We note that many are detaching from some but not ALL...We guide ALL strongly that having one foot in illusion and one foot in the ascension process is not the way forward, illusion will always try to lower the vibration and the physical symptoms that may arise will not be pleasant. There is TRUTH and there are the teachings of illusion, one cannot anchor BOTH of these into the human energy system, both are completely different vibrations.




Beloveds once more we communicate with YOU to help guide YOU through the layers of illusion to TRUTH. The old energies are now beginning to dissolve around YOU and this is we note bringing some to the edge of frustration. The period of transition into the new was created for this very event and we guide ALL to step back and to rest. Many have been pushed to the limit energy wise and it serves no one to continue in a state of exhaustion. Exhaustion will see you chasing shadows and falling back into the illusion that YOU wish to step out of.


Mass disinformation across the planet is still rife and once more we guide that TRUTH is found within SELF. YOU were seeded with TRUTH upon incarnation into this YOUr human life experience but illusion has taught deeply for YOU to mistrust that deep part of SELF, this is the challenge that many face at this point in the ascension process.


To defer to those around YOU will see YOUr vibration fall as those around YOU are able only to voice their opinion, their TRUTH will not be the same as YOUrs for ALL are separately experiencing this human life experience. We wish to guide further on this as we believe that many are falling into confusion about ALL ARE ONE when each individual human experiences separate realities. View if you will a human BEing as being an aspect of ONE, there are millions of humans alive on the planet earth each one a different aspect of ONE consciousness. Each with a different filter on the information that is presented to them. So it makes little sense to defer what is happening to the voice of another for they may have a completely different filter to YOU. Do our words resonate with YOU? Do you understand how this works?


The filtering of information has been under the command if YOU will of illusion; illusion has sought to distort the information and distorted the filters that are applied to the information. This has resulted in various concepts that are then picked up by humans at will. Take for example a pink circle, illusion would have you believe that the circle is not a circle but a square so it sends out information that all circles are not real, fearing the standing out from the rest of humanity many who are able to see the circle will begin to distrust their eyes, after all they are taught that circles don’t exist so how can they see what the rest of the world cannot see. Then illusion will take this scenario one step further by stating that the colour pink is a completely different colour also. So now we have a pink circle that cannot exist because the teachings across the world have stated that firstly the circle does not exist and secondly that the colour pink is actually a different colour. Does our example give YOU the distortion of illusion? Does it help? If YOU in the example were able to see the circle and the colour then the rest of the population of the world would not uphold YOUr vision for depending how deeply they were taught about circles they either would not see them or would be in too much fear to accept they could see them, or they may be able to see them but maintain the colour is different.


Now take the imaginary example we have put before YOU and apply it to what YOU KNOW deep within. For those who have begun to awaken they are some support, for as YOUr vibration rises YOU will naturally gravitate to those other humans BEings of the same or comparative vibration who will stand with YOU in TRUTH but the filtering of information continues for not everyone will have the same background, upbringing or teachings so the disinformation continues with some going off at tangents depending on the filters they are using.


This is the reason we guide for ALL to connect to the heart for the heart does not use a filter, for the heart is connected to source and to all consciousness. It does not matter if the mind has teachings that are false and that are whirling through it if YOU are in heart centred life experience, for the FEELing will help YOU find TRUTH. Then once the FEELing has been identified steps are taken to root out the programming that runs through the mind to bring mind and heart together. Always be led by the heart and not the mind for illusion taught the other way around. The illusion taught always to disregard the heart and listen to the mind. The mind is easily fooled dear ones, the eyes are easily fooled, YOU have on YOUr planet what is called optical illusions does that not satisfy YOU that the eye CAN be fooled? The ears also can be fooled depending on what filter is being used. For some humans simply do not hear the words another human uses when speaking to them.


Do our words resonate? Do you see why YOU step into illusion if YOU begin to base YOUr TRUTH on what those around YOU agree is TRUTH? A group of people coming together to find TRUTH may agree on a TRUTH that suits ALL present but yet is still not TRUTH, again the filtering comes into this example with many having the filter of not speaking their mind as they do not fully understand TRUTH and they do not want to stand up and be counted.


Illusion taught deeply for all these years knowing that this transition period would come about and that is why the transition period was agreed to. It would serve no one to come to TRUTH instantly as aeons of programming and illusions teachings have to be weeded out of the human psyche. We once more strongly guide that simply being aware of illusion is not enough, the programming is so deeply entrenched in certain parts of the world that work to root out the programming and to anchor TRUTH is vital during this transition.


Failure to do the work will result in the human being going round in circles becoming more and more frustrated as various strands of information seem to come back round but go nowhere. TRUTH just IS. Many are now beginning to realise TRUTH and to anchor this into their BEIng. Many are now finding the human life experience is transforming before their very eyes as TRUTH anchored will change perception. Others will continue to go around in circles unaware of the deep levels of programming that play out and that work against them. Duality is what YOU came here to transcend yet many fall back into this way of BEing, it is merely deeply rooted behaviours that have not been weeded out and replaced by TRUTH.


Connection through the heart is vital during the transition stage and beyond. The mind centred life experience is not supported with the new energies and this TRUTH must also be anchored and acknowledged. It is not possible to continue with the human life experience with the same behaviours used in the old, that is illusion. Many are unaware of the depth of teachings and of the distortion that was used by illusion. This transition period is a way of showing this to the human race. Much more will be revealed and YOU will reveal much more to YOU.


We can guide with our words and we can offer our support but we cannot undertake to root out the behaviours and anchor TRUTH FOR YOU. That is the process that the human BEing must undertake. Many talk of ascension and many are fooled by the distortion planted by illusion that ascension would involve waking up in utopia. This is illusion and should be detached from. The work of ascension is YOUrs, it is YOUr life experience, the freedom that was YOUr birthright has been given back to YOU but the process of ascension is YOUrs to work through. It is not as illusion taught YOU merely something that happens to YOU, that is the distortion filter once more. Ascension is the process of detaching from illusions teachings, this involves disconnecting from ALL teachings of illusion.


We note that many are detaching from some but not ALL, hesitating to remove the most deeply rooted teachings. We guide ALL strongly that having one foot in illusion and one foot in the ascension process is not the way forward, illusion will always try to lower the vibration and the physical symptoms that may arise will not be pleasant. There is TRUTH and there are the teachings of illusion, one cannot anchor BOTH of these into the human energy system, both are completely different vibrations.


Much of the angst and the anger that spills out across the awakened population of planet earth is down to the distortion teachings. The teachings that had YOU believe that utopia was YOUrs. We are not guiding that it is not for that is not TRUTH. The distortion that was injected into the concept of utopia was that is was simply waiting for a certain date whilst doing nothing. That is the distortion. Whilst YOU walk in illusion, YOU wear the filters of illusion, that will distort the information that YOU are able to perceive and able to anchor. The only way to move forward in this transition period is to root out the behaviours borne of illusion. The main one that many humans have trouble with is right and wrong, the distortion around this is vast, we watch as those who are here to support one another turn on one another believing their version of TRUTH is more than the version of the other human when TRUTH just IS.


As we have guided each human BEing is but an aspect of ONE. ALL ARE ONE so YOU in essence fight with YOUrselves and that we guide is borne from illusion teachings.


We are the BEings from beyond and before time and we come to guide at this time to show YOU the way forward. We can guide and support but we cannot undertake the work for YOU. Reach out and embrace the freedom that was always YOUrs and live from the heart. For the heart KNOWS TRUTH. ALL ARE ONE.


Copyright Karen Doonan, All rights reserved


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