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Hereisa sample of one of the Ascension Lessons from Sananda (Jesus)

From the Four-Book Series of the Same Name

ChanneledThroughthe Body of Debbie Wright

Lesson 43 --- "Glimmers ofAscension"

SANANDA: I have decided, at the last minute, to come in and give a
much-needed lesson. And I haven't really thought of a name for this
lesson yet. I think I'll leave that to someone else. But I have decided
to come in and discuss a small handful of things, just to clarify

These are called 'ascension lessons', and we have alsoreferred to them as 'Jacob's Ladder', and not too long ago, we had a
question asked to where I guess we could now even call them 'tools for
self-empowerment'. However, that information did not go out to those
that have been reading the lessons. My suggestion is, is perhaps that
little tidbit be tacked on to the end of this lesson, as to what was
said, for it was a bit powerful in and of itself. It was small, but it
was good if I do say so myself. However, no matter what you call these,
essentially they are nothing more than glimmers of hope, glimmers of
your missions, glimmers and glimpses into who you truly are and will be
again. For it was your choice to come into this lifetime, onto this
planet, into these bodies, with all these wonderful veils and added-on
restrictions and limitations that you brought in to yourself. And you
did this for a multitude of reasons.

One reason that many of youhave in common is you volunteered to come and assist this planet in the
preparations that she was to go through, to bring her closer to the All
That Is. Some of you may have even chosen to do this as nothing more
than a lark, an adventure, an experience perhaps that you just decided
that you wished to have within yourself. Some of you came in to tie up
some loose knots, to finish perhaps what was not finished at another
time in another place. No matter what the reason that you chose to come
in to this reality in this time and place, YOU did it, you chose it. And
many of you have finally gotten here to reading these lessons, and
coming together with others that are reading these lessons, due to the
fact that you know that this experience, this reality, isn't all that
there really is. However, many of you still have those restrictions,
limitations, and veils that, even though you 'feel' that there's more to
it, you still doubt… because perhaps everyone around you is saying,
"You're crazy!" or everyone around you is denying what it is that you
feel, and you listen to them. Well, that is what these lessons have
been: validation for you, confirmation for you, plus a few suggestions,
and hints on how to get past allowing what others say or do effect the
truth that you truly feel.

I have come into a body, repeatedly,to give these lessons, and we have attempted, while doing so, to not
step on too many toes. And if we did step on toes, we've attempted to
buffer it a bit, and even forewarn you at times. However, this evening I
am going to tell you a little bit about MY reality and what many of you
are striving to get to. And we're going to clear up some, perhaps,
'misperceptions' that have gotten tangled in along the way. Please bear
in mind that they have become tangled due to some of you not wishing to
let go of some of the learning that you've had in the past. And just
because I tell you of my reality now doesn't mean that I'm asking you to
change your mind. I'm just going to explain to some of you what WE do…
the ones that so many of you wish to communicate with, or strive to be
like, or wish to have in your lives on a more regular basis.

Well,firstof all, we eat, we drink, and we sleep, and we work. And there
are times that we fall ill, and there are times that we get angry. And
we do have egos. Now, before I go any further, I wish to explain
something. There are approximately 150 of us that were of a very high
dimension, so high that we were without form, we were without body, and
we chose to do a job to assist a need. But we knew that we would do best
by interacting with those of you that are in this reality. And when we
are of that high of a vibration that we no longer require a form or
body, it is beyond you in this reality to be able to have comprehension
of what we are saying. So, therefore, those of us in that approximately
150 made a decision. We decided to be a 'different' Grand Experiment. We
decided to pick a reality, a dimension very close to your own, that
required a form, that required a body, and we brought ourselves into
that dimension. We had the ability and the technology to manifest, from
that higher dimension, bodies, forms, and in some cases, even
'equipment'. And we have taken residence in those forms and those
bodies, and we have brought our vibratory rate down to where we might
interact with you so that we can do our job. For many of us had
contracted with many of you, previous to all this, to do this together.
So we fulfilled that contract with each other, and we developed
tendencies that these manufactured bodies required… separation from each
other. Instead of being Light that freely flows within each other as a
form of interaction, we put up barriers between each other so that we
were giving ourselves a taste of what we would be working with you on.
So now we have to take in sustenance, we require sleep, we require rest,
and there are times that we also require to 'vent' a little bit… to
just allow ourselves the opportunity to let our feelings be known, above
and beyond propriety's sake.

