ah yet again another pressing matter with another open discussion!

bi-sexual, now i have a general rule with my girls, they can sleep with as many female's as they want 2 rule's apply

#1: the other girl joins in with us as a couple first

#2: no other men involved unless i agree to it

now i don't think i'm being un-reasonable here, it means that these girls get the thrill of being with a different partner yet i still get to keep my dominance in the bedroom so both side's are usually happy, that's part 1 of the discussion and i leave this open for discussion seperatly if you wish

part 2: is it ok for me to then go and sleep with other men, same sex rule?

if not, why?

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  • I can only respond by saying,"I believe in spiritual sex!"I accept all manners of sexuality.Even though the honesty displayed by my words.Is uncomfortable or disgusting by even society standards.Its not in saying,"That I'am sexual in those taboo ways.I just respect the honesty of sexuality.Coming from other cultures like for instance.The Japanese game shows.They have that reflects the honesty of their sexual culture.For the whole world to see and remeber.Just because you have a room mate.That is a porn star.Doesn't mean that your going to sleep.With that porn star anytime soon to be sure. 

  • asara: thank you, your opinion is very much welcomed, it sheds a lighter image of what i believe dennis was saying :)


    shelly: that best describe's how i see men and my relationship with the male race and the female race, thank you for wording it better for me :)

    ow and i am very aware that i was a female in a past life, my elder tends to like to remind me of that from time to time re-assuring me that's it's probably just PMS lol

    i can see your point and often i have to look twice myself, my taste is more direct, in men i like the chiseled body tough and manly, it give's me that extra feeling of dominance and control, on the flip side it's nice to have somebody in the bedroom who like's to take a little control themselve's although i have found men are VERY clingy!


    J~: yes i know full well the dangers and i thought screw it i am who i am, so i came out on facebook infront of 300+ friends and some family accross australia!

    ironically it took such guts to do that nobody gave me shit about it, infact i found i was more supported than ever!

    but yes i LOVE to touch on those tricky subjects and tear them apart, i do this without fear and it pays me back three fold for when it's all well and done with i have my answer and result and even some le-way with what i'm trying to achieve at the time, ofcoarse that involve's me giving in on some aspects and my partner doing the same, we give and take until we have a solid result and understanding!

    ow and the way i do things i acknoweledge ALL AND ANY views, take them on-board and rather agree to dis-agree or work with them!

    as long as people understand that i'm not going to take side's with a single religion then it works out just fine, that's not to say i don't have my base beliefs and believe it or not some of them even cover christianity, i've even been known to go to church on the odd sunday, hell i pray i just don't follow the belief system of a single being!





  • Thanks Goofy, for working with this very important and challenging issue. I think you know the dangers of jealousy, safety, etc, so if you are finding ways to make all this work then you are truly achieving something. My feeling is love belongs to everyone, to share freely, but because of where we are now in our process, we have to take things a little slowly and carefully so nobody gets hurt :)  Bless up!~

  • Dennis - I don't think this is the only factor.


    I don't think there is anything wrong with it. When you get right down to it, we were all androgynous once. The Twin Flame Concept, both male and female becoming one androgynous being (if they want to).


    Perhaps those with preferences within their own sex have a masculine "soul" rather than the more acceptable feminine soul that would match their gender. All life is a lesson and gives us room to grow. Our bodies are simply vessels at this time and we can do what we wish with it (as long as it is with love & light). That includes sharing it with others of the same or different sex. This is my opinion.


    Love, Light & Blessings ~ Asara

  • Leo: haha lol, i would rather go without than pay lol, but i can see where the misenterpretation come's from, sorry to burst your buble buddy hey!


