The question of abductions and cattle mutilations is part of the general cover-up. They are a way of invalidating the harmlessness of the Space Brothers and making people afraid of the Space Brothers. The Space Brothers know nothing of harm and mean no harm for this planet. If they had, they could have destroyed this planet long ago. No one is ever abducted in a spaceship. These cattle mutilations are deliberately made as cover-ups — to put the blame on the Space Brothers and therefore to make people afraid of them. The whole thing is a plot against this enormously important and enormously serious interchange between the planets, to keep power for a limited number of people on this planet. It will be, as I say, only for a limited time until the Hierarchy of Masters is known and accepted, until Maitreya is known and accepted, and then the reality of the UFOs will come out..

Those who say they are abducted have experiences of an astral-emotional nature in which they imagine that they are in spaceships. Nobody is ever taken up in a spaceship in a physical body. It is impossible. These spaceships are not solid physical. To be taken up into a spaceship you have to be taken out of the dense physical body and you go in the etheric into the spaceship, which are in themselves etheric. It is still physical, but etheric physical..

Now, people say they are taken up and experimented on, things are put into their skin and so on. The Space Brothers know all about us, they do not need to do this. To me it is a nonsense, because they are so advanced in every way that they do not need to make any kind of experiment. They know the answers already. It is a complete nonsense that they should carry out genetic or sexual experimentation on people from this planet when they have a technology which is several thousand years ahead of anything that we could think of today. It is stupid, it is a blind, a deliberate way of attacking the concept of wise and superior, spiritually-oriented people. In this way, the people in control in, or even behind, the governments of the world, retain their control...

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  • I am not trying to be argumentative however I was an abduction experiencer for many years and I really take offense to someone invalidating my life and experiences. I never claimed it was "space brothers, or GFOL who was responsible, it was the grays in collusion with the goverment. It appears that you make the assumption that all off world species are benevolent, which is not necessarily the case. You make a lot of assumptions without stating your source of verifying that what you are saying is factual. Where is your verifiable proof? I am not delusional and I know what happened to me and by whom, and have the physical documentation to back my statements. It was not astro emotional events as you stated but actual physical events with scars and injuries, and medical documentation to prove it. I think that broad generalized statements like you have made should be backed up by research and solid factual information. It is ok that you believe as you do, just pointing out that from my life experiences I know you are wrong. Like the saying goes "until you have walked a mile in my shoes" you can not possibly know my life. Thank you Ringo and Shiloh for speaking your opinion on this as well. You are correct that abductions did indeed occur and that it was a physical event.
  • @Shiloh Martinez: Thank you for saying what I was thinking. I hate when people do that. But besides that Hughs I don't know if you ever read any channeled messages, but even they admit that the greys in the past have abducted and experimented on humans with consent from our government in exchange for extra terrestrial technology, but that the gfol themselves weren't involved in the abductions. I've read that plenty of times, and also that they ARE able to lower there vibration, and/ or decloak there ships to bring them into 3d. How you came up with your assumption I have know Idea, but you need to get your facts straight before telling people what the did and didn't experience. I don't mean to sound harsh I'm just saying. And in any case a lot of abductees who claim to have had implants from the experiments performed were examined, and the implants were found exactly where the abductees said they were, and you can actually see pictures and videos of the implants. The gfol are not the only group of aliens ever to visit earth, and not all of them are friendly so keep that in mind.
  • I think you are a very arrogant person,to try and tell others of their experiences,how dare you tell people their experiences are nonsense.It is apparent to me you, yourself seem to know little,I suggest you don't go around telling people they don't know their own personal events.
  • we all know there is opposition. all you can do is let people follow their own path, and find their own answers. that is why we have free will.
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