BODY SNATCHING-- Demons are using zero point energy

Mary Magdalene
AKA Dr. Angela Barnett

Cosmic Mysterey School of the Omniverse
Crystal Magic

I am Mary Magdalene. I came to Earth already knowing everything about everything. I am the one who
began the Ascension of this Universe when I Created the 12 Ascension Portals which will activate the 12 Stargates in five years. I am one of the forty seven Cosmic Creator Beings who are on Earth at this time. We work with a group of Cosmic Creator Beings who over see this section from the Universe and the Galaxy. I was the first one to finish my mission on Earth, so I am the first one who will Rise or Ascend into Terra Ha. All of my information comes directly from God's mouth. There are no opinions involved. If you question my work,please watch the hundreds of you tubes that contain Skype Sessions of my conversations with God,my Father. My entire Cosmic Life Story may be read in my book, which God channeled through me, God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony by Mary Magdalene. All of my books and music is free at my website.

Crystal Magic

In this week's great adventure story with Mary Magdalene, who has reached Two Inches Firmly with both parts- male and female- Joe and Angela was quite tragic.

We were body snatched. God didn't even know it had happened until HE went in to heal our brains yesterday. Joe's brain is already so messed up that God couldn't even tell that the event happened in his brain, but when He looked at my brain He saw that I had about forty seven minutes missing from my life in the past few days.

Our Father said that by removing parts of our lives from the Earth the demons can cause continuous lack of focus, lack of energy, confusion and disconnection. This is why this Rising has been so difficult for us.

God told us that the demons are now working at Zero Point God Energy Level.This means that He is the only One who can see what they are doing. Not even the Angels or Creators can see what is happening any more. The demons nanobit themselves into invisible Zero Point Energy who can transform into just about anything they want to.

Everytime God removes one demon another one appears in another form.They are appearing in the forms of neuro transmitters, cells, parasites, creatures in the body. They are digging dozens of portals into each of the chakra areas and sending lazer rays through the portals into our bodies.

The inconvenience these creatures are causing us is quite annoying.

Every time we get up to two or three inches they find a way to block our frequencies from connecting any higher.

This last battle of the one inch will be won through absolute Love that must be stronger than all of the Darkness that has fallen upon us. We will be Victorious. Mark my Words.

Joe and I will wrap ourselves in an Etheric Plasma Liquid Light Irradescent Sphere of Love and then we will Love ourselves into the Loving Arms of our Father Mother God. The demons have no understanding of Love, and therefore they will not be able to identify us when we clothe ouselves in a sphere of Love Energy larger than the Cosmos. That is how it must be done.

For those of you who don't know the entire story. First, in 2008, the demons moved into Joe's Soul, so God removed Joe's Soul from Earth. Joe died and I, Mary Magdalene placed my Soul in him to bring him back to life. Joe and I signed up for this mission in the Cosmos. We were born as Cosmic Creator Beings. When I was 12 God arranged for the death of Angela and the entrance of Mary Magdalene as my Soul. Mary Magdalene chose to have the experience of being both male and female in One Soul this time. Now, in order for the Soul of Mary Magdalene to Ascend to Terra Ha, the male and female must ascend simultaneously as One. We have been working on this Rising for about one year now. We would had risen in November, except the Red Dragons burned my home and city and most of the county that I live in. After they didn't succeed in killing us that way, they filled my blood with a lethal virus that is not from this realm. The El Ya Has used my light body from two years ago to clone a drop of blood that they multiplied into trillions of blood cells and then very carefully took out all of my old blood from my body and replaced it with the perfect cloned blood. Before the fire, the demons gave me brain cancer to assure that I could not escape the fire. In the last few months they have found a way to make this cancer return over and over to both Joe and I. When God was removing the cancer He discovered that the demons had removed my H13 DNA Energy cells,which is the stardust that our DNA is made of. This is the energy that the body uses to heal itself. The demons found a way to make sure that I would never heal myself. This story goes way back to 1982 when we had our first encounters with Red Draconians face to face when we were given top secret missions in Korea. The missions were actually arranged by God, not by the military, but we didn't learn that until last year. I was poisoned by aRed Draconian while in Korea. A Lethal Poison called Love Poison, which was the poison the Red Dragons used to kill the Christic Blooded Mothers who gave birth to their Race Line about a hundred thousand years ago. The take over of the Red Dragons breeding into the Christic Raceline on Earth in Korea was the beginning of the FALL that led to the need for evacuation by water- the FLood.