We did not invent for ourselves, ormanufacture for ourselves, the veils that you have. We have full
conscious knowledge of what and who we truly are, and we have a contract
with the bodies that we manufactured, that these bodies will sustain
us, and we will be good to these bodies and provide for them, until this
job is done. And we are restricted within these bodies during that
process. That is part of the contract. So, you see, we do not take
weekends off and leave our bodies and go skipping around the universes
doing whatever. You see, we wish to have a taste of some of the
limitations and restrictions that we are assisting you with. Now, we are
not asking any of you to pity us or feel sorry for us. But we do
believe that, because of the fact that some of you know that we are not
technically of that dimension that we are working from now, there might
be some misunderstandings as to what it is that we are doing, and how
and why, and when it shall end. It shall end when the job is done.

Timedoesnot exist on the scale for us that it exists for you due to the
fact that we have no veils. So, therefore, we realize and recognize that
a revolution around your tiny little sun actually has nothing at all to
do with the concept of time as it truly is. It means something to you
because you are here, and it was a way to plan when to plant, when to
reap harvest, when to prepare for weather that was caused by your
revolution around your little sun. We understand that. And since we do
stick pretty close to you, it affects us, also. However, when you live
aboard craft that does not require planting or harvesting or, perhaps,
even climate-control due to bad weather, we do not have to deal with the
rougher aspects that you deal with on a day-to-day basis. Most of you
have the conception of the idea that when this job is done you're going
to end up in a place and a time where you do not have to worry about
those things. Well, some of you won't, but many of you will. It all
depends upon your contracts. And it is not up to me as to whether you
stay here or leave. In the next major vibratory shift, when this planet
goes through her ascension into and firmly implanted in the fifth
dimension, she will still revolve around your sun. She will still have
seasons. You will still plant, and you will still harvest, however, it
will not be as barbaric. We have talked before about some of you
thinking that you will be able to instantly manifest and change your
bodies at will. Things will not be that way. It's just that you will not
have the 'fight' within yourself of the doubt that most of you have now
that prevent you from manifestation. You will also feel a closer
connection to this planet, you will be able to 'feel' her better, her
needs, and adjust yourselves accordingly to her just as she will be able
to better adjust herself accordingly to you. However, can you ask her
to NOT give you winter? No. Because then you're asking her to go against
her Divine Blueprint, her natural course that has been established for
her for her entire life, not just her life in 3D, but her 'entire' life.

Now,whenyou get to where I am, yes, you will still have an ego. You will
still have pride, you will probably even still have jealousy, however,
you will be able to recognize it and then deal with it accordingly.
Where we are, we are more open to each other. If I were to attempt to
lie to my brother Ashtar he would know immediately that it was a
falsehood because we are just more connected to each other, since we do
not have so many veils. But when you get here, you will not have so
many. And since you will not have so many limitations, because you will
be able to understand when you have reached something within your
conscious being that IS a limitation, then you can see each others
auras, you can feel each others pain, and you have more compassion for
each other to where you can understand the truth behind the words. And
once you can reach that point, then some of your other gifts that you
have questioned in this dimension and reality, will come much easier to
you… telepathy, for instance. You will not have to question those
abilities so much.

We have come for the 'need'. YOU came for thesame need. We just came from different places, some of us, to be here to
assist. The 'need' outweighs anything else. And it is easier for us to
see, in this reality and dimension, that when something interferes with
the process of assisting the need, then there is definitely a lesson to
be learned. And if it's the same thing that comes up again and again…
whether it be your abundance, whether it be your joy, whether it be your
compassion or your lack of compassion… if you have those same lessons
that come up time and time again, you can most rest assured that the
lesson has not been learned yet and that it is a lesson that you maybe
ought to pay attention to if it keeps coming up that much. Something
very important is happening, and if you can stand outside of yourselves
and take a look at it, and understand it from a different point of view,
perhaps you can see why it's important for the 'need'.

