Blog Post #2: Yoga & Meditation

It seems as though people seem to forget the main existence of what Yoga truly is. They have got caught up in the essence (such as the misconceptions of Yoga being an exercise) that they forgot the real meaning of it. Even those who claim (wittingly or unwittingly) to put the spirituality in Yoga have not seem to actually look for the root of what Yoga is. Well let's take a look at what it originally meant.


1820, from Hindi yoga, from Sanskrit yoga-s, literally "union, yoking" (with the Supreme Spirit), from PIE root *yeug- "to join"

So what are we trying to unite ourselves with? We are trying to unite with God, whom is inside ourselves, as said by Prophet Issa/Jesus (pbuh) in the Gospel of Thomas (the original teachings of Jesus). 

So what about meditation? How does it connect with yoga? Let's look at the definition of meditation.

meditation (n.) 

c.1200, "contemplation; devout preoccupation; devotions, prayer," from Old French meditacion "thought, reflection, study," and directly from Latin meditationem (nominative meditatio) "a thinking over, meditation," noun of action from past participle stem of meditari "to meditate, think over, reflect, consider," frequentative form from PIE root *med- "to measure, limit, consider, advise, take appropriate measures" (cf. Greek medesthai "think about," medon "ruler;" Latin modus "measure, manner," modestus "moderate," modernus "modern," mederi "to heal,"medicus "physician;" Sanskrit midiur "I judge, estimate;" Welsh meddwl "mind, thinking;" Gothic miton, Old English metan "to measure;" also see medical). 

Meaning "discourse on a subject" is early 14c.; meaning "act of meditating, continuous calm thought upon some subject" is from late 14c. The Latin verb also had stronger senses: "plan, devise, practice, rehearse, study."

What meditation is is to contemplate on remembering God (Allah) as it says in Sura 2:198, 2:200, 2:203, and so on. It's through prayer and devotions that connect with Allah. 

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  • @ cornelius

    I went through the same experience you went through with many so-called "yogis". Apparently they are still in ego because really this life in itself is a reincarnation process. I'm just basically here to learn myself, and not to claim that I'm some guru, so really there's no such thing as gurus - other than the Lord God of course. 

    It's never wrong to use your intuition. That is where God and the Holy Spirit actually guide you to - the right path. It's always good though to do some meditation and yoga though, since the two actually does activate your intuition. 

  • Dear Ras Hebrew Iman I,

    I am quite confused about Yoga and Meditation. I have visited some ashrams and yoga clubs and I had a very hard time to understand what they do and think. One question I asked them was: You say you meditate for hours; about what? Many they answered: At nothing! Just cleaning the mind. Also, many yoga philosophies encourage to have a complete disregard for your body.

    So, this kind of “activity” might be a purpose of so many present incarnated souls? How about the love, and the service to others? Sorry to say, but I didn't see not even one example of such “devoted” yogi to do a real service to others. What will happen if all people will do nothing, and just will meditate to nothing? I think that the dark cabal will like very much such sheep; will they not?

    An internal intuition tells me that God is love, light and truth, and so, I try to do everything with a little love, I try to help us much I can my fellow people, mainly by example, but also by action, and truth search, and disclose. For example, I try to offer as soon I can, free energy, and I encourage them to search for truth, to cooperate, and to love each other. Is that wrong, even if I don't meditate, or practice Yoga?

    Your brother in God, Cornelius.

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