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animal Vs vegetable..DO YOU THINK FOR YOURSELF? goat Vs lamb

You’ve been told many things are facts when in fact they’re merely opinions inviting obedience. It’s crucial you think for yourself lest you live like a lamb before slaughter.

Instead of swallowing discourses whole try behaving like a four year old asking “why” interminably. Pose questions to everyone including the range of “experts”.

When you’re offered an answer seek to see the contradictions and exceptions to the rule you’ve heard decreed. Never accept any answer at face value, much less an inadequate answer, rather always continue to search for deeper meaning.

You’ll also need to keep a look out for the all too common self-serving agenda! Some representations are very obviously sales oriented so they’re easy to step around. Other self-serving motives are harder to see.

For instance sometimes people want their thoughts accepted by you to validate said thoughts and so escape their internal uncertainty. Perhaps they want to feel powerful by influencing you into accepting their version of reality. They may even be sincerely if spuriously sold and interested in you experiencing the benefit they perceive.

When you think for yourself people pleasing won’t work well. Regardless of which version of self-service is present you’ll find you’re less popular than you may prefer. Instead of having other peoples approval, you will have to think well of yourself.

Another consequence of thinking for yourself is living outside the comfortable mainstream within the illusion of certainty.  In addition to scaring others, you’ll become inclined to apply the same flame to your own assumptions. Thinking independently will define and refine your courage!

Thinking for yourself doesn’t guarantee you’ll be certain or even correct. Indeed you’ll likely find your truth includes both doubt and contradiction. What you will find however is that being outside the vegetable garden is a good place to be since your real human nature is powerful, wild and free.

Please don’t take my word for it. Think for yourself!   

and so the mainstream product ends :)

and i was think ing for ACC audience......

chill the f##k out about channelling and other peoples versions of reality.

heart is the singular harbinger of truth i say.

yet my heart could say A whilst yours says B and we're both simultaneously correct!

why do we ( you ) place so much worth on other peoples reality....heavens why put so much hope in rescue by off planet personages....they say to save ourselves do they not...and what are you to be saved from?..... being alive !!!????

truth is what is useful ( marx) and whats useful to me may not be to you





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Comment by hunter on August 29, 2012 at 6:32am
nature is your/our heart
go well today


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