, which is also a characteristic of detoxification, as excess acids are released from their storage in the body.

In addition, these processes of elimination will also make you feel tired, and you may be prone to headaches – all symptoms of detoxification. That is why you will need to drink lots of clear, clean water and try to eat a healthy diet as far as is possible.

Full Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

This is the most exciting part, and happens throughout the process. It is responsible for the “spaciness” that so many of you are feeling.Archangel Michael asked me to explain this to you in terms of the frequencies of the brain waves. As you enter mutli-dimensional awareness, you expand the range of consciousness that your body can handle and the ways in which it is handled.

The brainwave frequencies are as follows:

Beta- “normal” waking consciousness
Alpha – light meditation
Theta – deep meditation
Delta – the sleep state or deep hypnosis
Gamma – rapid eye movement or the deepest state of sleep/hypnosis where operations can be performed without pain

A third-dimensional being functions in the Beta range, and moves into Alpha in states of creativity and prayer.A fifth-dimensional being functions between Beta/Alpha/Theta in the normal waking state.

Your multi-dimensional awarenss allows your consciousness to shift in this range, while you are awake!!! But this is what causes “fatigue”. Your body has always recognised Theta as a state of deep relaxation prior to sleep, and so when your brain waves shift to Theta it sends you a message to say that you are tired and about to go to sleep! And so because we are conditioned to respond to that cue with tiredness and sleep, we feel that we need to go and sleep.

A sixth-dimensional being in training for full 9D Christ Consciousness will be learning to move through Delta to Gamma in the normal waking state!! Now your body definitely thinks it’s asleep!! The trick is to learn to move with these states, without panicking or getting “lost” in a dream-like state. Those of us who are doing this work often feel like we are living in a slow-mo dream world, and this is in fact true. We are living in the dream state in our waking consciousness.

This will take a while to master, but once mastered it is the key to immense creativity and the manifestation of “miracles”. In this deep state of consciousness we can literally bend and shape time and matter with pure intention. So, understand that your body is learning to adapt to a different range of brain-wave frequencies.

A Note of Caution

Please be careful when in any of the above states that you are aware of the following:

Stay Grounded. Work at keeping in your body. Do not take recreational drugs or smoke dope at this time, it will intefere with the natural expansion of consciousness.

Distinguish between real tiredness and expanded consciousness. Be kind to yourself. If you feel tired – rest. In fact, you will need significant amounts of rest as you pass through this process. if you try to overdo things you will become hyper and will probably crash into exhaustion anyway.

Be careful. If you are driving a car, concentrate and focus. So many people are having accidents because they are unaware of what happens when their brain shifts frequencies. It is just a matter of being grounded and concentrating. Tell your body and your guidance that for the duration of the journey you need to be able to concentrate fully on what you are doing.

Relax – it will pass. Soon you will become used to working with these different frequencies. I have begun to have a lot of fun with the dreamy, spacy state, and I am learning to use the creativity that it engenders. I am also learning how to shift frequencies at will. Yes, we are truly becoming Crystal or Christed.





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  • Thank you Celia and Archangel Michael XXX I am doing "The Journey" healing meditation cd's and nearly all of the above is happening exactly as described. It is wildly good, groundbreaking, unheard of joy, finding that long lost memory of HOME, deep within...   contentment, friendship, knowingness, release, detachment, peace, love, strength, confidence, humour, song, dance, gratitude, just happy, happy, happy... I believe it is our HIgher Self. At the same time, though, it's powerfully exhausting, and I can hardly bother moving... Bless you Lightworkers :)))

  • ive been feeling exhausted and sleeping alot for a few weeks,i dont know whether im coming or going half the time be glad when we all ascend, it will be worth it,we,ve come so far nearly at the finish line.
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