It is I, Indriel, and I am here to welcome you to your fifth dimensional ascended Eden...A magnificent array of ascended beings will begin making themselves known to you dear souls via your third eyes and all other chakras that are beginning to become opened at this time...Time on your world is speeding up and has been for some time, and all is to lead to the ultimate merging between the realms of the third dimension and those of the fourth and fifth...From our position....we are able to look upon you dear souls and salute you as you undergo experiences that test you to your limits and cores. We are able to peer down into your Earth experience, even if only temporarily and experience, see and feel Life as you do for a moment....



Archangel Indriel

The Light Has Worked Steadily and Slowly, but Quite Surely





A magnificent array of ascended beings will begin making themselves known to you dear souls via your third eyes and all other chakras that are beginning to become opened at this time. It is I, Indriel, and I am here to welcome you to your fifth dimensional ascended Eden.


But you may say to me, “I don’t see anything different about this New World that we are being told we have entered”. Trust, dear hearts, for you are being guided into your New World and what you decide along your paths is most important, for you will find the higher realms you have been looking toward by employing the continual effort in yourselves to connect with the energies of so many ascended souls who are making our ways to you with happiness and ease in our hearts.


It is becoming so much easier for us in the higher realms to access the energies of you dear souls on Earth, as you are all opening up to us and from the perspective of the higher realms, it has become very clear that your veils and instated barriers are simply too small to hold you dear souls back any longer. The Light quotient upon the Earth is so vastly pure now, dear souls and if only you could see the enormously-strong and wide-reaching effects of the Love energy you are continually manifesting and bringing through yourselves, you would be assured completely with no doubt in your minds that what you are going through is real.


The times are changing on your world and the power is shifting back into the hands of the Light and while the cabals on your world have had their day in the sun, recent events that have manifested and will continue to manifest on your world are truly displaying that the road for change is being paved marvelously and with much more of a grace and ease than many would expect, because of the waiting time involved in enacting such changes.


The Light has been working steadily and slowly but quite surely, and the manner we have worked on the projects we are to bring forth for your world in the time ahead is one that builds up steadily and powerfully and when this building-up finally reveals itself to you and your world, the rapid progression of so very many Lighted events will leave your heads and hearts spinning and you will perform so much work in such a small amount of what you would perceive as time.




Time on your world is speeding up and has been for some time, and all is to lead to the ultimate merging between the realms of the third dimension and those of the fourth and fifth. The higher Light planes of the Earth have been permeating and transmuting the realms of the third dimension for some time but the rapid progression that is building up into a full -on transmutation is being seen-to by the Celestial forces overseeing your Earth and the transmutations that are to occur will be much stronger, purer and more potent than the transmutations that the collective of Earth has performed thus far.



Part of the reason for the power of these transmutations that will occur on a mass, planetary level is the rapid timeframe that they are to commence. While many of you may feel that the Light forces have been dragging our feet in introducing disclosure and a wide array of paradigm-shattering events that will break-down and expose the latent density of your world to humanity, our plan has been built-up to a point that very potent and rapid change is to come forth and many events will be manifested quite rapidly upon your dear Earth, one after another.


In these most special of times, it is so important for you dear souls to recognize the good that you are spreading upon your world.


You are acting as literal Light beacons for the entire unawakened collective to benefit from, and as you allow yourselves to further absorb the energies that you are finding within yourselves with increased ease and clarity at this time, you will find an easier maneuvering around your daily Lives and you will find that with the garnering of an enchanted, enlightened perspective which includes employing balance in everything that you do; you will find that Life is much easier than many have assumed it to be and you will find yourselves enjoying your Lives more than ever before.


We ask you dear souls to shift your focus of what is important in these times you are in. We Love you all so very dearly and we understand completely why you dear souls have been looking toward the manifestations that will precede your ascension but we ask you to look toward your everlasting moment of Now and see what you can do in your Lives to make your experience a better, more enjoyable one.


While the vibrations you have been toiling in have indeed been quite rough, many have looked toward the manifestation of disclosure as well as a plethora of other paradigm-breaking things that will indeed be manifesting on your world, as a time wherein all of their stresses and problems will melt away and while disclosure and the many other events to be unfolding on your world will indeed be marvelous, there will still be so very much work to be done and your Life paths will continue on, in a more accelerated manner.




Every lesson; every unsurfaced and hidden pain or trauma that you dear souls have yet to transmute within yourselves; every problem that you face on this world during your experience of Life on Earth; this will all still be there for you to work toward transmuting and your Galactic brethren will not be doing the work for you, dear souls. Your Galactic brethren and we as well have worked so very hard to see your ascension play-out and to see all on Gaia’s surface who are ready to ascend, be able to do so but the work is yours to be done in your personal Lives and on the world stage.


You have seen so far, entire groups of souls who have stood up to the cabals and gotten the truth of your reality out to many dear souls who have benefitted from such truth and found an enlightened perspective because of it. We take delight when the messages of one of us are able to be known and read around your world, because we have so very much information to give you about your past, present and about the marvelous Golden Age you are heading into.