Mybrother Ashtar and I bumped heads many times. We still do. My brother
Ashtar has great responsibilities, and he very rarely takes time off,
and he rarely has fun outside of his job. He has learned over the course
of many, many, many of your years to make his job fun. But that doesn't
mean he doesn't take it very seriously at the same time. He just gives
himself a better job by making it fun. I, on the other hand, have a job
that I see as more fun than responsibility. Just a point of view
difference. For you see, I get to come in and interact. I get to come in
and hug, and take someone very precious to me and press their face
against my breast so that they might know that I am near. I get to come
in and visit with a roomful of beings and get them to laugh, and give
them a boost. Some of you have mentioned that, while you are here in
this room when I am here, you do not feel the same as you feel after I'm
gone. Well, I give you a little 'boost'. I send out the emanation of
where I am from, to give you a little bit of a glimpse, a taste, of what
it is like to be without the burden of all of these veils and
limitations that you have upon yourselves. That's why some of you are
able to then say, "Ahhh… I remembered it so much more clearly at the
time, and then when I come back I don't." That is why. So, therefore, I
give you a boost. And for every person that reads these lessons, I visit
them when I feel their energy on the lessons, and I attempt to give
them a little boost, too. Just a little one, just to let them know that
they are not alone.

Now, what does all of this have to do withascension? Absolutely nothing, if you wish to pick at it. However, we
have suggested numerous times to take it into consideration to not look
forward to the ultimate, but live in the now. Do what needs to be done
now so you can enjoy what it is that is happening now. But I guess that
is a hard concept for some. For, if you live your life for a future
event, you miss so much of the experience that you've brought yourself
in here to experience. Now is the perfect time, now is the perfect
place, because YOU chose it for whatever reason you chose it for. And in
every moment of 'now' that you have, it is a learning experience, and
it is a worthwhile learning experience. I have come in sometimes to
teach these classes when there has been something brought to my
attention, that in my infinite way, I decided to take advantage of that
situation and perhaps come in to teach a lesson that might help resolve
that. That is what this evening is all about. I have come for a 'need'
which is attached to the 'need', which is attached to 'the' need. And I
am giving loving energy to all those that will listen or read this
lesson, that you… no matter who or where you are when you hear or read
this… you are here for a reason, you are here by your choice. And you
and I have a contract with each other to assist 'the need'. And 'the
need', for most of you, is the need of the planet and the peoples in
general of this planet. I do not wish to burst your bubble, if you still
harbored the thought, that when all is said and done from this
lifetime, you will be in a place and time of total freedom, complete
abundance, and effortlessly manifesting anything and everything your
heart desires. Some of you will be just that. Some of you have
contracted to just 'be' here until that moment. Some of you have
contracted to go somewhere in between.

GUEST: In between?

SANANDA:Thehigher dimensions that require no form or body, or just the one
that this planet will end up at. There are many in between, you realize.

Now…whenthings get tense, and when things seem hopeless, does that mean
you're living in the 'now'? Because being in the 'now', there is nothing
hopeless. Being 'in the moment' is a moment of Love, is a moment of
Hope, is a moment of connection. Sometimes you may not feel the
connection strongly, but when you are not projecting to the past or to
the future, but you are doing what needs to be done 'now', you are so
occupied that the connection has to be felt on some level.

GUEST:Like a spark.

