Alone or Collectively, what do you think?

When did human beings start considering themselves better than all other living species on the planet?  When did we begin to consider other life forms insignificant or beneath us? 

Our beautiful earth is, I shake my head as I type this knowing that ‘beautiful earth’ does not reveal the concept I want to convey.  I will try again.

 Our Earth Mother is as mysterious as the Universe with many secrets yet to be revealed.  Our planet so full of life lovingly provides an incredible grounding, healing energy to all. Not just those that 


notice the gentle earth vibrations caressing them, but all species. This energy is freely given to all life forms.

For most of humanity, the connotation of “mother” brings thoughts of nurturing and

caring to mind along with feelings of safety, or a sense of being taught.   The "Heartsong of Gaia", putting it coldly - vibration - as I cannot imagine the scientific mind embracing “Heartsong of Gaia” can penetrate your being and settle deep within your soul.  Like a child, wrapped in a mothers arms feeling loved and cherished.  

Have you noticed your steps on her belly?  Do you walk and not consider how fortunate you are to be incarnate on this wondrous planet?  Do you quickly move from place to place hypnotized unknowingly, consumed with the flutter of your mind, or overwhelmed by life situations that you or others create to keep you overwhelmed?  When was the last time you actually focused on our planet, the pulse, the scent, or the vast beauty that surrounds us?  How about the way light shifts across the surface as our solar star shifts it position?

All living beings on Gaia are relying on us. The magnificence of this planet and the myriad of life forms in their own collective consciousness must look at we humans and wonder ‘why don't they get it.’ They are watching us as we allow horrific things to happen to our planet, wondering if we can we possibly think that our negligent actions can continue. Have we become so blinded that we don't realize how important each life force is to this planet.  It is on and a part of the human conscious the countless number of species that have and are going extinct because of human negligence. The way we blaze trails for new development, exiling various species from the land as it's being consumed, is shameful. Just one example, there are far too many to list on this page. Quite frankly, I would not care for that list.

The human race numbering over 7 billion is increasing every second of our day.  Now more than ever, focused care of our planet is needed.  Worldwide initiatives of focusing thoughts or collective consciousness on love, peace and healing are growing. According to Peter Russell in The Global Brain The Awakening Earth in a New Century (2008) the numbers of us engaging in meditation or focused prayer and thought exploration are increasing exponentially across the planet. Never before have so many human beings been concerned about the welfare of others across the globe in a human potential movement.

This awakening is necessary as many of us are coming to understand and asking what can we do to help this planet to bring about the necessary changes needed for its survival. It has to start with an “I”, then move into a “We” scenario. Human earth consciousness needs to grow collectively as we are determining evolutionary steps of all species on our planet. This is being done knowingly and unknowingly or subjectively by our silence. The time to make a difference is now.

We can make a difference as an individual but in unity the difference will be far greater. Humans have the power to create and destroy; it is the collective consciousness of powerful nations that needs to turn. If we lovingly focus on this world and pay attention to the happenings around us collectively across all borders, we can make positive changes that stop the unnecessary destruction of our blue planet and the life forms living here.

Everything has a vibration or energy. So, it makes sense that there's a correlation between our brain waves or vibrations and life forms around us. If we are conscious of the energy that we are emitting to those around us, to the planet and other life forms, if each one of us is committed to canceling negative thoughts, words, actions, deeds by creating positive, loving, caring thoughts words, actions, deeds we can affect the natural electromagnetic resonance or vibrational energy of our planet in a very substantial way.

Scientifically the power of human thought has been confirmed by research studies that began roughly 30 years ago at Princeton University. They placed Random Event Generators (REGs) at large events to determine if energy levels changed with group thought. Surprisingly it did.  Princeton's Global Consciousness Project initiated after determining that groups of people thinking in unison is very powerful, they placed (REG) units around the planet to monitor behavior at world events. You may be wondering where I'm going with this, stay with me. During the 9/11 attacks the world's group conscious thought rose exponentially. Okay we knew this we saw unifying factor around the planet in word and deed. The thing about the study is that it actually had markers for normal living and the vibrational change of collective human thought during and immediately after 9/11. Scientific markers pre, during and post 9-11 showed that human groupthink is extremely powerful.

The energy spike shown on the REG monitors when the shock of the 9/11 event registered on the collective group consciousness of humanity was most revealing. Each and every one of us on planet earth has a unique energy signature, one that when collectively joined in unison with others, can make a huge difference on this planet.

We keep saying everything is vibration, I keep hearing everything is vibration everything is energy.  Okay you may ask, what does that mean to the individual?

 It means we are one with everything around us. It means we are one with our neighbor.  It means we are one with the person on the other side of the planet. It means we are one with the animals, plants, the air we breathe, the sea we swim in, the water we drink, we are all connected and what ever we do, whatever we think all of our actions, affect the big picture -Life On This Amazing Planet Earth.

© Robin Coventry  - As published in OM TIMES Multimedia Magazine.

Robin Coventry~ ; is a Theta Healing Instructor and Practitioner.  She has an MBA in Marketing Management and a second MBA in Healthcare Administration.  A General Diploma in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy; is a level 2 Bach Flower Practitioner, Reiki Master, Essential Oils Practitioner and a whole lot more. ;

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