    Katt: that's the only way i do things, i decide my important decisions with my partner, hence the term "partner" to begin with and i feel strongly that way!


    now dennis: i was hoping for this one to come up, now i'm in no position to deny that these abnormal hormone's have entered into my system (there is also proof of this due to recycle'd toilet water being turned into drinking water, when female's have that time of the month the hormone's are one of the very few things that don't get filtered!)

    however here's something that may rack your brain a little bit, i do not feel emotion towards a male and NEVER will past family or bro's or friends (that kind of bond) however i am attracted to the same sex!

    now the main part of this that will rack your brain is that i choose to experiment and to explore my sexual being by choice, the female body will always be something i crave to be around and explore however i'm open minded enough to accept the temptations of the same sex for higher level's of pleasure!

    now your right about it not being my fault, and it's not a choice however it's about as natural as anything else, i'm sure if you look at animals on this planet there has been one or two who have explored the same sex, out of confusion or hormone's who know's!

    know i do appreciate your views and i accept thier your own and i'm not about to judge you on them, i'm actually quiet facinated by them to be honest!

    there is a theory of "lillith" aswell being adams first mate, he rejected her and took up with eve, she voweled to take revenge on all thier offspring and them, even through death she has been believed to be bound by her vowel un-able to move on!

    this theory also supports the fact that adam originated with the idea of pleasure and the theory has been carried out through more than one tribe, generation or religion, in turn sex as pleasure has no real boundrie's!

    on the other hand i'm autistic and that's not my fault, are you then suggesting that my disability is a freak of nature and that i shall be punished in the end if i don't conform?

    keep this in mind my friend (i am not having a go at you at all, i'm just putting forward my case as you did yours!) if you stick to a strict view on life, how are you meant to be open enough to value new knoweledge and who's to say this new knoweledge is wrong!

    it come's with the saying "how can you fill a cup that is already full, first you must clear your mind of what you think you know to truly appreciate what you don't!"


    Shelly: i am very comfortable with who i am, it took a while but it's ok, my parent's know of my sexuality but we don't talk about it at all since i'm never bringing a guy home and i have interest in girls for dating so it works out well!


    Dan: believe me they don't, the outside opinions of others is just a way to allow myself to see the situation from many different view points and take on board everything before making a final decission so there-fore in theory i'm making an educated decision :-D

    in the end the decision is still mine!

  • And here's me thinking buy-sexual means when you can't get it for free and go out and buy it.

    Silly me!

  • This is tuff to discuss. i feel we have been hijacked, and the divine image Adam and Eve were created in, was strickly heterosexual. God and the Goddess never inteneded for bi-sexuals or gays or lesbians. But "shit" happens on the planet.


    Case in point, soy milk is 100% female hormones. Now you dont feed baby boys female hormones for the first 2 yrs of thier life. Because it will make them feminine and prone to slip in other directions, when they would have been heterosexual. Americas GOVMNT, satanic in many areas, promoted soy milk in the 60's, 70's, 80's and still does. It gave free soy milk to south america, africa and central america, in the 60's and 70's.beacuse of that, contaminated at least 50n million baby boys, turning them all gay, bisexual, or what ever.


    This was no accident, the folks hididng behinding (satanists) (reptilians, ect) this and funding it with taxpayers money, using charity and love to hide behind, created a twisted gay agenda by convincing poor folks to feed soy milk to baby boys, it doesnt hurt girls. The fact that you are by-sexual is no accident, the last generation is hijacked, and the image of God and the Goddess is totally destroyed, just before Yashua comes back.

    Its done by science, chemicals, foods, and false "black" light streams from the matrix; and on and on it goes. I cannot judge you, but God and the Goddess will have to judge you, everything will be taken into account. You folks are not held accountable for the decption played on you. But you are held accountable to use your free will, to decide whethr you want eternal life, in Gods extended familys thru out the many universes. And ther is no bi-sexualty or gays or lesbians there. So when the final cleansing comes, folks like you will be given a choice to make.

    You can have eternal life and be part of Gods extended family, but you will have to use your free will and say I want to be as you originally created us to be, which is hetero-sexual.  They willl then fix you, so you will be OK, but its your choice. If you choose to remain Bi, or gay, the you will be dissloved, and gone forever.  Because everything is returning back to the Goddess and God, who are straight! But they love us, and know its not really our faiult, so we are given options. Please choose wisely folks..   Because the circle always returns to its beginning, and this circle, started from Adam and Eve, is soon to return to its beginning. That circle has no Bis, or gays, its all hetero-sexual..        loving you--dennis

  • Gay, Straight, Bi, Bent or Twisted, it's all about an open or monogamous relationship. Couples, Triad, Four or more. Those outside of YOUR relationship should have no say about it. 

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