Arctrurians Channel #1 Humanity.

        There are so many people that live in the dark based around this topic of conversation specifically. For ages and ages your society has been sheltered from the knowledge of advanced civilizations in order to keep your structural society functioning in a fashion that would be the most beneficial for the persons in political power and in charge of this worlds monetary systems. It is safe to say that the main purpose of this system is not only perpetual to the innocence of the human philosophy with in itself but the advancement of the world’s economic status is faltering at levels un heard of to date.

What it is that humanity must do in order to eradicate such vindication and begin functioning on a level operable to enhance the increasing level of cognitive understanding in a conscious evolutionary process.8108826281?profile=original

   Society, as a whole, must educate themselves. They must search out the light in order for the veil to be lifted from the every day mundaneness of this world for it co-exists in a formatted way to continue the enslavery process that was created by several extraterrestrial life forms millions of years ago. With in these millenniums many civilizations were encumbered in order to facilitate an advanced civilization. However once the race became privy to the knowledge of the outer realms mass destruction was always the result. In order to discontinue this from happening again the current human race was established and the conscious evolutionary process both spiritually speaking and physiologically speaking was designed to be enhanced at a very slow pace so that all of the information could be integrated easily and no massive cataclysmic event would need to occur in order to maintain balance with in the solar system.

    So you see there are reasons for this sort of gradual effect in uncovering truth to those who are in desire to in fact know. It is a path that one must seek in order to gain the recollection of truth as it were before, and it will continue to be, after this planetary systems advancement and beyond.  

   8108826887?profile=originalThe truth is not something that we as a whole have chosen to hide from the human race. It was a decision made by the higher ups in the overly covert planetary systems by means of propaganda to our own advancements. you see it was a learning process individually obtained by each and every civilization that was designed to help our own cultural advancements. We are in fact very responsible for each and every faulty technical advancement that you see on earth today and we're also responsible for the positive reinforcements that will continue to prosper in the economic state environmentally speaking and sociologically speaking. On the contrary to a lot of the publications that are in existence on this subject in particular we are here to share the truth and wisdom of the cosmos in a matter of fact way with out harboring any animosity towards our position in the advancement of earth.

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  • How can I help enlighten you dear Sir?

    My Blog is a channel on the origins of humanity,

    Thank you, Love and Light, AKal

  • So is his a short Confession or what, is that the point we are supposed to get here. Please enlighten me on this. Adonai

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