Many people live their entire lives never knowing about the existence of the veil of forgetfulness...Part of your challenge in this incarnation is re-remembering who you are along with your intimate relationship with Prime Creator...The veil of forgetfulness helps to lock in place duality, from which you’ll learn many, many lessons...The veil of forgetfulness varies from person to person and as you raise your vibrations, the veil starts to lift...



by Gregg Prescott, M.S.



What is the veil of forgetfulness and what is its purpose?  Why are so many people seemingly separated from their higher selves?  How can I dissolve the veil of forgetfulness? 


Many people live their entire lives never knowing about the existence of the veil of forgetfulness.  The veil of forgetfulness serves several purposes:


1. It allows us to forget any trauma from previous lives, such as traumatic memories from Atlantis or Lemuria

2. It allows us to find ourselves without initially realizing our connection to Source

3. It allows us to learn from the ego, as well as to dissolve the ego


Some people have the ability to remember their past lives while others learn about them through past life regression hypnotherapy.  Both of these methods help to confirm the existence of the veil of forgetfulness.


Others may have Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) in which they temporarily reconnect with Prime Creator, only to come back to this 3rd dimensional reality with a glimpse of what we can expect when we cross over to the other side.


But you may ask, “Why am I not able to remember my connection to Source?”  The clues are all around you through nature, animals, friends, family, etc…  The divine love and appreciation we feel for these things are a microcosm of the love we feel when we return back to the Source.  In a 3D world of duality, where fear is constantly imposed on us, it's sometimes difficult to remember the divine spark of light that we all have within us.


We sometimes get reminders through synchronicities, such as experiencing 11:11 or other repetitive synchronistic numbers.


Part of your challenge in this incarnation is re-remembering who you are along with your intimate relationship with Prime Creator.  While at times it might seem that you’re on this journey alone, the truth is, you are not alone!  You have spirit guides and guardian angels that love you so very much and are always by your side!  Ask them for help or assistance because that’s their job and they’re eager to please you!  Of course, they’re not going to manifest a Porsche for you, but they will help guide you in non-materialistic ways that help to facilitate your spiritual journey.  Your higher self serves as a guide and is not allowed to interfere with your free will, so it’s your choice to ask your higher self for help, or to choose otherwise. 


Remember this:  If you ever doubted the presence of your higher self, spirit guides or guardian angels, think about the times you used your intuition.  Your intuition is usually one of these entities reminding you of something important.


The veil of forgetfulness helps to lock in place duality, from which you’ll learn many, many lessons.  After all, that’s one of the reasons why you decided to incarnate here at this particular time so, in essence, it provides you opportunities for spiritual growth.


This is also why some people take longer to awaken than others.  The veil of forgetfulness varies from person to person and as you raise your vibrations, the veil starts to lift.  Those people who are muddled in fear and lower vibrations have a more dense veil of forgetfulness, which presents them ample opportunities to overcome obstacles for spiritual growth.  It is within their own free will to decide to stay locked in fear or to begin their spiritual journeys.


An easy way to lift the veil of forgetfulness is through meditation and the clearing of your chakras. Meditation helps to free your mind from stress and fear.  Clearing your chakras, along with meditation, helps to facilitate your connection to your higher self and helps to begin the re-remembering process.


We are starting to witness a new breed of humanity called indigo children, who are born with little or no veils of forgetfulness.  Their connection to Source is direct and they have concrete memories of their past lives.  This is symbolic of the growth that we, as the collective, have achieved in our spiritual journeys.  In other words, many of us are at the end of the reincarnation process that involves entering into a 3rd dimensional reality and are ready for the next stage of our journeys.  The indigos that are currently incarnating will help to usher in the Golden Age and they bring an infused energy that will help to transform the current system of politics, education and livelihood.


As your veil begins to lift, you’ll begin to notice a disdain for how things are done and will crave a new beginning… one that involves a collective compassion for humanity and our well-being.  You’ll find that fear is easily dissolved and replaced with love as you are no longer buying into the old system of economic slavery.  You eagerly sense real change in the air and no longer buy into the political rhetoric that keep us divided as people.  Your views on religion may swing to the realization that YOU are your own God or Goddess and we are all equally divine!


The Law of One


RA: “This is the only plane of forgetting.  It is necessary for the 3rd density entity to forget so that the mechanisms of confusion or free will may operate upon the newly individuated consciousness complex.


The same conditions existed in time/space (the metaphysical realms) both before and after the veiling (or veil of forgetfulness); that is, the veiling process is a space/time phenomenon.  Without the veil the mind was not caught in your illusory time.”


A Few Things to Remember


Ask your higher self for help in re-remembering who you are and your purpose for being here.

Meditate and clear your chakras.

Dissolve the ego.

Eliminate all fear.

Stop watching TV and reading anything published by the main stream media.

Help others in this transition.


A Word of Advice


Before my daughter was born, I received some amazing advice.  I was told, “Don’t look forward to all of her milestones, such as the first time she walks, talks, etc… because you’ll miss everything in between.”  The world is changing rapidly.  Remember these days fondly and be appreciative for all of the opportunities you’ve had and all of the obstacles you’ve overcome!  The light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter every day.


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