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The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we are going to travel to the ascended city of Acclipthys and work with their Golden Council on teaching others the blessing and healing abilities we’re beginning to find and utilize during each weekly trip. In a sense, we are going to expand upon what we did last week as we will again be displaying our Lightwork to a group of souls who are themselves learning some of the abilities we have found.

It seems that even in the higher realms and with a natural understanding of the Logos energy prevalent all around forming the higher dimensional reality one would exist in, there is still a desire to learn and understand different concepts and even if the souls we are displaying our energy work to already know what we are doing in their own right, our very teaching and displaying of these abilities will further solidify them in ourselves, and we will find ourselves able to use them in different and more potent ways as a result.

Everything we are doing during our astral travels has been for two purposes; one is to help cleanse, mitigate and transmute the lower vibrations keeping our current experience in place which we are doing with the healing and blessing vibrations we’ve begun to access, and the other is to develop our personal ability to work with energy and use it for a myriad of different purposes.

Truly, all of humanity is meant to develop and understand this ability and in the time ahead when the quite-strong role energy plays in manifesting and keeping our realities in place is known by all, everybody will. Recent subscribers who may not know anything about Acclipthys should know that the place we are traveling to is an ascended city sitting in the skies of the Earth.

During a recent “Reader’s Question” a dear subscriber asked about the descending of the Cities of Light unto the surface of the Earth for all to clearly see and from what I’ve been told about Acclipthys, it either is one of these Cities of Light or is very similar to them. For me, Acclipthys has always been displayed as an “ascended city in the sky”.

We have traveled to this city in previous issues of this Newsletter, and have met up with the governing Council of this city, known as the Golden Council of Acclipthys. Worry not; this governing Council is not tyrannical or controlling of their citizens in any way, as this city exists in the higher dimensions and as such, no negativity, deceit or corruption of any kind can exist.

The Golden Council have even communicated publicly through me before, and I have remained close with these souls despite the fact that we do not travel to Acclipthys quite as often during our astral travels as we do the surface of our New Earth or other realms we perform our Lightwork in.

Here in Acclipthys, we are going to help other souls learn how to perform Lightwork and to begin our exercise for this week, I would like for you all to visualize and feel yourselves standing or floating in front of our favored “Gazebo of Acclipthys”.

The gazebo we are going to visualize and feel ourselves inhabiting is a favored spot just outside of the city, which we have previously traveled to so that we could perform Lightwork and learn a myriad of different things.

Imagine and get a clear image of this beautiful gazebo and as well, of the brimming, ascended landscape all around it. As we have before, notice that the air in this place is visible, as clear and colorful vibrations and enjoy the very feel of this landscape and of the beautiful gazebo we are in front of. Take a few breaths in the physical, and absorb the vibrations of this land as the impressions you are visualizing, Creating and receiving flow in smoothly and purely.

Notice the harmonious nature all around this landscape and notice the seeming-intensity of the colors around us; the colors in the air; the colors of the flowers, grass and trees; the colors of the beautiful sky above us and now, the radiating colors of a group of tall yet transparent, Loving beings who are approaching us from off within the distance.

Visualize and feel these souls coming toward us, and visualize what they look like as well. Beyond the aforementioned radiating auras and the transparency of their “bodies”, what else do you notice about these souls? Are they wearing anything that seems special or significant? Or are you simply enjoying the bountiful colors emanating from them, as well as the intensely-pure energies we’re receiving from being in their presence?

Continue to ponder this and to make your attempts to notice specific things about them, as the Golden Council accompanied by a large group of etheric souls finally reaches us.

The Golden Council is not a particularly large group of souls, and the group accompanying them is the group we will be displaying our Lightwork to. Again; this group could actually be teaching us in a sense, as they could potentially already know of the Lightwork we’re displaying to them and could be acting as students for us to teach so that we can ultimately sharpen our own abilities.

Either way, we are now to display our Lightwork to this group as the Golden Council manifests something specific for us to cleanse. I’m “getting” that the representation we’re going to bless is different from what we’ve been blessing on our fifth dimensional Earth (though technically it exists in the same realms as Acclipthys) in that we are not blessing things that look like or take the form of dense things on the Earth and are rather, the direct energies themselves.

Begin to notice now as a cloud of black, smoggy energy makes itself known from up under the ground of this land. To a small extent, attempt to feel the energies associated with this cloud; not to bring yourselves down or fill your auras with them, but to get a glimpse of them so that your transmutation power is stronger. In a wider sense, we have incarnated unto this Earth to take these energies on specifically and in many cases, feel and feed them so that we can heal them and as such, most of us have become quite trained in doing so.

Perhaps feel negative or twisted-up emotions coming through as a result of this energy we are exposing ourselves to and as you do, affirm that Archangels Michael and Raphael be with you to help you transmute and cleanse this energy and the accompanying feelings, rather than letting them engulf you. Perhaps if you do, you will even notice Michael and Raphael with you and if you do, attempt to notice specific things about them as we have done with the Golden Council.

Either way, if you send out the intent than these souls will be with you and now that we have felt this energy to an extent and affirmed Michael and Raphael be with us, we can begin to visualize the purest golden or sliver Light coming up through our etheric spines and out of the top of our heads. Affirm that specific blessing, healing and transmutation-based energies be added to the overall energy we are now visualizing and manifesting and before visualizing this energy hitting the black cloud, take a few moments to add as much and as pure Light from within yourselves as you can.

Now – rather than a spontaneous “mashing” of these energies together as we have experienced previously, notice that these energies we’re giving out as we affirm they be sent to this cloud, gradually intermingle with the black cloud and steadily transmute the blackness and negativity within it, and change them into bright and vibrant colors as well as positivity of incredible proportions.

There was not a brazen happening as our energies penetrated and intercepted this cloud but rather, a gradual settling-in and transmutation resulted in the most wondrously-pure and colorful cloud of energy, which we can now observe and enjoy the presence of.

Notice that as this transmutation is completed, the group of souls we were teaching begins clapping for us. They then begin performing their own transmutations and, like the souls from last week who caught onto the blessing ability pretty quickly, they are all quite successful in performing this work we have displayed before them.

It is now celebration-time for each of us individually and as always, you’re encouraged to hang around and perform more blessings, or simply convene with the Golden Council, the group or any other soul you may find inhabiting this landscape (which include our helpers, Michael and Raphael). My intent has been to help you find the means to reach these lands as well as perform blessings upon them, and you are forever encouraged not to let this exercise end simply because I am ending it.

These realms are as infinite as your exploration of them can be and if you continue exploring and learning, you may even have something new to teach me!


This concludes this week’s astral discussion.



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