An Introduction to the Devic Kingdom


Dear Lightworkers,


As you all hopefully realise by now, our beloved solar system is undergoing a great and historical transformation, under the Divine Plan of Lord Surea, who is Prime Creator's representative for the councils of Heaven....and has engaged the co-operation of the Galactic Federation of Light, as well as the allied Spiritual Hierarchies within Earth, Mars, Venus and Jupiter..

Also, Lord Surea has requested assistance from the Devic Kingdom of true Angelic beings, known as the Time Lords and Elohim….the moulders of time and space....

They have been engaged in the terraforming work on several worlds within this system and have also been dilligently working on raising the base frequency harmonics of the sun, in preparation for the full ascension process, which will move the system to higher expressions of vibrational resonance, eventually allowing us to be migrated closer to the Sirian star nation…as an entire stellar system of eventually 12-planets.

Our sun, named Solaris, has received much attention from the Devic solar engineers, and you will increasingly witness their physical plane activities near that yellow star, as well as within the corona itself…
The sun’s massive magnetic fields are being adjusted, as the cosmic vril energies continue to flood our system from galactic centre….and without the Elohim’s selfless aid, the process of transformation would be much more dangerous for life here within the lower dimensions…

The Devic Kingdom are the true "angels of God," and regulate physicality and the interplay between dimensions, for the continued evolution of all cosmic forms..including the Logoi, planetary and solar.

Those vast orbs and rods with angelic wings, some many miles in length, are truly majestic and part of the parallel kingdom of Devic lifeforms, also serving upon the evolutionary arc of divinity….

A reminder to Lightworkers anent the Devic Kingdom….

The devas are everywhere….

They vary in bodily size between microscopic, to many miles in length…

They have Souls upon a parallel evolution to our own. So they are a parallel kingdom of evolution to our own, within the Divine Plan.

They are either super-consciousness entities, such as the Elohim and Time Lords, or possess far less consciousness then the animal kingdom.

On the evolutionary arc we call them "devas," on the involutionary arc, we refer to them them as "elementals."

They can provide the building blocks of atomic structures on the physical plane, as well as the super-aetheric forms and higher planes…

Co-operation with the devas is the key to mastery…

They travel so fast that they are usually invisible to the naked eye, even when present on the dense physical aethers..

Their bodies may be rod-shaped, with small "wing-like" appendages present along the length, which some esotericists describe as angelic wings.
They use natural aetheric energy to travel, which is the same propulsion system as the vimana craft we manifest to allow our flight.

The designs for Plejaren motherships are based on and closely mimic the vast cylinder bodies of the Elohim devas.

They are the true angels of God.

They exist everywhere throughout the universe, including planet Earth.

Note that they may travel in time also, and through solid physical objects, such as walls, in the manner of ball lightening…

On Earth, insect or animal-sized devas have been caught on film...they are not animals and travel too fast to be seen normally, but are sometimes captured on high speed video or film...Popularly described as "Flying Rods."

Here are some actual shots of the devas, as they dart about at supersonic velocities, using aetheric plasma, thus remain silent and cucooned from the sonic boom effects that conventional flight would create.



See some objective video recordings of physical-aetheric plane devas:


Blessed be the devas….!!


Selamat Kasijaram Zau.. (Sirian for "be blessed in the love and joy of spirit...!")


Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East Anglia Sector,) England, United Kingdom

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  • here we see more devas ("rods.") The music on this video is distracting, so just focus on the visuals...You will often see fins on their cylinder bodies, these are like "fairy" wings or those of "angels."

  • @Krishna, I have deleted the defunked vid and replaced it with a similar quality vid, with some mid 1990s photographic evidence, taken around the world, seen in the previous vid...Now replaced and updated...

    Ufology called devas "rods," as they have cylinder bodies, and are living beings, that travel as I described...The ones being seen originate on Earth...So not aliens.....Albeit, such beings exist on all planets across the cosmos...On different planes of existence...including the 3D worlds...

  • Cmdr Drekx Omega ....the video is not playing have you got an alternative please ..and any more info on this interesting subject please add 

  • ACC trolls are not permitted to post on this blog, but anyone is permitted to read it, vew the objective evidence and learn the facts about Devas....I will not tolerate ignorant members coming here to slander me and my friends, but I do invite anyone to read the data and learn peacefully...thankyou, Drekx Omega

  • Note that the CURRENT transformation of this solar system is work upon the evolutionary arc, so will not require the summoning of the elementals and "fire demons," as was the case once before for this solar system and will be again at a future epoch...

  • Good to see you here, marianinia....  ;-)

  • Indeed Ivy, those "rods" depicted on the video are actual fairies...and members of the devic kingdom....

  • Thankyou dear Ivy....your support for my work is most appreciated...


    And yes, the Devic Kingdom is one that regulates and lends itself to the forms of spiritual expressions....Our bodies included, on all three planes, aetheric, astral and manasic...

    As we express ourselves through the 4th kingdom as Humans...which is currently upon an evolutionary arc, heading for the 5th kingdom of Ascended Masters.....


    However, when the moment arrives for a spiritual withdrawal from matter, we describe the process as leading to an involutionary phase upon the cycle and under the law of cylces...Then a particular type of Deva is summoned by Aktaiwa decree, to engage in the dissolution f matter.....That type of deva we call an ELEMENTAL and the higher orders are in effect "fire demons," and destroy matter of an entire solarsystem, for example, in readiness for a later rebirth of a system upon a higher level....

    Note that when spirit dwells within matter, it is undergoing evolution...the purpose of life....

    So when it withdraws from the form, from time to time, on a cosmic level to, elemental forces are called forth to create the fireof PRALAYA.....

  • Thanks for the input, Lea...

    I must confess that I have not read the Findhorn books you describe, but they do seem to resonate...

  • Great post, Drekx.  And may I add that not only are the deva's on a separate but equal evolution arc to the human kingdom, but they are scheduled to interact with humanity when the Externalization of the Hierarchy takes place.  Master DK advises that it will be the Purple Deva's who will first be "discovered" by earth scientists... eventually the devic kingdom will work hand in hand with the humans to steward this planet. 

    Can't wait!  So exciting this is happening in our lifetime!  Such joy :)

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