An Example of a Dialogue Between GFL Ground Crew and a US Security Representative Visiting Billy Meier



Dear Lightworkers,

Read this dialogue between myself and Richard Stoddard, UNSC OCBN rep, to get an idea what kind of mindset the Federation have had to liase with.

In summary, we are discussing his proposal to negotiate directly with the Plejaren, via their Earth contact, Billy Meier, in Switzerland. This followed a breakdown of communications, between Richard and our Sirian Flight Crew liasons.





Richard said:
"Drekx, There’s a rural inn less than a mile from Billy Meier’s residence for $50 to $65 a night. With a farm animal petting zoo. I might push my trip back to May so that the weather is nice.
In the hands of a skilled pilot, a Seahorse is capable of rolls and loops.
Fully armed with a 6 man gun crew, including a pilot, copilot, crew chief and 3 gunners. It’s a pretty potent number in terms of legal private security deterrent capability under civilian circumstances. Even with a 2 man crew, a pilot and a gunner, I wouldn’t want to mess with one.
There’s a Sikorsky service center 45 mils from where the Seahorse is. I’m going to see if I can get a mechanic to check the rotor head to see if it got damaged when the blades clipped the telephone pole.
I’ll probably start working on the 40 acre spaceport this summer. Which is 4 wheel drive accessible. And look into buying the 60 acres at over 8,000′ which is climbing and helo accessible.
They (FIGU) haven’t responded to my emails.I’m not going to push them. I want to be friends.
I’ve located their phone number using the German translation on my computer. I need to get an international phone operator for translation when I call. I want to make sure that the center is open the weekend that I’m there. And then see how things go once I visit. I’m sure that they’re expecting me. New or near new 30 and 50 cal mg with aircraft mounts are available here for 20 to 30 g. Water cooling is available for sustained fire applications. Add on armor could be fabricated for enhanced survivability. Better to be safe then sorry if a dust up occurs."



Drekx response:
I’m hoping your visit to Switzerland will not be akin to the D-day invasions at Normandy….Be aware of Swiss law first, regarding gun ship deployments, Richard…!
You are not a representative of any official military body, unless the UN has given you another mandate…which I doubt, in a neutral country and peaceful member nation…I suspect you will not be attacked by anyone, and certainly not the Plejaren, who would only attack in self-defense… 



Drekx said:

A relief to receive this relatively sober response, as a result of my questioning of the OCBN Rep Mr R. Stoddard: (on March 29th, 2010 at 1:15 pm)



Richard said:

"The only equipment that I’m planning to take to Switzerland, besides my luggage, is a pda (like a blackberry) and a camera. I’m sure that Mr. Meier is capable of providing security while I’m there. And if you’re here working with me, I’ll do the same. Plus I have an intel tail, wether I want it or not, I am something of a VIP, and they like to keep good people like me alive and unharmed if possible. Though I’m capable of handling myself in a conflict if need be. I’m aware of what the weapons laws are. If I think that I need a gunship here, I’ll get one. Reciprocity is a function of international law. If I have a pistol permit here, it’s recognisable in other jurisdictions. And the laws of the sea also permit private weaponry." End quote.



Richard said:
"Drekx, I’ve already had ships showing up in my airspace, as in up close and personal, that I don’t know what it is, plus I’m taking this whole thing up a notch or two. I want to be properly prepared to manage potential problems from a position of strength, for everyone’s best interest. And what if I get an unfriendly or unfriendlys on the ground that I have to deal with? And asking them to please go away and leave me alone doesn’t work, what then?"



Drekx Omega response:
It is unfortunate for your mission, that your fellow countrymen are held in such distrust by one of Meier’s prime contacts, the Plejaren father of Semjase, known to the world as Ptaah….
He considers America to be particularly amoral as a nation, among other nations, on outer-Earth. Primarly because of the multitude of false channelers, political and financial liars, evil scientists, cheats and greedy conmen that seem to come from America…
He has advised great caution in any dealings with you, as your motives are not held to be moral by the Plejaren….I am more open minded about your mission, but I thought I should forewarn you that there may be some resistance…Though nothing dangerous, etc…I apologise to you personally for having to say this, but I am relaying information to you about something that may cause difficulty in your being allowed a meeting. Play it by ear….!! and good luck…!!


Za zu ma..! Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie..!!!

Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew, UK





Richard said:
"Drekx, It sounds like Ptaah and I see eye to eye on many things. Trust is earned, and I’ll earn his, because I’m a good person who wants what’s best for people, including the ETs, including the ones who don’t have light bodies and want them. And you have nothing to apologize for my friend. I welcome your efforts because it demonstrates the keen interest that the ETs are taking in our work, and that’s a good thing! We have a lot of freedom here in the U.S., including for bad people to do bad things, which everyone knows that they do abundance. Which is why it’s up to good people like me to help them correct their misconduct and to stop doing bad things. Hate the bad things that people do, not the people that do bad things, they’re just wayward souls. And they have rights to. I don’t know how much morphine grade injury that you’ve been through where you’ve had trouble maintaining consciousness. I’ve been though enough to know that it’s not a whole lot of fun, and that I don’t want to go through anymore if I don’t have to. and I’m willing to fight to the death to protect myself and others if I have to.

I don’t want to hurt anyone if I don’t have to. And the best way that I know of to avoid problems, is to have credible deterrent capability, so that no one gets hurt.

