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April's Airings:HS Message - Exhaling/Expressing the New

Lot's of truth in this message! -AK

HS Message - Exhaling/Expressing the New

by April Bender

My dearest April, you have done incredibly well as have countless other Warriors of Light, and this is to be highly commended, as those final in-breath moments as well as the marked release or out-breath phase which began during this most recent full moon, was highly volatile in terms of energetic conditions/flows.

As previously discussed, an incredible amount of light/information flowed and/or fluctuated through you and throughout the Web of Life/Higher Collective Mind, producing highly reactive responses and severe interruption or disturbance to previous patterned responses and/or individual/collective mental and emotional conditioning. The effects of this and the overall Sequencing Process, peaked in intensity for you and within you May 14-16. This is why during that time you felt so utterly miserable and uncomfortable. For as the Collective Higher Mind began finalizing it's colossal in-breath and/or re-ordering/structuring phase, all that could not be utilized within the new/higher configuration was expelled/expressed outwards (beginning this last full moon), to be transmuted through/within the fields of the Warriors of Light whose function this is and who can handle the transmutation of such an over-abundance of released energy. It was this lower vibrational energy that was naturally expelled first, before the more advantageous aspects/energetics of this restructuring/reordering of the Higher Collective Mind/Web could be expressed.

One piece of advice, if and when you feel this "waste" energy bubbling up inside you for transmutation and release - imagine that this energy is expelled from your body/field and returned back to the source of primordial flow, where it can be remade anew. This meditation will aid you in achieving a much quicker turn-around time and will ease the sense of any discomfort you might experience.

Now that we are currently well within the out-breath phase (until the new moon energies/gateway commences May 27/28) you are having a vastly different experience. You feel uplifted, alive, energized and even a little silly and whimsical at times. You can feel into the ethers and energetics around and within you precisely - the Act of communion happening most naturally. Yet you still very much feel the strong undertow of sweeping change below the surface of this contented space and even more so, looming on the not-so-distant horizon. But with the reclamation of your center or Divine seat/throne of empowerment, you are now in a space where you feel safe, protected, loved, and blanketed from any impending storms of change. And this is a wonderful space to be in to more actively participate in this co-creative out-breath of Reclamation and Truth!

For just as you are now stepping into your newer, more expansive Self so are many, many others - soon to build to a Collective outward movement or expression of Truth and Reclamation leading to a full Reconciliation. But also keep in mind that this whole business of truth and reclamation is much bigger than just humanity and Gaia - for there are interconnected Higher Collective Minds/Webs of Life at many many levels, and all networks/realms closely connected to or dependent on your own (also enslaved and/or limited by intrusion/manipulation) cannot help but experience these ripples of truth and reclamation as well - leading to a Universal Healing/Reconciliation and sense of Divine Justice.

I say this to further prepare you for the out-breath and/or the co-creative expression of ALL - not just during this out-breath period but also in the ones to follow, as outlined here. For the catalysts of change, the rising of consciousness, and the energetic movements/impetus toward Truth, Reclamation and ultimately Reconciliation, will soon lead many across the threshold of the New Earth experience and/or beyond. And frankly, since we are describing here a much larger meaning to the word "collective," and therefore a restructuring/reordering of epic and/or Universal proportions, these catalysts of change or "triggers of higher consciousness," can appear/manifest from any "place/level" into your smaller collective or individual experience on/within Gaia.

For indeed, the veils are dropping as you magnetize and pull to you and through you, more and more of your Soul/Star family codings/information/memory, further imbuing the Higher Collective Mind/Web, as well as individually becoming more consciously aware of how to access and utilize this information/memory as your crystalline/multi-dimensional vehicles begin to fully come "online" and "active" within the Gaiac sphere of experience. For you and other Warriors of Light ARE the brilliantly blazing (over-lighted) nodes connecting the various Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life pathways. . .and who are at this very moment morphing into giant luminescent nodes/beacons of light as you anchor, integrate, and express more and more of your Higher and/or multi-dimensional Selves. Remember, where there is a will, there is a way and that's why you've come!

Things are progressing very rapidly now. I encourage you to enjoy this opportunity to deepen your relationship with Self, and further express outwardly in some form the great truth, humility, and love, that exists within you, and in doing so, you further nurture and empower Self and the Higher Collective to bloom into their full potential/ascend. ALL is in culmination mode - you are so very close now.

For past the sweeping tides of change you can also feel the twinkling new shores and expansive colorful vistas that await, as you are sweetly beckoned Home. Yes, finally, you can now see your destination clearly! Do not lose site of it.

Until next time. . .
Posted by April Bender at 8:17 PM

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