Astral Travels: Blessing Public Education

astral-travel.jpg?width=150Written by Wes Annac


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.


This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth, and further bless representations of physical things polluting or damaging our current reality.


For those of you who may be unfamiliar; we have traveled to the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth and performed blessings in previous issues of this Newsletter, and each blessing session has focused upon summoning our inner-held Light so that we can bless things in our fifth dimensional reality that represent real things on Earth.


We have previously blessed representations in the form of trash landfills and oil refineries, and we have done other things as well. The 21st of December saw a very powerful initiating of a rapid stage of the descent of our fifth dimensional reality unto our surface and with each travel we perform to these realms and each collective and individual blessing we give from ourselves, we further speed up the pace in which these realms reach us.


We all carry the natural Light of the Creator within and as longtime subscribers to this Newsletter will know, we can use our Light in a myriad of different ways as we realize our very abilities to use it and help others and our world with it. Along with the general description I will give of our fifth dimensional Earth, you may notice or Create specific and unique things about it and, if you wish to, you can use the opportunity in private to meet up with your guides and solidify your connection with them.


To begin our exercise for this week, we are going to directly attune to our fifth dimensional Earth as we have previously. Rather than working with an astral landscape that we would use as a “middleman”, we are going to visualize ourselves inhabiting our New Earth and to that extent, I would like for you to imagine, visualize and Create an uplifted and ascended environment that seems to be of city and nature combined.


Perhaps I should explain a bit more. What we are seeing and Creating is an ascended city within our overall fifth dimensional Earth, and this city is much different from those we have built on this world. Nature comingles with this city of our New Earth, and there is so much beauty and higher dimensionality to behold and Create here.


Notice as vines wrap themselves around lamp poles. The beautiful trees are as fruitful as the “buildings” in this city, and the crisp, green grass provides multiple walkways. You may notice in this city that there is no need for roads of any kind, and perhaps some of you have Created or noticed the fact that above us, right now, there are hundreds of craft flying around in the sky.


Imagine the daily car traffic in, let’s say, Los Angeles, and imagine the cars being replaced with ships and the road being unneeded, as the ships can fly in the air and are not limited in their traveling capabilities. You will notice that everyone still gets around as they do on our current Earth; it is simply that we are no longer polluting the environment while limiting ourselves to ground travel.


As has been said, pinning roads to Gaia’s Earth constricts Her and makes things more difficult for Her, and in our fifth dimensional Earthly reality we are able to use the advanced craft we will be given in the time ahead to perform nearly every facet of our traveling needs or desires.


While you may also focus upon the craft in the sky if you’d like, focus yourselves again on this wonderful, nature-filled city we are enjoying as we inhabit it. Does anything about this city seem familiar?


It should, because it’s the very city we blessed in our previous trip to this reality, wherein we used our blessing energies to uplift representations acting as disenfranchised youths in a broken-down city. Long-term, this beautiful city has resulted from our blessing efforts and the efforts that were continued by our ascended colleagues inhabiting these realms after we ceased that exercise.


Notice the brimming vibrations in this city, which is an aspect of the overall fifth dimensional Earthly reality we are Creating upon as we grow toward it. As you enjoy this higher dimensional city which is, in certain senses, of your own Creation, notice that there is an old school building off in the distance. We’ll say that it’s a few blocks away from where we are all standing/floating currently.


As you notice yourselves looking upon this with our entire group of subscribers and indeed, plenty of other souls in this fifth dimensional reality, begin to feel yourselves drawn toward it. You may notice that, like some of the other representations we have worked with, the general environment around this building seems downtrodden.


Lower, almost flattened vibrations are being emitted from this school building, and it is representing the control that’s been put onto children and teenagers and in general, it is representing the lower and dense vibrations that have been and continue to be manifested in schools all across the world. Feel the oppressed nature of this school building as we float up to one of its windows and peek inside.


Notice that there is a class going on in the room we are peeking in. A bored and unmotivated teacher is half-heartedly reading a passage from something that her equally-unmotivated students are expected to memorize, as they will be tested on it. If they fail to memorize the passage and pass the test, they will face consequences academically and many of them have clearly already given up and show no interest or hope in the education being dulled out to them.


Again; this is representing the reality of the public education system as it stands currently and as we all float in front of this window and view this lackluster class going on, begin to feel and Create as a pure and strong Light radiates out from the center of our group. By this I don’t just mean our group of subscribers who have traveled here; I mean our entire group, including the ascended souls who have traveled to this area with us to themselves bless this representation.


Before you add your specific Light to this overall collective energy, visualize and watch as it builds and builds and grows stronger and stronger. You can visualize and feel yourselves drawing your specific Lighted, healing and blessing energies up from within the heart chakras of your etheric Selves and as you do this, notice our cloud of collective healing and blessing energy grow and grow until it is larger than the school building it is intended for.


With one giant push of collective intention, watch as this enormous cloud of collective blessing/healing energy envelops the school house in its entirety and begins “power washing” all throughout and around the school building. As we have before, notice now as the very “structure” we’ve seen as the school building begins to shift and change wildly.


Just as the trash landfill reverberated into an oil refinery and a plethora of other representations, our school house is now reverberating back and forth between various different representations as it is being blessed.


In one moment, it is an office with downtrodden employees who hate their jobs but just don’t know any other way to survive.


In another moment, it is a small section of forest being cut down by lumberjacks unknowingly working for interests with malevolent agendas, who themselves (the lumberjacks) just “need to get by”. In another moment, it is a college classroom filled with stressed out and hyped-up college kids who are stressing about the next exam and making themselves miserable over the fear of failing.


Create and notice specific representations as our collective blessing energies fully envelop every facet of this school house and with one final swoosh!, the entire environment is changed to a higher dimensional template that will now be worked upon by the souls with us on this fifth dimensional Earth. You are all invited and welcomed to help the souls inhabiting our New Earth on further blessing representations or helping to build upon the foundation of Light we’ve already laid with our various blessings, and you are encouraged as well to visualize and manifest a specific new landscape where this school house was, that is unique to you.


In future weeks, we will continue to bless representations upon our fifth dimensional New Earth and the plan is for us to bless things that have played a strong hand in feeding the dense reality we are all so very ready to get away from. As we are powerful sparks of our Creator, everything we focus our energy toward is going to be magnified and it is hoped that our actions will provide the energetic support for the mending of the very things we are blessing the representations of.


Again; you are, as always, encouraged to stay here and continue working if you wish, and you can convene with specific souls in this fifth dimensional reality, as you will find that they are all here with us.


This concludes our astral discussion for this week.



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