Balancing Emotions for Ascension

"Attachment and aversion by sense organs for respective objects are natural; let no one come under their sway; they are his foes…notions of heat and cold, of pain and pleasure have a beginning and an end, are impermanent in nature…bear them patiently…be contented with whatever comes without effort, remain unaffected by pairs of opposites". [The Bhagavad Gita]

Red_Libra_Symbol_With_Scales_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_090126-154144-379048.jpgEmotions are a normal part of life in our world of duality. Our own personal experience with emotions is what has brought us to this point in our lives.

Emotions are neither good not bad, but it's the attachment to outcomes that causes us either extreme pain or extreme pleasure.

Firstly recognising the emotion is important. Not fearing it and seeing it for what it is - simply a feeling - gives us the objectivity to look beyond at why we are feeling a particular emotion.

Being invested in the outcome of a situation whether it be winning a game, gaining a promotion, winning the lottery or just being the best parent keeps you bound in duality thinking.

"The serene minded person alone, to whom dualities do not disturb, is easily set free from bondage of samsara (world / cycle of rebirth) and attain moksha (salvation)". [taken from The Bhagavad Gita]

Motivated by desire to succeed we toss ourselves into the storm of the materialistic world. Success makes us happy but will only lead us to yet another need or desire, which ultimately may breed greed in us. This is what keeps us bound to duality and the cycles of karma.

If we wish to escape this Karmic Cycle and ascend into the 4th and 5th dimension it is imperative that we learn balance in all.

How do we achieve this?

1/. Accept yourself as you are with both positive and negative emotions. Do not hate or fear them for it is only this fear that gives them more power.

2/. Learn to protect yourself from outside negative energies (see Establishing Spiritual Protection)

3/. Call on your guides and angels for assistance. They are waiting for your permission to assist.

4/. Call on and use the violet light which transforms energies and neutralises them both within your soul and your aura.

5/. Give thanks each day for all you have. Realize that you have all you need. (If you haven't got it then you don't need it)

And always keep in mind that a person for whom "the Supreme is the object of realization, holds pleasures and pain in the same balance". [Subhamoy Das]

Ann McCarthy
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