SANANDA: Most definitely. Some of you may havejobs to where you say, "But I am in the 'now', I am doing my job and I
am totally consumed with my job in that moment." But if you do not like
your job, if you do not like your work, or if you do not like your Self,
then being consumed with that is not in the 'now'. You have programmed
yourself to be consumed by it to just get it done or you might be fired…
which is projecting to the future. Or you might be punished… which is
projecting to the past. You're establishing for yourself an entirely new
'need'. That is it. When you are truly 'in the moment' of 'now', you
feel no boundaries even though you know they're there. You have allowed
your Self to be entirely within a space of completion. If it rains, and
it is a rain to where you can walk outside, lift your face up to the
clouds, spread your arms wide, perhaps open your mouth to catch a few
raindrops, and spin… you're in that moment. If you're standing on the
top of a mountain and you're overlooking a grandeur beyond your
comprehension, you're in the moment. If you're at the birth of your baby
and you come completely out of the pain and the agony of what it took
to get that child there, and you see that tiny creature for the first
time, and its eyes open and look directly at you, you are in that
moment. THAT is your goal for 'now'.

GUEST: Is this the key tomastering time?

SANANDA: It is the key to mastering whatever youneed to get you out of yourself and into completion. That is out of
time, out of space, and out of limitation. And sometimes even out of
ego. Because, believe it or not, your egos love to be in that moment,
because in that moment, your ego is at rest, taking a break.

I'mnot going to ask any more questions this week, and I think this lesson
will be one that will give many pause. However, I would like to end with
a 'suggestion'. I suggest that at the moment you finish reading this,
if you're sitting in a chair, sit back in your chair, close your eyes,
take a deep breath, and think of being outside in the rain with your
face up, your arms wide, your mouth open, and you and I are spinning.
And I will be there. That is the lesson.


JANISEL: What is your definition ofself-empowerment?

SANANDA: 'Getting it'.

GUEST: Soself-empowerment is, once you 'get it', you get to ascend.

SANANDA:No.Self-empowerment… this is going to be wonderful <grin>… does
not come in one step. It comes in however many steps you have up your
ladder. And each time you take one of those steps up your ladder, you
have just become self-empowered… just a little bit more.

JANISEL:So you're not really self-empowered until you reach the top of the

SANANDA: Humans cannot be 'fully' self-empowered. Weshall leave it at that.

JANISEL: Well, what is BEINGself-empowered? What does it consist of? Not 'how' you get it, or 'when'
you get it, but 'what' it is.

SANANDA: What it is, is lettingloose of everything that keeps you from being in your power. You see, by
the time that you were this one's age [Ryan, age 11], you had armor
plating all around you. And this armor plating was made up of little
tiny pieces of 'you can't do this'. Thousands of them. And you had no
idea that you had armor, and you had no idea that you had been building
this armor since the moment that you came out of the womb. It began with
that doctor saying you must breathe, slapping you on the bottom and
saying, "That'll help you!" And that little tiny body screams in agony
and says, "Breathing hurts!" Bet you didn't know that one. <grin>
For every one of those infants that had their bottoms whacked for that
first breath, they have a chink in their armor that says, "Breathing
hurts." Every person that you ever meet in your life that does not
breathe properly, got that chink of armor.

JANISEL: Why did theynot start breathing on their own at birth?

SANANDA: The doctorwas impatient! If that child is taken lovingly out of the womb and
placed against the gentle breath of the mother, and is stimulated gently
and lovingly, the natural thing for that child to do is go, [inhale]
"Ahhhh….." Does this not make sense? Now, all of you have reached a time
in the point of your life where you feel like you are something HUGE,
but you have this armor keeping you in place. So you say, "Oh… I don't
like this! What IS this?" You itch, you ache, you just do not feel
comfortable any longer. Then one night, you sit in a roomful of people
that you love, and that love you, and this brilliant Being says, "You
were whacked on the bottom and you hate to breathe because of that." and
that chink just fell off. That chink in the armor just fell onto the
ground… because you identified it. You said, "Oh my gosh!" You could
feel it down to your toes, couldn't you? That one little chink of armor
fell off. Now… find all the rest of them. And every time you have a
section of all those little chinks that have fallen off, you just took
another step up that ladder, and you just became a little bit more
self-empowered. And by the time that whole body of armor is gone, this
human body will not be able to contain you, and you will break free and
be TOTALLY self-empowered! Now, how was that for a description?

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