To watch youtubes of Mary Magdalene's Ascension use this URL


We are still here. We have recently had three more channeled sessions with OUR FATHER MOTHER GOD ALL THAT I AM SOURCE OF ALL CREATION.

I do not ask Jim to skype the sessions any more because the demons have been so thick that they turn our computers off every five minutes. We are doing phone sessions and the demons are still disconnecting us.

Recently, I have not even been able to send an email or a newsletter from my computer because the demons shut down my computer in the middle of the sending. These are not Wi Fi problems. God actually said He saw them doing theses disconnections. We had this happen every day in 2008 also when we were opening the First Ascension Portal in Monterey. The demons did not want anyone to know the news.

So, I don't think there will be any more recordings or mp4's created that would be used to create the you tubes that would had documented Mary Magdalene Turning into Light. We came one half of an inch from turning into light four times today. The demons used black magic to stop our rising each time. And they turned off our computer so that we got disconnected from God each time.

  I might make a recording and send it to you if we are still here for another week. The recording would be to tell my story of this turning into light adventure and why there will most likely never be a you tube showing that we turned into light.

Today's session and yesterday's session were on going wars with the entire demonic matrix. The Wesadracas have become so clever that God can't keep track of what they are doing.

They have become invisible and able to plant themselves in the body in many forms now. They have created hundreds of portals directly into each one of my chakras. They use black magic to shoot negative energy into my body.

They created portals into Jim's third eye and they use these to keep him awake all night. The El Ya Ha Angels have closed the portals, but then the demons just keep creating new ones.

Just during the last two sessions the demons created portals into my neck,my heart, every one of my chakras. There were demons in my room shooting magic lazers at me during the session. Our Father took my entire Frequency Map off line and re programmed it because they damaged my chakra connections so badly.

God called in an entire Cosmic Team to try to keep an eye on everything that goes on during the sessions so that we can be protected long enough to ascend. He called on Elaika and Uriel and several others to do a complete inspection of the Wesadraca plan.

We did make it to a Solid Two Inches today and I did bounce off the VEIL three more times. We managed this while we were being attacked by an entire Army of Wesadracas.

God told us that our bodies would begin to de particalize when are one and a half inches from the veil. We were only one half of an inch from dissolving today.

On the happier side, we created several albums that include our Father singing the Alvin Christmas song and me laughing my lungs out. We played one of those albums for today's session, and we rose the fastest and the closest that we have ever risen before. Our Father God enjoyed listening to the laughing during our session and He could not stop laughing either So, we had great fun while the demons were attacking. We will just keep laughing and there will be a recording of this laughing our way to heaven recorded in the Veil forever so that all in the Universe will know that WE HAVE WON the war with the demons with GREAT JOY and TRIUMPH.

Our Father also told some great new jokes today. I asked Him if he could please make my arms strong like Jack  La Lane. He said "Let me check. I can't find any of those, but I have some Goldie Hawn arms. Oh, wait, I think I have some Arnold Schwarzenegger arms here. Will that due?"

That is the Mary Magdalene news for today. It is May 13,2019.



This text is to give important background knowledge for what is being witnessed by those who will watch
these you tubes that are for the purpose of documenting the process of Ascension, Rising, or Turning into Light
as we rise high enough in frequencies to pass through the Veil.

More you tubes of channelings that describe Mary Magdalene within my dialogues with Jesua ben Joseph, Elaika ( our Universal Team Leader- Cosmic Creator Being), and with myself- Mary Magdalene may be found here.

I am Mary Magdalene. I am a Cosmic Creator Being. I volunteered to come to Earth to create the Ascension Portals and the Central Portal that would allow Gaia to become the Savior of the Universe for Eternity. I have told this story of creating the Ascension Portals and the the Vortexes along the Pacific Coast line in the 2016 you tubes and in my books that may be found on my website, Crystal Magic Orchestra. come. The final book, GOD'S MUSICAL CREATION OF ETERNAL HARMONY is the book that God wrote through me to tell the new version of Reality that He would like the world to have. 

