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Torpoint, Cornwall


November 24

About Yourself

I’m an artist. I have been blessed with many talents. Creating beautiful things is my favourite things to do, weather it’s painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, playing music or anything else. For a few years now I’ve been carving serpentine stone. It’s a beautiful stone that comes from near where I live, it’s full of bright colours in pretty patterns. I love in a beautiful part of England where the fairy and other magic creatures still live. I love to go for walks in the country especially in the woods. I am always amazed by the beauty of nature. I’ve always been a bit different. Many strange thing have happened to me in my life, so many that the weird has become normal to me. I’ve been to 3 eclipses, which were all amazing. I feel that I'm quite an old soul and one day soon I'd like to go home. I've lived somewhere from Orion, Plaidies and Sirrius. I've been working on this beautiful planet for what seems like a long time now and I'm so excited that we're nearly at the end of the 4th age of Earth. This year I've been learning to channel, which I sometimes find hard work but it's very rewarding. I mostly work with the element of water. I'm good friends with a dragon, she's a water dragon and it's so much fun to go flying with her. I can do some telikenisis (but if I do it wrong I get the worst headaches ever). I love Tai Chi, esspecially the energetic work side of it. :)

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Matt, my Tai Chi teacher AA Micheal, Merlin, Dins Kiy, Charkirah, Jesus (the Dude)

Happy replied to angelus's discussion Differences about how the relationships can work between dimensions 3 vs 4 - 5th
"Thanks for this great info. It really helps to explain some problems I'm having in my realstionship. I mostly think from the 4-D collum, but he's very much in the 3-D one. So alot about how I think he just dosn't understand. Unfortunally it's now…"
May 29, 2015
Happy replied to Monika Suzette Heath's discussion Question about names of god or THEE GOD
"It all gets really confusing. When I was 16 I decided I was a religion all of my very own, so for me I call the Divine Spirit, Bob! This works well for me, because it's my own personal way to connect to spirit. So I feel that for each person the way…"
Nov 19, 2014
Happy replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion British Palarnment And Crown Will Cease To Exist From November
"Although this seems really bad it's quite interesting if you know about common law. I'm definatly part of an indigenous peoples, I'm a celt! So I'm the Queen and we can all be kings and queens... Now where's my crown?

Also I found the Treaty of…"
Nov 10, 2014
Happy commented on Will's blog post A Message To Those Who Read Channelings And The Channelers Themselves
"This is really great. People can get so lost in all the channeled messages, argueing about conflicting information and getting disapointed when the channeled predictions do not arrive. Although I sometimes read or listen to some channelings, I dont…"
Nov 10, 2014

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amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post The Ascended Master Hilarion Connection(c) Update
"Blessings dear friend and welcome back...I am always glad seeing you here...We Are One..."
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amparo alvarez commented on amparo alvarez's blog post Commander Ashian: Dissolving the Crust - Jennifer Crokaert ~
"Thank you Comdr. Ashian...This is such a beautiful and simply truthful message...I am grateful to you...I am the Light, I am the Love, I am the Truth, I AM...And so are all..."
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March 3, 2021The Rules of the Game on Planet Earth ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We have been waiting for the most appropriate moment to…
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SANAT KUMARA SAVES THE EARTHPosted by amparo alvarez on June 13, 2020 at 10:58pmBELOVED SANAT KUMARA (‘Ancient of Days’ in the Old Testament)NOTE:  Beloved Sanat Kumara returned to Venus, His home planet, and was released from his millions of years…
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amparo alvarez posted a discussion in UNIVERSAL LAWS
Albert Einstein: Patterning of the Universe Part 2 OF 2 Heavenly Blessings ~ Albert Einstein: Patterning of the Universe Part 2Meditation: 9:07 to 14:50Transcript, ChannelingSuzi: Good morning and welcome to a New Year and a new life with Heavenly…
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amparo alvarez posted a discussion in UNIVERSAL LAWS
Albert Einstein: The Patterning of the Universe Part 1 of 2 “All of the Universe is patterned on the Mother, the Father, and the One.” ~ Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein,Through Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of LoveChakra Meditation starts at…
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