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Can you help identify this being please?

Hi, I could do with some help identifying an extradimentional being. I found it with a friend of mine and I don't think it works for the light but I've never come accross one like this before and wondered if anyone else has.


It's a short clockwork thing, with lots of cogs, bronze coloured, wearing a cloak I think. When I was trying to look at it I heard a wierd chittering noise. It dosn't seem to be doing anyting to my friend and I can't work out what it wants. My friend is a powerful lightworker who has been under the influence of a watcher Draco which was recentally smited. I don't know if that has any relavance or not.


Any information on creatures of this kind would be gratfully recived. It's good to know a bit about what your up against before having to deal with it.




Happy :)

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Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on September 16, 2011 at 4:07pm
Nice explanation, Adonai El Ra :)  Wonderful!
Comment by Adonai El Ra on September 16, 2011 at 9:38am
i think i can actually,  Its not a "being" so much as a machine which can connect with your beingness to aid in connection and alignment to the greater multidimensional system.  It is a base component for a system that when in place completely will allow for sentient interaction with the multidimensional capable world created with the 144 grid.  With out the grid, grid masters and world builders would have to utilize the strength of their own aura energy field and inner energetic light quotient as well as bioelectric energy to strengthen the dimensional definition discrimination in order to be able to operate upon it to create the mechanisms of new abilities and evolutionary traits that depend upon the higher dimensional state that is becoming available.  Being what we are and seeking enlightenment this will require a certain willful method of interacting directly with these dimensions and this construction coming in so to speak and that means a personal nexus and system interpreter while our dna is being activated and new evolutionary abilities and biology is forming a direct biological connection.  This interpreter ,which is what you see, keeps a constant track of dimensional state and personal state, passes operation commands to the body in secure way for biology manipulation at the dna and energetic levels as well a pheromone/hormone stimulation within the body through direct neural stimulation, It also passes along to system your current will/desires for its operation upon your body allowing for personalization of your evolution within standards, along with standard communication to your operator so to speak, It will act as your umbilical cord so to speak during ascension, though it is attached to your immediate vicinity and more or less your personal extension/space of direct reality directly and the space within it is done energetically.  Once the biological aspect of your shift is complete and the basic neural mechanisms of their interaction in place and the neurons impulse pattern programing strengthened and basic error testing completed, they will be activated and your biological connection established to the higher dimensional systems and SYSTEMA the oversystem, then a short period of signal discrimination and phase locking.  Once that connection is established, fortified, secured, and encrypted and connection locked in to SYSTEMA the metaphysical umbilical cord will be detached.  After this you will meet your teachers.
Comment by Happy on September 15, 2011 at 10:36pm
It kinda does, but a watcher, for who? I'll try talking to my guides more to try to work this out. Whatever it is it's covering it's tracks and being sneeky. Thanksv :)
Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on September 15, 2011 at 9:10pm
Does the word 'watcher" mean anything to you?  The word popped into my mind, not sure what it could be either.


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