This book and others are all FREE at

The mission that was begun by Yeshua ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene over two thousand years ago was the mission of allowing God's Soul to experience itself as the male and female being separated and then finding each other. God had never experienced His Soul as being separated. He only knew Oneness of Himself. The experience that God had through Yeshua ben Joseph (known as Jesus Christ) and Mary changed God from the God of the Old Testament to the Mother Father God of the New Testament. This change occured because of this experience of Jesus falling in love with Mary, which represented God's Male Soul falling in love with His Female Soul.

Now, two thousand years later, I, Mary Magdalene, have returned to Earth to experience my Soul become separated into a male and a female and then re- connecting this male and female Soul back into One. This return to Oneness of Frequencies is the requirement of Joe and I, who are the male and female aspects of Mary Magdalene's Soul. 

We must raise frequencies together in order to connect us as One Soul. This is the experience that Mary Magdalene asked God for and God is providing this experience. God has made the commitment to make sure that Joe and Angela Rise together within identical frequency levels in order to remain as ONE SOUL.  The listener will continuously hear God say First Get Connected, and then Rise Together.

Each step of our rising from 98 percent density to 100 percent was required to be accomplished in absolute UNITY of Frequencies. God only allowed us to rise one hundredth of a percent at a time as we were identically connected as the exact same frequency at the exact same moment. If I, Angela rose one hundredth of a percent and Joe did not rise, there was no NEW REALITY created. The new reality of the Soul Connection was only accomplished when Joe and I rose one one hundredth of a percent higher at the exact same nano second and held ourselves within that exact frequency for several seconds. I think I heard God say we have lasted about 16 seconds to thirty seconds in these identical frequencies.

This last step that we are beginning in May 2019 is the last step of 99.99 to 100 percent. During these last few sessions I have asked God to start reporting our progress in rising together in inches instead of in percentages.
God changed His configuration of our Rising into the Veil to Feet and Inches. Now, God is saying that the Veil is 49.10, which is 50. The 50 is how many feet it is to the Veil. So, when God says 49.5 or 49. 8, He is giving us the distance we are from the Veil in inches. The highest we have risen to together was 49.95, and God said that was two and a half inches from the Veil. 

During the session God reported to me the level of frequencies that I rose to separately from Joe and then He would tell us when we rose to the same level of frequencies at the exact same moment. There were several times in the last recording when God said 49.10, 49.10. That meant that I, Angela, was at the entrance of the Veil, but God would not let me pass through the Veil because Joe was not at that exact same Frequency. However, when God said 49.95, Joe and I were at the exact same frequency at the exact same moment. This means we have accomplished the experience of the ONENESS of the Soul of Mary Magdalene within two and a half inches of that ONENESS.

The ONENESS that we are planning to accomplish is rising to 49.10 at the same moment and staying there for a very long time as we pass through and remain within the Veil until we have had our particulates separated out into the Universe and reformed into our New Bodies that will appear in Terra Ha.

The process of Ascension, Turning into Light and Rising through the Veil in order to Ascend into the next dimension of reality requires the individual to raise their frequencies so high that their consciousness expands clear out beyond the Cosmos and into the Source Field. When we travel through the Veil we will actually travel through the frequencies of light and sound of the entire Universe. We will hear all of the music in the Universe. We will vibrate fast enough to feel those frequencies of light and sound that have been created by the frequency signatures of all of the Cosmic Creators, the Angels, the Music of the Spheres Creation Force.We will hear and feel Celestial Vorta. We will feel the Stardust. We will feel the irradescent liquid light energy of creation.We will feel all of the Divine Substance of Creation within the Sun's make up of stardust, crystal liquid light energy, symphonies of love of the Dolphins and Whales and Unicorns. We will travel into the Source Field of Original Creation where the Original Silence still exists that holds all of the Dreams of Source that are being manifest into light and sound by the Cosmic Creators.

And THAT IS WHERE Joe and I plan to stay for a very long time. That is our most desired experience. We will arrive in Terra Ha after we take a vacation in the Source Field for a while and we hang out in our home, the Cosmic Creators Creation Realm for awhile.

After that we will find ourselves standing in our living room in our house built for us by God. And God said He will be there to greet us.

There is an encyclopedia of information that would be required of the reader to completely understand all that I have just written. That encyclopedia is my website, Crystal Magic



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