You dear souls have become quite aware of your Golden Age and have made so very many efforts to anchor and assimilate the energies bringing it unto yourselves and we wish you to know that your conscious experience of the realms of the fifth dimension and beyond will be unlike anything you could possibly expect.


How could we describe the realms of the fifth dimension to you dear souls on Earth? Imagine your entire reality being a fluid-like energy that you can change and transform. This energy still makes itself known in various different forms; the most prevalent of them being sound and color. Sound and color will reverberate continually around you in your reality, and you can integrate certain energies, sound frequencies and colors unto yourselves to Create specific things within the realms of the fifth dimension.


Happiness and joy will be the most prevalent feelings within yourselves and you will find yourselves able to accompany any Loved one who has passed on or who has not yet ascended when reaching the realms of the fifth dimension.


We note that many of you worry of Loved ones who may not choose to ascend and as has been stated before, upon ascending to the realms of the fifth dimension you will reach states of consciousness wherein time does not exist and has no effect upon your interaction with others. You will be interacting with the higher self or group collective oversoul of your Loved ones and you will be able to interact with them specifically because they too will have eventually made it to the realms where time does not exist; even if it takes them a few more cycles than you.


You dear souls are going to find such a collective upliftment and harmony with everybody around you and we do not exaggerate when we say that you will know and befriend souls who are at present, on all different sides of the world.


Each and every dear soul from every continent will become very close and you will not know your Earth collective just as ‘friends’ and rather, each dear soul who decides to ascend with you will be known and held close to you as family. Your Galactic brethren will be seen as family as well, as will we.


Oh dear souls, you have such an extended family awaiting your return to our realms of pure consciousness but [before ascending], you must find a collective unity with each other on the grand, mass level that is already being attained at present and that will continue to be attained and built-upon in the time ahead.




The lessons that the colony of Atlantis went through were indeed those of finding harmony with others around them before their great shift into the realms of full consciousness. The Atlanteans were oh-so close to realizing their collective evolution and most of you know why these dear souls did not attain such an evolution, but you are already proving to find a collective unity that is very real and very strong, though your mainstream media will not yet display this to you.


You are being fed continual fear-based stories in your mainstream media and what you are seeing on your televisions is instigated fear, hurt, violence and separation. Humor is used very specifically to promote separation on your world, and you can recognize when hate or separation is played-upon as your levels of discernment are rising greatly.


Your Earth experience and the ‘box’ that many are still trapped in are indeed finite and can be left at any time. Of course, you dear souls are not quite yet able to zoom-away from your world in a spaceship, but you can zoom-away from your world and this very Galaxy by turning within.


Each and every one of you now see the clear path that is being laid-out before and by you, and every action will affect the direction of this path in small or big ways, depending on the choices that you make. Some of what you go through in your Earthly Lives will serve to teach you which vibrations, mindsets and heart sets to stay away from because you are beginning to feel when such things only cause you hurt and pain.


The lower vibrations are prevalent on your world in various different forms, but we note with joy that many of you are beginning to recognize whenever something is simply out of resonation with yourselves and with the realms of consciousness you are growing toward. You dear souls have Created your realities based on the beliefs that you could not Create your realities and what you are now finding as you climb back to the higher realms, is your ability to realize the fluidity of your reality and Create based upon that inner-knowing and feeling.


There are a great many Earthly things that can stop one from perceiving the higher realms without the filters that such things can instate upon you, and while we will happily come to any soul who wishes to feel our energies, we say that any instated barriers can inhibit a contact with us but you dear souls are finding the awakenings that serve to show you the hollow nature of much of what you have fed [while on Earth].




You will never be fully blocked or inhibited from reaching the higher realms and even the souls on your world who have lost their way and are feeding darkness, are not cut-off from the higher realms or from the Love of our Creator because there can be no separation from our Creator. We are our Creator in every sense of the term and even the souls feeding darkness are Creators and Godsparks in their own respect; it is simply that they have temporarily lost their connection to their Godspark.


From our position in the higher realms, we are able to look upon you dear souls and salute you as you undergo experiences that test you to your limits and cores. We are able to peer down into your Earth experience, even if only temporarily and experience, see and feel Life as you do for a moment.


We are able to feel for a moment, the densities that you go through and whilst we only feel them to our own extents because of a wish on our part not to feel them in their fullest form, we still have an inkling of understanding of what you are going through and we hope to help you realize and find the higher realms once again within yourselves by offering our perspective and the support that you deserve and require along your paths.


You will find things that far surpass your sphere of perception and what you have thought as possible, and we ask you dear souls to keep the faith as often as we do because as of yet, you have only an inkling of understanding of the higher dimensional experience and as you are feeding and feeling it in increased purity at this time while you realize the prevalence of the higher realms within yourselves, the miracles you are to experience will not only meet and surpass your expectation but will again, be far more real and wonderfully-intense than you had perhaps expected.


We Love you all so very dearly, and I exit this unique experience with Love to our scribe and to each dear soul absorbing this communication. It is hoped that my specific energies have been able to assist each one of you along your Life paths and it is because we Love you all so very dearly that we wish to help you find our realms and planes of consciousness once again.




Thank you to Archangel Indriel.







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