I’m making a transition here that is going to change my life forever. And considerably increase my contingent security liabilities. Once I’ve been off planet, there will be no going back to the way that things were before. Our race is known for our bravery in the face of danger and overwhelming odds. It’s a trait well earned and we deserve recognition for our generations of hard earned experience. Having said that, all that I really want is peace, prosperity and good government so that we can have a better future for everyone. Thanks"




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  • Dealing with the dark cabal reps I have myself performed the duties associated with GFL/DC liason work..
    One has to be open minded, as sometimes we can get dark agents to defect to our Lighted cause....It's a bit like the old "cold war," between the Western and Eastern "blocks."
    There is a saying that one must sometimes expect to get hands dirty, when engaged in serious diplomacy...
    Here is one such example...
  • Hmmm, the latest communique to Commander Vashtar from TSC is most bizarre....Maybe he's on the verge of defecting to us...?? But he must first cease working for the US Corporation itself, as a freelancer and support the Russian government's peace initiatives in Syria......Drekx Omega


    Dear Vashtar,

    The U.S. Senate foreign relations committee just voted 15 to 3 to provide illegal weapons to their bought and paid for proxy opposition in Syria, because they’re losing the war there. These fanatical war mongers don’t want peace and prosperity on a war, poverty and pollution free planet. They want perpetual war, conquest and global hegemony. They used to have public support for their crimes of aggression against humanity, but they’ve almost bankrupted many western economies in their insatiable drive for world dominance with excessive military and social spending that they can’t afford. And now that the underlying economies can no longer fund their largess with tax revenue, borrowing and money printing, they’re rapidly running out of money to pay for their unnecessary, subversive and destructive military intrusion and political engineering into other nation’s affairs, because of massive budget deficits and unfunded social liabilities. Without running the very real risk of highly destructive hyper inflation or a deflationary depression. So what you’re witnessing in the world of real politic, is their desperate attempt to escalate hostilities in the middle east, in clear violation of the UN Charter and international law, without public or administrative support. While circumstances on the ground are changing against their wishes. Obstruction of justice by Interpol and the UN needs to be corrected so that these unnecessary wars can be preempted and avoided through proper judicial deterrence, rather than proxy conflicts between our planet’s major governments. Successfully completing my contact initiative so that I can offer a realistic alternative with incentives for a better future conditioned upon stopping the wars, and keeping them stopped, is what I’m working on getting in place. You have an opportunity to participate in this, I hope that you take advantage of it.

    Your Friend & Partner,


  • It is interesting that one would consider such "deterents" necessary since as you said it would be futile against such beings and not to mention any degree of protection from outside influences i am fairly certain the ET representatives could and would negotiate themselves.  I have been witness to attempts on my life by sniping and so far out of three attempts the one that passed two inches in front of my face was the closest but thanks to certain force diversion technologies such attempts are futile.  Not to mention the lowering of kinetic force to such a degree that the best damage it could do is leave a bruise or knot on my head.  It seems that when i am in such situations my time speeds up and the outer slows down, explains how i ducked a shot which then only dented my tool box, impressive force none the less to even be able to do that much damage.  I wont go into detail but there are numerous counter threat measures which are passive yet more than sufficient against common aggression methods available to the human race.


    Light, Life, and Love to Thee

    I am Ra

  • Jon, it's poke in the eye time for those Illuminoid families...!!    :-)



  • The Devas, per se, are indeed completely inhuman in appearance, yet are the true angels and orders of Elohim Archangels and Time Lords....However, the term, "Solar Angel" incongruously refers to the human Soul, which I know confuses the issue, but is a reflection of the Monadic will into the mental plane, and the mental plane devas that make the Light Body of the Soul...

    The works of Alice Bailey are full of these references and the term is also useful when comparing the Solar Angel with the Lunar the aspirant learns to master the latter....

    And what would Master DK say if we misused his term...??  hehehe...!!  :-)  I'm such a fusspot about these


    Love, Drekx x

  • Great...thanks Kel, for that very useful solar activity, data snapshot, from today's observations....

    I always cope better when warned of flares...I'll drink even more than usual...I normally keep hydrated, but a bit more helps during these thanx love...much appreciated...  xoxo

  • Oh yes, thank you, Drekx.  I don't think of Angels as human-esque, lol.  I will remember in the future... I often switch "angel" for "deva" as you are probably the only person I know who knows what one is, lol... and it eases the explanation.  But yes, I have a newfound respect for our deva's- the last solar jaunt was powerful and this one is likely to be as well.  Hold on to your hats!


    My bet is four days this time until it reaches the middle...
  • I know what you mean, Jon....I suppose the pyramid of power demands support from creatures like this example, and deiberately shuns the compassionate and open-minded types, such as yourself....Our future Star Nation will have wise elders appointed by the collective, based on the principles of fluid group dynamics...and they will be compassionate and evolved on other worlds of the GFL...

    Earth already has the wisest of elders, in more relatively permanent positions and they are the Ascended Masters of Agartha. The World Teacher-Bodhisttva will be in office for 2500 years, and then Koothumi will take on the role and office, after that period..

  • Thanks for the warning, Kelly...the sun flares...they do effect my body's electro-magnetics....

    We are all electro-magnetic beings, also Masters are. The Logoi are the electro-gravitic beings of cosmos...

    And it's a "Solar Deva," approaching Sol, my sweet....remember that "Solar Angel" is another name for a human Soul..??


    And keep an eye on those massive Solar Devas, they are doing some serious adjustments to the corona...

    Yes, the rhombus is still in place and functioning well....and you are very refreshed and energized today, aren't you, my sweet...??  :-)

  • Oh yes, thank you for reminding gauche :)  Of course please send my kindest thankyou's and regards... I am having dreams again, this is a good sign I believe.  My deepest thank you's to Movella and M'Zupa as well, sometimes I glimpse the rhombus, it's still there, lol, and I feel great :) 

    It's nice to get free of the cosmic, galactic goo for a while again... this last period has been very intense.  Please note that there is going to be some major sun action within the next few days... I noted a new solar angel is approaching Sol today. 

This reply was deleted.

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